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Infoiate horns

Infoiate horns

From the above ingredients, knead a suitable hard dough that will be left to rise, at room temperature, until it doubles in volume.

-after it has grown, spread a 0.5 cm thick sheet, spread a layer of margarine evenly (250g)

fold several times and leave to cool -

it is stretched again in a thin sheet, the horns are formed, it is left at room temperature for about 15 minutes,

grease with egg and put in the oven until nicely browned

-Serve with a glass of milk or yogurt (my opinion)!

Fasui de Post

Waiter chef
Bring in the corn
When Brumar fires
Winter boundary.
As a Christian,
The cooking is orderly
Degraba housewife
Until the light fades.

And how it doesn't harden
From the pantry he commands
One by one to show
Variety of dishes:

Red-nosed beans
Like a coconut ridge
It gathers quickly in the pot
Just a hand in the bargain!

Iaca unexpectedly
Two stuffed onions
Hop and they taifas
It hurt like a nose!

And lemon - vorbalunga
Just mouth the bag
He quarrels with coriander
Like a lad novice.
Oil, slides,
Sade colo firoscos
More on the edge of the pot
So much for the shyness.

The housewife was amazed
Listen. And no news
From their gargling
He sentenced them to punishment:

Almost tired beans
From the tormented words
And turn it into a nut
Rather chisalita.

And what a shame!
a small thing has been chosen!
And the naughty lemon
Squeeze it out of your slice!

To such brazenness
Throw in a pinch of salt
And ground pepper
Slip oil
Fresh coriander
Just cool it down a bit.

His toil was not in vain
Like he took her out to the harbor
With such an assembly.
And, for the better,
procopsi with a purpose
Calling him fasting!
In the bowl on the napkin
Garnished with parsley
And with chips around
it's all good: I swear!

Fluffy croissants with cheese

Hi, I got 16 horns. You can see this if you look closely at the image in which I look at how I "cut" each triangle.

Match with a cup of warm milk.
Very appetizing!

And still how. In other words, the croissants are not bad with a cup of coffee either: D

My grandmother made this kind of jam croissants :) (well they were a little smaller..but the same style and ingredients). I will try yours at the first opportunity: D

After trying them, tell me if they look as much like you have now.

Another Sunday dessert, ah, what was raining in my mouth on an empty stomach.

If you want, it could be a dessert on Thursday night :) Or even a dinner, thinking that the cheesecake is a salty one.

In two words: gro-zav!
Definitely planned for Saturday!
Mmmmm. a lot!
Adriana R

With pleasure, Adriana. Then it's time to stick to the plan on Saturday :)

Yam. I can't wait to taste them.

I will try to make them according to this recipe so as not to buy ready-made ones.

I already tested them today. They turned out delicious, excellent for breakfast.
Thanks for the recipe! :)

You have nothing to do, Elena. I am glad you liked them. You woke up with a craving for baking today :)

I'm just having breakfast, I have a big cup of milk in front of me and I'd really get 2-3 such good croissants!

:) Yeah, if it's a big cup, then clearly you need at least two croissants. If I still made you want to, maybe I'll convince you to prepare them too.

Hi. I have no words. sensational. just like the salty pastries from the school kiosk from Ceausescu's time:) The only regret is that I discovered the recipe so late. Definitely to be redone. congratulations for the blog! Lots of inspiration for the future! Geanina

Thanks, Geanina! You know the saying. better later than ever) It takes a bit of work, but these capitalist horns are no better than communist pies :)

I didn't find it hard to do. it's worth the effort anyway :)

That's right, horns are not hard to make. You saw me making a lot of really hard recipes. : D It only takes a while to knead the dough and spread it out so many times to shape the croissants, but I hope this doesn't scare beginners.

Nothing compares to the crap from Ceausescu's time. And with the Dobrogean pie. Now there is dirt everywhere. Unfortunately.

I like them very much. Your horns look so good I'll have to try the recipe.

It looks good, I would eat every day if the simigeria next to me looked the same.

Cornlets look more than delicious, but I wonder if they can be even tastier if the cheese is replaced with cheese?
Or do you lose your charm?

As with any recipe, the quality of the ingredients matters a lot. The croissants are all the tastier as the cheese used is of a better quality. After all, cheese is also an assortment of cheese, but I do not know what results would be obtained if we use for example a very dry and smoked cheese. :)

A trivial recipe, below expectations. Come with something new and more sophisticated, because there are enough recipes for two bucks for others who only want visitors to the site. I'm not mean, but you're capped and it's a shame. I'm waiting for your reaction from all points of view. Be PA. be GOODBYE.

My reaction is a typical Romanian one, without being mischievous either :) As Eminescu used to say: "If there is one, if there is another, / What is written for us too, / We will gladly take them all". either PA or GOODBYE. I can't thank everyone, no matter how hard I try. My blog is open to everyone, but as tastes differ from person to person, I cook only what I like, because I am the one who eats the result of the "creations" on the blog. Then, if someone is looking for sophisticated recipes on, then it means that the blog was wrong - here are simple and unpretentious recipes)

Blogs are full of sophisticated recipes, which are not worth much. Congratulations for these simple recipes, which unfortunately I forgot.

Thanks! I would not want anyone to leave my blog disappointed, but, being a culinary blog, it is really inevitable. I do not try to impress, and if I am ever to impress someone, then I would not want to do it through sophisticated recipes, but through the accuracy of the published explanations and recipes.

You convinced me: you are first of all the LORD, and then the broken woman! Hats off! A pretentious villain. We will hear each other again, but with more friendly terms. Believe me, I sailed for something special and I only came across the bazagons. I also came to you where I expected something better, but to my disappointment, you did not rise to high levels as usual, going out of print.

I think that first of all I am a human being, so I am subject to mistakes :) Maybe I am also mischievous sometimes and maybe I really limit myself and I don't want to admit it (or, worse, I don't even realize it!). It is good that you have claims from read / tried recipes and I should be glad that you have claims from my blog, this can only mean that you have noticed that the blog has potential. But maybe your demands are too high, I never try to prepare sophisticated or unprecedented recipes (there are already enough blogs that do this), I just try to reinterpret ordinary recipes and adapt them to my tastes and ingredients (not too we can now invent the wheel, when it has already been invented for so bitter a long time). It is true that sometimes I modify certain recipes so much that they no longer resemble the original recipe at all and can already be considered new recipes, but this is not my goal. I simply try to prepare tasty recipes with a minimum of effort, time and ingredients (as local as possible, cheap and easy to find in the market or in the corner store).

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