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Fruit tarts

Fruit tarts

For the dough: 250 g butter, 300 g flour (12 full tablespoons), 75 g sugar (3 full tablespoons), 2 egg yolks, vanilla, salt, oiled forms.

Rub the butter with the sugar in a bowl. Then mix with the yolks, salt and vanilla. Finally add a little flour. The result is a soft dough with which the well-oiled forms are wallpapered. Place on a large baking tray over a low heat, rather slowly, for about 45-50 minutes, until lightly browned. After removing the tray from the oven, the tarts must be turned over quickly, on a wooden bottom or a board. Handle them carefully, because the dough is very fragile and the pieces of it break.

Cream: 1 egg, 100 g sugar (4 full tablespoons), 250 ml milk, 100 g flour (4 full tablespoons), 75-100 g butter, 2 packets of vanilla sugar, lemon peel, salt, 250-300 g sliced ​​fruit small, halves, etc. I used pineapple and kiwi for today's cake.

First, cut the fruits into pieces and leave them in a sieve to drain, possibly with 2-3 tablespoons of sugar on them and sprinkled with some rum or brandy. In a bowl beat the egg with the sugar, then add a pinch of salt, milk and flour and mix well. Put the composition in a bowl in a bain-marie and stir all the time so that the cream does not stick to the bottom of the bowl. After the cream thickens, remove from the heat but continue stirring until cool, then add the butter, vanilla and lemon peel. Finally, incorporate the fruit and mix lightly. Carefully, each tart, previously placed on a plate with a straight bottom, is filled with one or two teaspoons of fruit cream.

Leave in the fridge until served, when a drizzle of whipped cream is added to each tart.