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7 Lucky Potluck Recipes

7 Lucky Potluck Recipes

Will these recipes bring luck to your potluck?

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There are never too many cooks in the kitchen when it comes to potluck dinners, but consider picking a theme for your potluck to ensure that everyone’s dishes create a cohesive meal.

When you feel like your schedule has caused you to drift out of the lives of your friends and family, plan a potluck. Delight in the sight of this family-style feast.

The word potluckoriginated in sixteenth-century England as a shortened version of the phrase “luck of the pot,” which referred to a feast of dishes without any particular theme that miraculously managed to feed a large crowd.

Today, we continue to celebrate this tradition. There are never too many cooks in the kitchen when it comes to potluck dinners, but consider picking a theme for your potluck to ensure that everyone’s dishes create a cohesive meal. Also, remember that shareable and portable foods make for the best potluck dishes.

Adding to the spirit of simple cooking, make-ahead dishes are something to consider when selecting the perfect recipe to bring to your next potluck. However, remember to ask the host about oven space if you plan on reheating once you arrive.

If you are in need of a little cooking inspiration, peruse these seven carefully selected recipes that we think are potluck perfection.

7-Layer Dip

This salad is light, refreshing, and crunchy, which will make it a hit at your next potluck. Add shrimp, chicken, or your favorite protein to make it more of an entrée.

Remember that make-ahead dishes reduce stress when planning your next potluck feast. Bake this casserole a day ahead and heat up right before serving. Guests will love this rich cauliflower dish fresh out of the oven.

Corn Pudding with Bacon and Leeks

Angela Carlos is The Daily Meal’s Cook Editor. Follow her on Twitter @angelaccarlos.

10 easy, one-dish meals that are perfect for a potluck

The word ‘casserole’ may conjure up not-so-tasty memories of your mom throwing noodles, meat and sauce into a baking dish to create her famous “Casserole Surprise.” But with the rise in popularity of one-pot recipes, casseroles are making a comeback in a big way.

As a matter of fact, you’ve probably been invited to one or more potluck dinners this holiday season — they are a popular way to celebrate with colleagues at the office, your monthly book club or a group of friends. With the help of new tools like the Instant Pot (and not-so-new tools, like a good old slow cooker, skillet or casserole dish) whipping up a one-dish wonder for a party is easier than ever. Not only can many of these recipes be made ahead of time, they are also extremely easy to transport and reheat. Plus, they taste so good that your friends will soon be referring to you as “Master Chef.”

Spanish-Style Chicken in Tomato Sauce

This simple dish delivers on flavor and aroma. Just one skillet is required to brown the chicken and then simmer in a tomato bath. Garnish with parsley and olives for a fresh and salty bite. Make it in a cast-iron skillet, cover with aluminum foil and bring it straight to the party. When you arrive, just simmer it for 5 to 10 minutes on the stove-top to warm it up!

Southwestern Cauliflower Rice Casserole

While most baked casseroles include some sort of pasta or grain, this recipe uses cauliflower rice instead. Perfect for vegetarians, this casserole is packed with meatless protein from the black beans and cottage cheese. Admittedly, roasting the sweet potatoes ahead of time adds about 20 minutes to the prep work, but you can omit the tubers if you’re short on time. Best of all, this casserole can be made days in advance and reheated when it’s time to eat!

Chicken Florentine with Sun-Dried Tomatoes

This one-pot meal cooks chicken, pasta and veggies in one pan. Simply start by cooking the chicken in a skillet, then add the sauce, pasta and veggies and you’ve got a flavorful one-pot meal in 20 minutes. Not to mention that a box of pasta is extremely affordable and can feed a crowd. Throw this in a Tupperware to bring to the party or transport it right in the skillet.

Vegetarian Enchilada Casserole

If you’re looking for a simple, customizable meal to please vegetarians at the party, look no further than this meatless enchilada casserole. The recipe calls for zucchini, mushrooms, bell peppers and onions, but you can sub in whatever type of veggie suits your fancy. The same goes for the type of tortilla — flour, wheat or rice work just fine. Bake it all in a casserole dish and bring it with you to add some spicy flair to your next potluck.

Spring Tortilla de Patata

Don’t let the name scare you off: This one-pot meal is extremely straightforward and a real crowd-pleaser. A traditional Spanish tortilla is baked eggs and potato, but this one also includes asparagus for a hint of color and texture. This recipe may seem too simple for a party, but pair it with a baguette and everyone will be asking for seconds. Plus, anything looks fancy when you serve it right out of a cast-iron skillet.

Vegetarian Buffalo Cauliflower Wing Dip

Grab your food processor and baking dish for this incredibly tasty vegetarian buffalo dip. No potluck party is complete without a cheesy dip, and this one does not disappoint. But there is a little secret: it’s actually quite healthier than the traditional buffalo dip because of some easy swaps. Use cauliflower instead of chicken, Greek yogurt in place of cream cheese and cut back on the cheese. Not only is this dip spicy and cheesy, it’s vegetarian, gluten-free, fiber-filled and satisfying.

Chicken Tikka Masala

This Indian-inspired dish cooks in the Instant Pot, and it’s sure to stand-out from the standard casseroles at the potluck. Coated in aromatic spices, yogurt and lemon juice, the chicken is juicy and is accompanied by nutritious veggies, like cauliflower and tomatoes. You’ll need about every spice in your cupboard to make the orangey red sauce, which is sure to be showstopper.

Spinach and Artichoke Quinoa Bake

Is this one pot cheesy dish a dip or an entree? You decide. It combines cooked quinoa with feta cheese, milk, egg, spinach, artichokes, beans and white wine and it’s all topped with mozzarella cheese. While you can eat it right out of the pan with a fork, it pairs really well with some toasted French bread. Either way, it’s all baked in a casserole dish and is easy to transport to any party. Just reheat, serve and let your guests decide how they want to eat it!

One-Pot Moroccan Tagine with Dried Apricots and Chickpeas

If you’ve never had tagine before, let me introduce you to your new favorite dish. It gets its name from the cooking vessel, the tagine — a North African clay pot with a wide bottom and conical top. Luckily, the home cook doesn’t need a tagine to mimic the flavors. Instead, all that is required are some veggies and spices. Cook them all up in one pot until they reach a stew-like consistency and serve with rice. This mouthwatering dish will not only be the hit of the party, but sharing the fun facts about the tagine makes some stellar small talk.

Slow Cooker Vegan Tacos with Walnuts

If you’re going to a party, but you don’t have time to cook all day, break out the slow cooker. Just throw beans, veggies and spices into the slow-cooker, go about your day and swing by after work to grab the cooked dish and some tortillas to bring along to the fiesta. This recipe calls for unique taco toppings, like walnuts, avocado, cabbage and lime, but feel free to switch it up and use any ingredients you have laying around, like jarred salsa, sour cream, Greek yogurt or shredded cheese.

22 Delicious Potluck Dishes to Feed (and Wow!) a Crowd

From dips to sandwiches to desserts, these recipes will be crowd favorites.

It's no secret that a potluck is one of the best ways to plan for a large dinner party: Potlucks spread out the responsibility for cooking across all those who attend, and every guest ends up with a plate full of exciting and diverse foods. But deciding on exactly what you want to bring to a potluck can be tricky &mdash especially when you know that hot dishes and Crock-Pot recipes will likely be popular among many guests.

For your next potluck, try breaking out of your casserole rut and opt for one of these easy (but unexpected!) potluck ideas instead. Whether you want to whip up a winning appetizer, easy-to-share main, or dessert for a crowd, we've got a recipe that's guaranteed to both feed and impress whatever crowd you're serving.

7 Lucky Foods for Friday the 13th

Banish bad vibes with these lucky recipes from Food Network.

CINNAMON BAKED DOUGHNUTS Ina Garten Barefoot Contessa/Heard it on the Grapevine Food Network Baking Spray with Flour, Allpurpose Flour, Sugar, Baking Powder, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Egg, Whole Milk, Unsalted Butter, Vanilla Extract

Photo by: Matt Armendariz ©2014, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved

Matt Armendariz, 2014, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved

Friday the 13th is considered an unlucky day when anything bad can happen. To combat any negative vibes that might come your way, we rounded up a list of seven (lucky number!) dishes featuring lucky ingredients that you can make. One should be plenty for some positive energy, but feel free to make all seven if you’re feeling extra superstitious!

Ring-shaped foods are symbolic of coming full circle in some cultures. Make Ina Garten’s Cinnamon Baked Doughnuts (pictured above) for a fall-flavored breakfast.

The Perfect Family Reunion Menu: 30+ Potluck Recipes

It’s family reunion season! Time to gather amongst your closest and farthest relatives at a forest preserve to see how much older everyone is getting. At least, that’s how we do it in my family. We also keep the tradition of sharing a big potluck-style meal, with all our summer favorites.

Does your family look forward to a certain potluck recipe each year, whether it’s Uncle Bill’s deviled eggs or Second-cousin Anne’s famous potato salad? If not, don’t fret. Your family may find a new classic amongst these amazing potluck recipes from You’ll need some appetizer recipes, side dish recipes, main dish recipes, and easy dessert recipes.

Whether your family enjoys church potluck foods or something more cultured like international recipes, there are certain staple foods that belong at every family reunion. It’s just not a real picnic without them! There’s something to be said for tradition, right? It’s family, so everyone can let go of the potluck paranoia and stuff their faces with a variety of picnic foods as they enjoy catching up with relatives.

Here’s our idea of the perfect family reunion menu, with must-have potluck recipes.

Special K Roast

When I became an Adventist in the 1990s, Special K Roast appeared at most of the church potlucks. I was a little shocked, as a newly minted vegetarian, at the eggs and cottage cheese-- and butter in some of the recipes-- for this favourite casserole.

Fast forward a couple of decades and you will find that healthier vegan variations of this recipe have been developed. The recipe here is shown in the video above. If you do not have access to the Chicken-like seasoning brand (McKay&aposs) they use, I have provided a recipe for making that following this recipe below.

As you can see from this video, small children enjoy helping out with food preparation. The benefits of bringing them in to the enjoyment of cooking include the long-term ability to prepare nutritious meals for themselves and others.

20 Potluck Dishes To Bring To Any And Every Holiday Party

Invited to a plethora of parties this holiday season? Fret not. From hearty salads to souped-up side dishes, these recipes will help you plan for every potluck. and will ensure your invite to holiday parties for years to come. 😉 For more holiday recipe ideas, take a look at out favorite Christmas cookies and holiday punch recipes.

What is a sausage ball? Addictive bites of cooked pork sausage, cheddar, and Bisquick that will be the most popular appetizer at your party.

We wanted to make sure this dip was absolutely perfect, so we tested it over and over (and over) again until it was. The Delish team never complained once.

These little guys are the perfect appetizer to make during the holidays. Be warned: They'll forever change the way you think about brie.

Pressure Cooker Potluck Side Dish Recipes

Sides really are what a pot luck is all about right?! So we have a ton of Potluck Recipes for side dishes to peruse.

Click through for the full recipe!

Dill Pickle Potato Salad in the Instant Pot – BTW If you're not adding dill pickle (and even some pickle juice!) to every mayo based salad you are seriously missing out.

Instant Pot Pizza Pasta – A totally unique, yummy dish to pass.

Big Batch of Quick Chili in the Instant Pot – One of our fave places for Instant Pot Recipes, BTW.

Cajun Butter & Lime Pressure Cooker Corn on the Cobb – I couldn't pick between these two corn recipes, had to add them both.

30 Easy Potluck Recipes for All Kinds of Parties

What makes a good potluck dish? The answer may differ depending on who you ask, but a few general guidelines apply: They should play well with others (read: they go with a range of foods and flavors), they don't need to be served piping hot, they're easy to share, and they can be made ahead of time. The easy recipes in this collection hit all those marks and more, appealing to a range of palates and preferences.

Our round-up of 30 fantastic, shareable dishes includes everything from happy hour nibbles, such as the Puff Pastry Cheese Straws shown here, to delectable desserts. If you're thinking about making these puffy, twisted appetizers, you can choose just one flavor combination&mdash Parmesan-cayenne, sesame-poppy, tomato-rosemary, and Pecorino-black pepper&mdashor make all four. Another great appetizer? Our Herb-Cheese Palmiers, which are guaranteed to nicely complement any cheese platter. There are also party-ready accompaniments for chips, crackers, and cheese, including Slow-Cooker Bacon Jam and Blue Cheese and Walnut Spread.

If you've offered to bring a side, we've got an array to choose from. Looking for something fresh and zippy? Spicy Pineapple Slaw, Lacinato Kale Salad with Roasted Squash, or Broccoli and Chickpea Salad fit the bill. Some sides can even moonlight as mains, such as our Farro Salad with Fennel, Golden Raisins and Radicchio, or Seven-Layer Salad, which consists of lettuce, hard-boiled eggs, thinly sliced red cabbage, tomatoes, peas, sharp cheddar cheese, and bacon.

Looking for even more dishes that can serve as sides or entrées? Go with our savory Cheese and Sweet-Pepper Cornbread or a hearty Spinach Tart with Olive-Oil Cracker Crust. And if you do want to bring a fully-fledged main course, you can't go wrong with our delightful Chicken and Kale Hand Pies with Cheddar Crust or hearty Black Beans and Sausage.

And then there are the desserts, which are arguably the stars of any potluck. From fruity treats like Plum-Jam Crumb Cake to chocolatey ones such as Big-Batch Triple-Chocolate Brownie Bars and Easy Chocolate Fudge with Pretzels, these sweet endings promise to leave every guest smiling.


Finger foods and easy-to-snag snacks are the first to disappear on any potluck table. Let your recipes be the shining star!

Of course, everyone is waiting on that main dish, but providing something to tide hungry bellies over is the ultimate act of party service.

Roasted cauliflower dip from Cookin’ Canuck

This dip is comparable to hummus but without the legumes, making it totally paleo-friendly. Dips are a potluck must, and having something you can feel good about dunking into is important for keeping hunger at bay!

You can easily pair this gorgeous, flavorful, hazelnut-infused roasted cauliflower dip with raw veggies, some seed crackers, and crusty bread for guests. This is a tasty crowd-pleaser.

Paleo pinwheels from Fed & Fit

Pinwheels are a party HIT every single time. These ones skip out on the tortilla in favor of grain-free collard green wraps instead, making them suitable for low-carb and gluten-free diets alike.

You can fill with any meats you like, and even add some cheese to the mix. This recipe features a cream cheese made from nuts for those who want to keep it 100% dairy-free!

Corn dog muffins from Jay’s Baking Me Crazy

Corn dogs aren’t just for kids! These muffins boast no corn or any other grains, but still encompass that nostalgic corn dog awesomeness. A little bit of crunch, the fluffy inside, and of course the meat!

This is a great option for a party with picky eaters or turning someone on to “healthy” junk food. These are going to go fast!

Onion & bacon dip from Happy Body Formula

This creamy base is made possible without dairy, and instead with cashews. There’s also some healthy mayo in the mix.

Nutritional yeast makes it taste super cheesy, and it’s all garnished with crispy bacon and green onion. Bring some crudites to the party for healthy dipping.

Bacon-wrapped jalapeno poppers from Fit Foodie Finds

Jalapeno poppers are more and more fun with each bite. Stuff ’em, wrap ’em, and bake ’em. Nobody could complain about something wrapped in bacon, after all.

First, these are stuffed with a beef and onion filling before the good stuff is pinned onto the outside, all the healthy, flavorful fats blending together when the heat is added in. Yum!

You could sub out beef for pork or turkey, too, and spice these however you like.

BBQ chicken dip from Plaid & Paleo

The party don’t start until the chicken dip walks in. This BBQ dip is a spin on buffalo chicken dip which you could totally make instead, but this is going to be a new party fave amongst your friends for sure.

It’s perfect for scooping up and gobbling with crudites like crunchy celery and carrots. You might want to make a double batch. We have an inkling people are going to want more where that came from!

Keto “mac ‘n’ cheese” from Happy Body Formula

There’s no mac or cheese to be found here, but there is bacon… and that’s good enough. This low-carb “pasta” casserole is perfect for that cheesy pasta fix without all the carbs and dairy, making it 100% paleo-friendly and 100% devorable.

Potluck Ideas for Work: 58 Crowd-Pleasing Recipes

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Whether you're searching for potluck ideas for work or make-ahead dishes for that neighborhood get-together, this collection of easy potluck recipes will help you plan your menu. Next time you're invited to a backyard barbecue, summer picnic, work potluck, or dinner party, choose from our delicious array of potluck ideas: from colorful layered salads and tasty dips to creamy casseroles and savory vegetable sides. And of course, we can't forget dessert! Whether your crowd craves brownies, cupcakes, ice cream, cookies, cake or pie, we have it covered.

And if you're the one planning a potluck, be sure to check out our Dynamite Dip Tips, plus How to Plan a Perfect Buffet! These helpful guides are ideal for party-planning and serving large groups of people. Make your potluck party memorably-delicious with these potluck ideas.

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Table of Contents

Easy Potluck Appetizers & Dips

When you think about what to bring to a potluck, you may immediately think of main dishes. But don't overlook appetizers and dips! While hearty potluck main dishes are essential to putting on a satisfying spread, the starters are just as important for warming up your crowd's appetites. Whether you're looking for a cold potluck dish that you can bring along and store in the fridge until your work potluck begins or a hot and hearty dip that'll get rave reviews from the crowd, we've got you covered with dips and potluck appetizer ideas, below

What's a potluck without classic deviled eggs? Here's a way to combine two all-time favorites into one delicious treat. This is one of those potluck recipes that's always well-received, 'cause it's such a winning protein combo. As a bonus, this recipe is also cheap and quick to make.

A winner every time, Six Layer Dip has got lots of tasty layers without all the work. This Tex-Mex party favorite is chock full of yummy flavors and textures, plus it presents beautifully. Bring this cold potluck recipe to your next work event!

This savory-sweet snack is a hit at the holidays and all throughout the year. Make easy , tasty Cranberry-Pecan Brie for your next party and enjoy the raves!

What a novel dip to serve when you're expecting company! Our creamy, Fresh Corn Dip is made with super sweet corn and lots of flavorful add-ins, so you know it's going to be addictive. Serve it in an edible bread bowl for a super change-of-pace from traditional dip recipes.

These quick-to-fix Bite-Size Crab Cakes bake up in a heartbeat in muffin tins. They're perfect as a grab 'n' go egg breakfast, brunch food or a tasty party appetizer.

Ripe avocados and a few basics are all you need to whip up this fresh-tasting guacamole that'll make you wonder why you ever brought home store-bought!

Our garden-fresh Summer Vegetable Salsa is the perfect topper for grilled chicken or fish, or as a zesty homemade appetizer for corn chips.

Looking for a potluck idea that will really hook your guests? Look no more, 'cause our "Off the Hook" Cocktail Spread is an easy potluck recipe winner in taste and presentation. If they fill up on this, you might even be "off the hook" for dinner!

This warm party spread gets its novel taste from flavorful pimientos! Put out a platter of your favorite crunchy crackers and get ready for this creamy Pimiento Cheese Dip anytime!

Whether you're entertaining by the pool, at a picnic, or in your own backyard, our Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail are always a super hit with meaty jumbo shrimp and fresh cocktail sauce!

We've switched out the garbanzo beans with black beans for a southwestern-style Black Bean Chipotle Hummus that's a change of pace from traditional hummus. Plus this recipe is super affordable to make. Your wallet can breathe a sigh of relief.

Check out our lightened version of the classic appetizer, Spinach and Artichoke Dip. Bet you can't tell the difference!

Easy Potluck Salads (Cold Potluck Ideas!)

Potlucks are known for always having a wide array of hearty, filling foods on hand. If you want to contribute something lighter to the spread, check out these potluck salad recipes. They're big enough to feed the whole crowd and have tons of tasty, healthy ingredients packed inside. From beautiful green salads to creamy potato salads, you'll find something here to suit every event, whether you're looking for cold potluck dishes that you don't have to fuss keeping warm, or hunting down something healthy to bring to your next holiday party. And if you're busy and don't have time to but something complicated together, cold potluck ideas like these are the way to go!

This rainbow of colorful salad fix-in's stacks up to be an easy summer main dish salad. With a variety of fresh-tasting ingredients from our market refrigerator and freezer section, Rainbow Stacked Salad is super for entertaining.

We've got what we think is the Best Broccoli Salad, and we're betting you'll agree! This garden-fresh broccoli salad is tossed in a creamy homemade dressing and livened up with a few surprises. It's sure to be one of your favorite easy salad recipes!

Whip up our easy Icebox Salad the next time you've got company coming over and get ready to take in all the "oohs" and "aahs." This make-ahead, layered salad is both pretty and delicious. It's the all-American, hearty salad that everyone grew up eating, but in a party-size form!

Our fresh-tasting Summer Potato Salad made with all-American Idaho potatoes will conjure up memories of lazy summer afternoon family picnics. How 'bout making some new memories this summer with this easy potluck recipe?

Turn your kitchen into the private dining room of a country club when you serve up this fresh fruit salad at your next get-together. Our recipe for Country Club Fruit Salad is dressed up in a lively yogurt sauce that makes this fruit salad all the better!

Corn Salad is the perfect dish to mix up for a quick side dish or to bring to a potluck or picnic. With fresh veggies, sweet corn, and the tanginess of the dressing, it's a light and easy last minute potluck idea!

This Fresh Fruit Shell Salad is great for lots of things, from lunch, to a snack, to dessert. It's especially nice to have this ready in the fridge for the kids to grab and go.

This colorful confetti of tastes and textures from the veggies to the Feta cheese livens up our chilled Confetti Couscous Salad. Get ready for raves when you serve this super change of pace go-along at any of your gatherings.

Chilled Stacked Salad is a colorful and easy make-ahead layered salad that is perfect for easy summer entertaining. It's beautifully presented, and among our favorite easy salad recipes for potluck parties.

Potato salad lovers will rejoice in this novel twist on a favorite cold summer salad. Boasting a fiesta of flavors, our Taco Potato Salad is sure to be the talk of your patio party. We know once you start snacking, you'll never stop! This is a terrific budget-friendly potluck idea, too.

Our easy recipe for Basic Macaroni Salad is a potluck staple. No frills here! Just the same classic taste you love, and remember growing up with.

We have given popular macaroni salad a homemade makeover by adding the smoky flavor of bacon and the heartiness of chopped eggs.

Easy Potluck Main Dishes

Potluck main dishes are a major staple of potluck food. While appetizers, salads, sides, and desserts are great, everyone wants a hearty main dish to load onto their plate before the meal is done. Plus, you'll definitely be the office hero for taking the time to come up with a great main dish idea. No one needs to know that these recipes are actually really simple!

These easy potluck ideas for work include make ahead options, comfort food favorites, and stick-to-your-ribs entrees that everyone will love.

Stop slavin' over the grill, and let your slow cooker do the work! Your gang will think you're a BBQ grill master once they taste these flavor-packed, fall-off-the-bone tender Classic Barbecue Ribs.

Who would have thought you could turn fajitas into a potluck main dish? Get these ready ahead of time, and pop them in the oven. Everyone will love this easy Make Ahead Fajitas recipe!

Not your usual kebabs, these hot dog kebabs are fun and colorful, and they taste great , too! You'll love the flavor-packed sauce over bite-sized pieces of hot dogs, bell peppers, corn, and onions for a sure-fire hit with the kids and everybody!

For kids and adults who are big macaroni and cheese lovers, our baked dish of Crunchy Macaroni and Cheese is pure heaven. With the addition of the crackers on top, it becomes a crunchy, creamy easy potluck recipe delight!

We've given traditional sliders a change of pace makeover by substituting fork tender beef brisket for the usual mini burgers. Our flavorful onion-y Pulled Brisket Sliders may be small in size but they're big on taste.

Our Big Top Steak Skewers are a salute to the balancing poles used by circus tight rope walkers. Except ours are woven with strips of tender marinated beef, and seasoned in a flavorful marinade, which make 'em amazing!

This saucy Old World Spanish Chicken one-pot is chock-full of fresh-tasting ingredients guaranteed to deliver full, comforting flavor. Tue traditional flavors of this potluck main dish will transport you to another era!

Take a stroll through the frozen food aisle at the supermarket and grab everything you need to make our Easy Tortellini One-Pot. It only takes 20 minutes, and it doesn't get much easier than that!

This secret Texas beef chili recipe comes as a special gift to us, direct from the Goode Company Bar-B-Q restaurant in Houston, Texas, where Texas chili is king.

Festival Sausage Bake is huge and hearty. Its large portions and smorgasbord of ingredients will remind you of the big pasta bakes your mom used to make. This potluck dish is sure to be a hit with your crowd!

This one is pure comfort food heaven! Our hearty Cheesy Bacon Pierogi Bake is chock full both creamy texture and smoky flavor! This stick-to-your-ribs cheap potluck idea does double duty as both a side dish or a main dish!

Everyone has a favorite meatball recipe, and we've tried tons of 'em! We think Mr. Food's My Own Italian Meatballs recipe takes first place. They're easy to make and easy to say, "OOH IT'S SO GOOD!!®"

Easy Potluck Side Dishes

Potluck side dishes may be one of the best parts of potluck food. They're just so versatile, and there's usually so much to choose from! These potluck side dish ideas are flavorful, simple to whip up, and perfect for any occasion. Just pick the side dish that suits the theme of your potluck and head for the kitchen! If you're attending a backyard summer picnic, try our Backyard Bean Bake. Or if you're hosting a holiday party, try our Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms, for a fancier touch. All of these make great office potluck ideas, too!

Perk up your next party with our Backyard Bean Bake and enjoy the tastes of an old-time barbecue. And shh. no need to tell anyone this easy baked bean recipe started with canned baked beans!

Looking for an easy recipe for Fried Green Tomatoes? Mr. Food has the answer with this down-home southern classic you can make no matter where you live!

This Italian sausage stuffed mushrooms recipe is one of our favorites because it's so versatile. Serve 'em up as an appetizer for guests or work it into your main meal. It's gonna be a treat!

Our Baked Stuffed Peppers are over-stuffed with veggies for a super change-of-pace easy side dish. And the colorful bell peppers serve as tasty, edible bowls! Who wouldn't love a potluck recipe like that?!

There's more than one way to be a ham, and making masterpieces in the kitchen is one of 'em. When you want to please the gang, this creamy scalloped potato recipe will win you loads of raves.

Nothing store-bought compares to the homemade goodness of the rich and creamy taste and texture of this delicious Amish vegetable casserole. Our Amish Broccoli Bake might just make veggie lovers out of your finicky gang.

If you can't decide between making a pasta salad or making a veggie salad, then you'll love our Garden Pasta Toss! It satisfies your cravings for both! This last minute potluck idea goes together in no time and will please the whole crowd! Plus, it's one of our best easy cold side dishes for a potluck, so you know it'll be a hit.

Scalloped? Au gratin? Creamed? Whatever you call them, everyone will say "OOH IT'S SO GOOD!!®" about this Scalloped Potatoes recipe.

Your Favorite Potluck Desserts!

When it comes to potluck dessert recipes, you just can't go wrong. Everyone loves desserts, so choosing a dessert worth sharing at your next potluck should be a piece of cake. We even have make ahead potluck recipes! The only challenge will be choosing which of these delicious potluck desserts to try first! If you need a cold potluck dish that's easy to serve chilled, try our Raspberry Icebox Cake - the sweet and salty combo will be a hit! Or if you're looking for a no cook potluck idea, try our Sunny Party Pie! No matter which dessert you bring to the table, your gang will love every last bite.

When it's hot out and we don't want to turn on the oven, how do we bake a special cake? We pop it in the freezer! Yep, trust us by making this Pineapple Freezer Cake the next time you're in need of a cold potluck idea.

Be ready for loads of compliments when you serve up this yummy Cherry Nut Cobbler. Lots of shortcuts in this recipe make it super easy for you, but no one will ever know that for you, this easy potluck recipe was a cinch!

Looking for an easy-to-throw-together pie that's full of sunshine? Our Sunny Party Pie will do the trick!

You won't believe how easy it is to make these great-looking, picnic-perfect Corn on the Cob Cupcakes! These are a perfect potluck idea for work, and they'll be the talk of the office for days!

You know those yummy chocolate caramel candies that are shaped like turtles? We've put that same gooey, rich taste into our Turtle Pie!

These are the Fudgy Brownies that we all loved as kids. You remember how good they were, but do you remember them being this simple? This easy and cheap potluck idea bakes up in no time and will be the hit of the party.

Greek bazaars are known for their great food and incredible desserts, and that's just where we got this recipe! The Greek woman who shared it with us spoke very little English, but her baking communicated smiles to everybody.

For an easy homemade dessert, tart and tangy Key lime juice adds instant flavor appeal to a store-bought lemon cake mix to create our yummy Key Lime Cake. This cake is a bit different from a classic Key Lime Pie, yet just as rich and enjoyable.

The classic combo of chocolate and peanut butter makes for the perfect marriage in our Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie. It's easy to whip up, and better than anything you can buy at the store!

Looking for a break from regular cookies? Bar cookie recipes are the perfect option! These Blonde Cookie Bars are sure to satisfy even the biggest choco-holics.

Treat yourself and your guests to the homey and wholesome flavors in our Amish Molasses Oatmeal Pie and you'll see why this is one of our most requested Amish dessert recipes!

Really, who doesn't love a good ice cream cake? Now you don't have to get one from the store. Our Easy Ice Cream Cake is just that -- easy! There ain't nothin' better than homemade cakes like this when it comes to cold potluck ideas.

Whether you're looking for an easy potluck dish to bring to the block party or you just want a simple dessert to serve up after dinner on a warm summer day, this Raspberry Icebox Cake just simply can't be beat.

Thanks to cake mix, these homemade cookies are almost effortless. What are you waiting for? These cookies use only four ingredients and are ready in 10 minutes! Tear open a package and reap the rewards!

For more easy potluck ideas, check out these 44 Make-Ahead Dessert Recipes. This collection features some of your favorite desserts that can be made ahead, so you have one thing less to worry about on the day of the potluck!

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