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Moroccan salad (video recipe)

Moroccan salad (video recipe)

We make a dressing of two tablespoons of mayonnaise, a tablespoon of mustard and 1-2 tablespoons of lemon juice. Mix well and over the dressing add the boiled rice, canned tuna and 1/4 of the canned corn. Mix everything well, season with salt and set aside until we take care of the vegetables.

Cut the potatoes, carrots and beets into cubes and season with a tablespoon of olive oil and salt, placing each vegetable in a separate bowl. Cut the cherry tomatoes into quarters, sliced ​​cucumbers and diced bell peppers.

Put the rice salad in a round bowl and turn it over on the serving platter that I lined with lettuce leaves. We take out the bowl carefully, so that we have the salad in the shape of the bowl (see video). Starting in the middle, as close as possible to the rice salad, towards the edge, we arrange weights from each lug, alternating the colors to look as beautiful as possible (see video). Then add the olives and boiled egg slices. Then sprinkle everything with olive oil and lemon juice and decorate with chopped parsley, and if you like, and a little mayonnaise.

Good appetite!

How to make Moroccan potato salad

We will boil it in a pot potatoes in the peel, separate from the rest of the vegetables.

Beet peeled, boil it with water and salt and spoon of vinegar to keep its color.

carrot cleaned and washed, we will boil it separately.

In a bowl with high walls and quite wide, we will put the vegetables that we will prepare after they have boiled and cooled well.

Boiled potatoes We will peel them and cut them into small cubes.

Beet and carrot, will be cut into cubes and added over the potatoes in the bowl.

Onion we peel it, we cut it julien and rub it a little with salt to get the speed out of it.

Add the rest of the ingredients to the bowl with the prepared vegetables, such as: olives cut into slices if necessary, sweet corn drained well of juice, uolive lion, salt, pepper, mustard, mixing everything with a spatula.

After all, for a more sour taste, we will adjust a little lemon juice.

If we want to further improve the taste (this in case we do not fast) we will add a few tablespoons of homemade mayonnaise, and egg slices on top.

Garnish with freshly chopped parsley.

This recipe for Moroccan salad combines very well with a rice garnish with tuna and mayonnaise.

10 Couscous recipes that will delight your senses

couscous is a cereal-based product made from semolina contains gluten (unlike quinoa, which has a similar texture) and is a very easy ingredient to cook. If you have never tried couscous recipes, you have no idea what you are missing! Couscous, if whole, also has benefits for our health and is usually served with a delicious stew or curry.

I started to be a big fan of couscous not so long ago, and now I sometimes use it even more than rice, because it cooks so easily and is very versatile. It is a popular ingredient in Middle Eastern cuisine, so if you love this type of gastronomy, then you will definitely like these recipes!

I want to inspire you to use this ingredient in your recipes, so I recommend this list with 10 recipes with couscous which I cook with pleasure every time. You probably already know that I don't like to waste a lot of time in the kitchen, especially in summer, when I like to cook only light and refreshing things, that's why all these couscous recipes are very simple and quick. Also, they all contain affordable ingredients, so they are very easy to recreate even for those who do not follow a vegan diet or do not fast.

Click on the titles to access these couscous recipes. Thanks to all the bloggers who created these recipes and you will also find my favorite couscous recipe in the list below. I hope you will try at least one of these recipes next time you want to prepare a quick and filling lunch or dinner!


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Moroccan pepper salad with garlic

Due to the high content of minerals and vitamins, bell peppers are known for beneficial effects on the body, even if it is often not eaten raw, the qualities are not lost if cooked in different ways.

We will make a kind of Moroccan salad-sauce from bell peppers, very simple and with a special effect left to the guests at the table, who also asked for the recipe, due to the courage to use another kind of known ingredients.

CSÎD tried: Green lentil salad recipe with tomatoes, green onions, celery stalks

About lentils only praise. Ideal for all tastes and ages, lentils contain soluble fiber that helps stabilize blood sugar. Ideal for patients with diabetes, but also for people who want to lose weight, lentils can be prepared in dozens of ways. Depending on the spices added, lentils take on different tastes. So don't shy away from buying it and cooking it. And lentils do not require long cooking time, on the contrary. Especially if you hydrate it an hour before.

Salad soup

salad soup
Moroccan salad with eggplant and chickpeas is ideal for summer days. It is easy to prepare, it is tasty and filling. You can also serve it with Lebanese sticks. [..] Other information about: eggplant, recipes, salads, chickpeas, moroccan salad, moroccan salad with eggplant

The largest salad in the world was prepared in Spain

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Take six tons of lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pepper and olives, mix them well and season them with vinegar and oil and you will get a salad worthy of the Book of Records. That's what 20 [..]

Salad as the main course

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Salad can be a main course in summer, on hot days when you do not want to sit near the stove or when you are on a diet. Choose lean grilled meat, add iceberg lettuce for a crunchy texture and a homemade sauce with herbs and spices. [..] Other information about: recipes, culinary tips, salads, salad recipes

Rocket salad, shrimp and grapes

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Arugula, shrimp and grape salad is easy to prepare, healthy and tasty. It is refreshing and ideal for family dinners. [..] Other information about: grapes, shrimp, arugula, shrimp salad

Cook with Oana: Misticanza Salad with tomatoes and shrimp

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The salad I propose today includes arugula, valerian, spinach, green and red batavia (these are the components of Misticanza salad), some tomatoes and shrimp. And a simple and easy dressing. [..] Other information about: Misticanza salad, shrimp salad, salad

Avocado and pineapple salad

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The scent and taste of the pineapple fruit will make this salad a real delight. [..] Other information about: avocado salad, fasting salad, fasting recipes, salad

Real carp calorie salad calories

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[..] Other information about: calories, minerals, vitamins

Calories smoked mackerel salad Salmaris

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Calories Delta Fish carp salad

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Calories salad herring caviar Delta Fish

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Gina Pistol, a gourmet person. Find out what foods you prefer!

salad soup
The presenter of the show "Let's cook in Romanian", Gina Pistol is a gourmet person, as she herself confesses and cannot resist in any way in front of the traditional dishes. [..] Other information about: gina pistol, gina pistol gurmanda, food gina pistol

Light summer salad with fresh broccoli

salad soup
Light summer salad with fresh broccoli is a unique combination of vegetables, fruits and meat. It is prepared quickly and can be served both as a main course and as an appetizer, if you have guests at the table. [..] Other information about: broccoli, summer salad, broccoli salad, salad recipes, broccoli recipes, fresh broccoli

Remes file, sent to Cotroceni

salad soup
Ioan Avram Muresan admitted that the 15,000 euro salary and the Audi Q7 car were for a minister. Attorney General Laura Codruta K & oumlvesi on Monday asked President Traian Basescu [..]

Get rid of the feeling of hunger with the help of salads! Here are the most nutritious!

salad soup
Summer is the perfect season to give up fatty and heavy foods and detoxify your body with nutritious salads! Are you afraid that salads, although rich in nutrients, will not help you fight the feeling of hunger? Find out that, as long as you choose the right salads, you can enjoy their benefits on your health and figure, eliminating the unpleasant feeling of hunger. [..] Other information about: salads, caesar salad, Greek salad, shrimp salad

Perfect salad: 6 steps to get the ideal result

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Preparing a perfect salad is like cooking eggs: in theory, nothing seems easier, in practice you need a lot of exercise to get the ideal result. In fact, a perfect salad is like a work of art, which you bring to perfection through repeated attempts, successes and failures, reasons to be proud and, on the contrary, to leave your head embarrassed. Once you master the secrets of a 5-star salad, a future with diversified and healthy meals awaits you. [..] Other information about: protein, seeds, dressing, greens, technique, salad, cheese

Multicolored salad

salad soup
If you like salads and are attracted to their fresh and appetizing colors, then try a multicolored salad. It is particularly attractive, thanks to the mix of ingredients and can be used successfully as a garnish for a chicken grill. [..] Other information about: salad, multicolored salad, salads

Autumn salad with sweet potatoes, lentils and feta croutons

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Autumn salad with sweet potatoes, lentils and feta croutons is easy to prepare, tasty and fragrant. [..] Other information about: lentils, recipes, salads, sweet potatoes, sweet potato salad, autumn salad, feta croutons

Lamb chop with vegetable salad

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Lamb chops with vegetable salad are a satisfying dish, suitable for a lunch in the cold season. Tasty and fragrant, these chops are made quickly, grilled. [..] Other information about: vegetables, lamb, olive oil, salad, garlic, lamb, chop, cherry tomatoes, grilled recipes, vegetable salad

Secrets of the best salads: 6 tricks that add extra flavor to your dishes!

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Duck salad, blackberries and chicory

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Want to try an interesting summer salad recipe? Prepare a salad with duck, blackberries and chicory, which will delight everyone who will taste it. [..] Other information about: salad, blackberries, duck, chicory, recipe

Green grape salad with feta cheese and honey

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Green grape salad with feta cheese and honey is a tasty and very easy way to prepare a snack full of vitamins. [..] Other information about: salad, grapes, feta, cheese, culinary, recipe

Grilled mushroom salad

salad soup
Grilled mushroom salad is an easy and very tasty dish. Olive oil, thin slices of pistachio, in combination with the mixture of lettuce leaves and mushrooms make a special combination. Ingredients for grilled mushroom salad 100 salad mix [..] Other information about: salad, mushrooms, grill, stick

Spinach and turkey salad with citrus

salad soup
Spinach and turkey salad with citrus is ideal for a spring lunch and will give you energy for the whole day, because it abounds in vitamins, minerals and other micronutrients essential for your well-being. [..] Other information about: salad, spinach salad, salad recipes, turkey salad

Fasting recipes: Broccoli and cauliflower salad with garlic sauce

salad soup
Broccoli and cauliflower salad with garlic sauce is prepared very quickly and tastes good. It is dietary and suitable for those who are on a diet or fasting. [..] Other information about: recipes, salads, fasting recipes, garlic, broccoli salad and cauliflower

Summer salad with seafood

salad soup
Summer salad with seafood is easy to prepare and very tasty. It is served as such. [..] Other information about: recipes, seafood, salads, summer salad, seafood salad

Moroccan carrot salad

One of the simplest Moroccan salad recipes, totally recommended for low-carb diets like Montignac (where carrots are forbidden, but only when cooked!)

Moroccan chicken

Moroccan chicken fried to the minute with hot red peppers, oranges and garlic seasoned with ground cinnamon and dried mint

Ras el Hanout (Moroccan mix of spices.

Ras el Hanout is a mixture of specific Moroccan ingredients that contains from 10 to 100 different spices!

Moroccan chicken steak

A healthy and dietary recipe for preparing chicken meat. Serve with fresh lettuce.

  • carrots - 300 g
  • apple cider vinegar (6%) - 2 tbsp. it.
  • Sugar - 1.5 hours. it.
  • salt - about 1 hour. it.
  • sunflower oil - 20 ml
  • Coriander - 1 hour. it.
  • black pepper - a knife tip
  • Garlic - 3 puppies.

1. We arm float in Korean and shinkuem carrots. As a result, we get a kind of orange vegetable spaghetti.

2. Now add the spices and crushed garlic.

3. The pan is heated oil, pour garlic and spices. Because of their taste and flavor will be revealed, and a beneficial effect on the taste of salad. Then add vinegar. Stir and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes.

4. After a short marinate Korean carrots prepared.

Korean carrot gets richer, more standing in the refrigerator. But, of course, the storage schedule should also not be forgotten - do not store more than a week. Although it is unlikely that in the salad the house is delayed more than a day.