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‘Whittle Me Down’ White Sangria

‘Whittle Me Down’ White Sangria


  • One bottle of light white wine, such as Broadbent Vinho Verde or the Cantine Giacomo Ascheri Moscato d’Asti
  • 3 Cups of light lemonade *
  • 2 ounce vodka (unflavored)
  • 1 Ounce of Agave nectar
  • Sprig of lavender (optional)
  • 1 -1 ½ cups of fruit such apples, pears, kiwi, lemon, honeydew and star fruit


Pour vodka and sweetener into a pitcher and stir. Add fruit and let it sit for a few minutes while you measure out the juice. Add lemonade and bottle of low alcohol white wine. (Note – If you use a sweeter wine, such as a Riesling or Moscato, you should decrease the amount of sweetener you add.) Stir. Chill in refrigerator for 30 minutes to an hour. Serve over ice. Be sure to get some fruit in the glass. Garnish with a slice of fruit and/or a sprig of lavender. *As an alternative to store-bought lemonade, you could make your own fresh squeezed lemonade. To keep it light, use minimal sweetener (to taste) – natural sweeteners like agave syrup are preferred.

Nutritional Facts


Calories Per Serving165

Folate equivalent (total)5µg1%

White Sangria

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The quintessential summer cocktail: Sangria! This White Sangria recipe is the perfect refreshment for a hot summer day. After you’ve slurped up the whole glass, you get to enjoy some sangria marinated fruit! Does it get better than that?

Long days, warm nights, but nothing says summer more than sitting on a patio drinking sangria. It’s bright, sweet, fruity, and always served ice cold. Sharing it with your friends and family is even better.

This versatile cocktail will be so good no matter what ratio of ingredients you use. Throw in a little more of this, less of that, no need to measure! Have fun with this recipe and make it your own. I guarantee you’ll be back at that pitcher in no time for a second glass.

26 Insanely Easy Sangria Recipes

Whether you prefer red or white, these homemade sangrias will make any hour happy.

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Drink this coffee black&mdashthe fruit, Cointreau and simple syrup sweeten things up, so you don't even miss milk or cream.

This refreshing cocktail is like a slice of watermelon in a glass.

Sangria will carry you from summer straight on into fall.

You grew up. Your love for lemonade should, too.

If you love spiked lemonade, you've gotta mix up this pretty purple-pink sangria, which you can make with white wine or rosé.

It's loaded with aphrodisiacs to get you in the mood.

It's full of antioxidants so, you know, drink up.

A go-to crowd-pleaser for all you sangria purists out there.

Sliced jalapeño turns up the heat in this tropical white sangria.

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There's no such thing as too early for sangria.

Lighten up your fave beach drink.

Strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries meet rosé in this crisper, totally refreshing alternative to classic red sangria.

Drink up a pitcher of this and you'll definitely be seeing the world through rose colored glasses.

Best White Sangria Recipe

This white sangria recipe was a labor of love. I hope you love it as much as I do!!

White sangria is my new favorite summer drink! I’ve been experimenting for several days to try to find the best white sangria recipe, and one that tastes just like the one at my favorite restaurant. I never cared much for red sangria, but when I discovered the white variety . . . oh boy!

I discovered in my white sangria recipe “research” (ahem) that there are a gazillion different ways to make a sangria.

How to Make the BEST White Sangria Recipe

The basic components of sangria are fruit, wine, and a liqueur. Some add fruit juice or club soda, and most add a sweetener. The key is to let it sit for several hours so the flavors blend together. A white sangria recipe uses . . . wait for it . . . white wine! Red sangria uses red.

I used sauvignon blanc for the wine because that’s what I usually have in the house. You could also try Pinot Grigio. Sangria recipes usually call for brandy or cognac. I went ahead and bought cognac, and I also added some Triple Sec. I liked that better than straight orange juice — I tried it both ways.

For the best white sangria recipe you’ve ever had, gather an assortment of your favorite summer fruits, slice them and place them in a pretty pitcher. I used a lime, a lemon, half an orange, a plum, a peach, an apricot and a handful of cherries.

Cover them with the wine, your liqueur of choice, and MY SUPER SPECIAL SECRET INGREDIENT, mint-infused simple syrup. I already keep this on hand for my famous mojito recipe, and when I finally decided to try it in my white sangria, that’s when it all came together! I use 3/4 cup of the simple syrup to achieve my desired sweetness. If you don’t like sweet drinks, you may want to try it with less first. You can always add more.

Garnish with fresh mint and a slice of lime, and then tell me if this isn’t the best sangria you’ve ever tasted!

The recipe requires making your individual peach puree and easy syrup, however since I virtually at all times have the latter readily available and able to go, I used to be capable of save time on that step.

I like peaches, so I used to be excited to strive a sangria with the added puree, and utilizing frozen slices saved me the time I might spend peeling and pitting the recent different.

This recipe requires selfmade peach puree and easy syrup.

Paige Bennett for Insider

Since I bypassed essentially the most time-consuming steps, this sangria quickly came together.

I simply blended some frozen peaches and water to make the puree, then added that to a pitcher stuffed with peach, orange, and apple slices.

I added each pineapple and orange juice.

Paige Bennett for Insider

I added apple brandy, orange liqueur and juice, pineapple juice, easy syrup, and dry white wine, then let the mix sit in the fridge overnight.

After the sangria rested, I moved a number of the fruit to a glass and poured the drink.

Ray's sangria was my favorite

I can see myself sipping Ray's white sangria by the pool this summer. It wasn't too strong or sweet, offering a good balance of flavors and a light feel thanks to the carbonated addition on top.

With the wide variety of fresh ingredients added to it, this sangria looked nice and was also the happy medium in terms of chill time - it's not served instantly, so the fruit has time to enhance the flavor of the drink, but it also didn't have to sit in the fridge overnight before I could enjoy it.

The other two recipes' main issue was the addition of store-bought juices, which just didn't work well with the wine flavor, so I'd go for the freshly squeezed alternative next time for a better taste.

And of course, I'd be happy to add generous amounts of Flay's peach puree to any of the options.

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Low Carb Sparkling White Sangria

  • Author: Mellissa Sevigny
  • Yield: 9 four oz servings 1 x
  • Category: Low Carb Cocktail
  • Cuisine: American


This refreshing low carb sangria recipe has all of the flavor of the real thing, without the sugar and carbs! Keto friendly at only 50 calories and 1 net carb per serving! Please drink responsibly!


  • 1/2 cup pureed fresh or frozen peaches
  • 1/4 cup Torani sugar free mango flavored syrup (see post for alternate recipe)
  • 1/4 cup bourbon
  • 1/2 cup vodka
  • 2 Tbsp granulated sugar substitute (I used Swerve)
  • 1 Tbsp lime juice
  • 24 oz ( 2 cans) mandarin flavored seltzer water


  1. Combine all of the ingredients in a large pitcher and stir well. Serve over ice. Garnish with raspberries and/or slices of fresh peach if desired. Please drink responsibly.


Approx nutrition info per serving: 50 calories, 0g fat, 1g net carbs, 0g protein

Did you make this recipe?

Next up &ndash stay tuned for an entire week&rsquos worth of delicious low carb zucchini recipes coming at you next week here on IBIH! Woot!

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The ingredients for Trisha Yearwood’s sangria.

Paige Bennett for Insider

Unlike the other two recipes, Yearwood’s fruity white sangria requires no chill time. Instead, she adds ice and recommends serving it immediately.

This sounded great at first, but I started to worry that this might water down the mix since ice is so quick to melt, even in a cold drink.

The recipe calls for colorful fruits — like blueberries, raspberries, mango, orange, and apple — as well as white wine, apple brandy and juice, and ginger ale.

Mexican Sangria Recipe

Sangria is a traditional Spanish drink that combines wine with fruit, a little sugar, and one or more spices. It was introduced to the U.S. at the World's Fair in New York in 1964, and the rest is history. It's now one of the most popular party drinks in America and around the world as well.

Vineyards reigned supreme in Spain during the early centuries BCE. Invading Romans found miles of nicely maturing grapes here around 200 BCE, and they began importing Spanish wines, particularly the superior red wines when tensions between the countries settled down. Spanish wines were introduced to the rest of Europe, and sangria was soon to follow.

The wine is sangria's most critical ingredient, and it's the basis for this drink's origin. Water wasn't always safe to drink in those days, and the alcohol in the wine could be trusted to banish any bacteria. Then someone got the inventive idea of adding fruits and spices to the wine to liven it up. Technically, the Spaniards referred to any wine punch as sangria, and versions of the popular drink have proliferated since then. Most include brandy, but you can experiment with different liquors and even a variety of fruits, juices, and spices.

This Mexican version of sangria is a fruity concoction with a higher alcohol level that makes it great for pairing with spicy foods. Always use a decent wine when making sangria because the wine will be the drink's most prominent flavor. Tradition calls for red wine.

Low-Calorie Low Carb Skinny Sangria Cocktail

I have been making THE BEST Skinny Sangria lately and can&rsquot wait to share this yummy cocktail recipe with you today. I recently lost 10 pounds just by cutting back on my sugars and eating low carb recipes.

I love great drinks, but really hate drinking my calories, I want to save those for food! So when it comes to parties, this skinny sangria recipe is perfectly okay for me to drink and not worry about carbs and calories. Plus, it&rsquos super easy to make!

You might recognize these skinny sangria photos from the Happy Hour Party I hosted for my girlfriends a few weeks ago.

originally published May 20, 2014

How to Make Skinny Sangria

Out of all of the sangrias I&rsquove made over the years, this is the most popular by far with my readers.

Not everyone likes drinking skinny drinks or even sangria for that matter, but all of my friends enjoyed this refreshing and simple recipe. So if they liked it, I know you will too!

More Sangria Recipes You will Love!

Watch me make a low calorie Skinny Sangria!

Click the play button on the video in my recipe card below to join me in my Living Locurto studio kitchen as I show you just how easy this recipe is to make! I&rsquom excited to be hosting videos in my new place now. It&rsquos like you are right here with me. Yay!

Watch the Skinny Sangria video on Youtube here.Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more fun party and craft videos.

What you need for Skinny Sangria:

    1 Bottle Red Wine (or you can use canned wine

  1. Add fruit, wine and vodka to a pitcher and stir.
  2. Chill for 4-6 hours or overnight.
  3. Mix in Sprite before serving.
  4. Fill glasses with ice, pour the Sangria and garnish with fruit.

It&rsquos SO EASY! For a non-alcoholic drink, mocktail or kid friendly drink, use pomegranate juice or Pom Hula in place of wine and vodka.

You&rsquoll have to let me know if you try this Skinny Sangria and like it too. It&rsquos always been a favorite party drink of mine to serve for any holiday, any time of the year.

Watch the video: WHITE SANGRIA WITH MANGO AND BERRIES. fruity white wine sangria (January 2022).