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Transylvanian lunch

Transylvanian lunch

Before a glass of Transylvanian brandy ... otherwise it doesn't work ....

  • a darab of slana
  • a piece of Telemea cheese
  • 1 red onion
  • 1/2 cucumber
  • 1 red
  • soft bread
  • salt

Servings: -

Preparation time: less than 30 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Transylvanian lunch:

Portion the bacon and telemeau.
Rosia is sliced
Cut the cucumbers into rounds.
Peel the onion and cut it into slices.
The soft bread breaks into pieces.

What more can I say than the Great Lust!

Transylvanian dishes: traditional products of the Transylvanians

When we talk about Transylvanian dishes, it is impossible not to think of tarragon, brandy, paprika and many other flavors that are part of Transylvanian cuisine. Also, in the gastronomic culture of the Transylvanians we find many dishes with meat, potatoes and cream, which are a real delight.

So if you are preparing to take a trip to Transylvania, we recommend some dishes that you must try.

Transylvanian bulz

The Transylvanian bulzul is prepared according to an authentic shepherd's recipe. The simpler the preparation, the stronger and more intense the taste. For the bulz, take a larger piece of polenta, form a ball from it, and fill it with bellows cheese, then bake it on the embers, on fir wood. This is the classic recipe of the shepherds, but the Transylvanians now prepare the bulzul by adding smoked ribs, butter or sausages.

Toponita polenta

Romanians are a polenta-loving people from their ancestors, so it's no wonder we learned to cook it in a lot of ways. But, in the Transylvania area, toponita polenta is the house specialty, and it will conquer your taste buds from the first tasting. It is easy to prepare, it is filling and it is prepared according to a traditional recipe. Unlike the classic polenta, the toponita is prepared in the oven. In a pan greased with lard, place the first layer of polenta, then a layer of scallops, then another layer of polenta, over which you will add Telemea cheese, a little lard and again a row of polenta. And for more flavor, you can use Ibănești telemeau in this recipe.

Uncooked cake

The uncooked cake is the specialty of the Transylvanians, and it is as tasty as the classic cake. For this preparation, mix the eggs with the milk, sugar, yeast and salt, and the next day add the flour and flavors, mixing well. Unlike the classic cozonac, hot oil is gradually added to the uncooked one, which must be poured into a thin thread so that the dough sizzles. After all the oil has been used, the dough is left to rise for an hour, and then it is divided into two portions, filled with cocoa and ground walnuts and rolled. At the end, grease the cozonacs with yolk and leave them in the oven for 50 minutes. Certainly, housewives who do not know how to knead would be happy to try this Transylvanian recipe.

Transylvanian goulash

Transylvanian goulash is, in fact, a Hungarian dish, adapted and transformed over the centuries, to become one of the traditional Transylvanian dishes, reflecting the richness and cultural diversity of this area. Unlike the goulash prepared in Budapest, the one from Transylvania is different, with an intense taste and a special aroma.

Cabbage from Cluj

Those who arrive in Cluj, must try at least once, the famous cabbage from Cluj, which is a tasty dish, only good for a lunch in the heart of Transylvania. For the uninitiated, the cabbage from Cluj is a dish similar to the opened sarmales. And this description is quite close to the truth, but the preparation of this recipe is different.

Plum dumplings

Those who grew up in Transylvania or who have grandparents in this area, certainly remember the taste of plum dumplings. These plum dumplings are usually prepared in the fall, when the plums are well ripened and are found everywhere at the market stalls. Dumplings are easy to prepare, they are not very sweet or very rich in calories, so they can be eaten even by those who are on a diet.

So, these are the Transylvanian dishes that you should try, if you arrive on holiday in this area of ​​the country. From the delicious paprika-flavored goulash to the hot bulzul and plum dumplings, all these dishes are true Transylvanian delicacies, which can be served with a glass of quince brandy.

Goose boiled with paprika and garlic Transylvanian obald recipe

Goose boiled with paprika and garlic Transylvanian obald recipe. Boiled bacon seasoned with garlic and paprika. How to make boiled pork leg? Homemade goose sausage, pork cheek boiled with garlic. Obald's recipe. Recipe of abált szalonna . Homemade sausage recipes. Traditional Transylvanian recipes.

The recipe for boiled goose with paprika and garlic is an old Hungarian one. It was taken over by the Transylvanians and became traditional in Transylvania. In Hungarian it is called " abált szalonna "And we are called"obald ” or "Obalt".

Boiled pork leg is a delicacy! It has rind, alternating layers of bacon and meat and after cooking it becomes very tender and soft. The flavors of garlic and paprika (quality paprika) are specific to this preparation.

My grandfather from Grădiște (Arad neighborhood) was always responsible for cutting the pig. He had a special talent for cutting and shaping meat, so it was more fun to follow him. The hind legs were perfectly cut for ham (ham), with rounded edges (it was not chopped), the bacon and kaiser plates were straight and cut as if with a ruler. So is the pork leg. A little guide to cutting pigs in Transylvania and Banat find here and here.

I also told you about his skill in "sausage" and in the article about the sausages of Arad & # 8211 see here. Well, in our country, sausages or salami are made in equal threads, of the same thickness, stuffed as in the book. It's better to look at them hanging in space (pantry).

Maybe that's why my soul hurts when I see in the pictures sausages made in "longing for the lilies", unevenly filled, some thin and full of air, others ready to crack, twisted unevenly or not at all, hanging in heaps in all sorts of unhealthy places. Not to mention the kaiser, ribs or bacon cut in vain, where "the knife went". It's not hard to pay a little attention to details because it's worth it.

The pork leg is the part under the pig's chin. Pork cheeks (jaws) can also be prepared with this preparation technique, but they have stronger meat, being muscles that have been used intensively by the animal. The pieces of pork goose weigh about 600-700 g and can be bought from private butchers or can even be cut when cutting pork.

What do you need

  • 2 tablespoons butter
  • 6 yellow onions, chopped
  • 2 teaspoons demerara sugar (raw sugar)
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon black pepper
  • 1/2 teaspoon dried thyme
  • 2 teaspoons
  • balsamic vinegar
  • 1 pastry sheet, thawed
  • 20 preserved anchovy fillets, drained
  • 20 black olives in oil, drained
  • 2 teaspoons extra virgin olive oil, preferably French
  • 2 teaspoons fresh thyme (chopped)

Chicken with cheddar and bacon

It's tempting to use new flavors every time we cook chicken, but with a piece of bacon and cheddar you can't go wrong. You can serve it in combination with a portion of potatoes with garlic (recipe below) or with some boiled vegetables. A good idea for a quick, healthy and tasty lunch.

About 4 servings

Total cooking time: 35 minutes


4 halves of boneless chicken breast
1/4 cup teriyaki sauce / soy sauce
1/4 cup barbeque sauce
4 slices of bacon cooked in a pan, cut in half
4 slices of cheddar cheese

Method of preparation:

Preheat the oven to 220 degrees. Prepare a tray with baking paper. Soak the chicken in the teriyaki / soy sauce and place it in the pan. Bake for 13-18 minutes or until the chicken looks ready. Put the barbecue sauce / BBQ over the chicken and cover with bacon and cheese. Put it back in the oven and bake for 4-5 minutes until the cheese is completely melted. Serve the delicious chicken with vegetables or potatoes. Enjoy!

Recipe lunch

The best recipes for lunch waiting to be implemented! Here you will find a large number of recipes for a quick, healthy and delicious lunch so that your meals will always be diverse and full of flavor!

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Meatballs are one of the most versatile dishes, and can be served in many ways. Shape, taste and.

I have a big problem. I was left with a lot of boiled Easter eggs. So, out of the desire to consume them quickly, not to spoil.

Although it is not as well known and prepared as much as other types of jam, mint is an alternative.

The celebration of St. Valentine, a tradition with ancient Roman and Christian roots, has become increasingly popular.

Baking is one of the healthiest cooking methods, under the conditions in which the dishes will be able to cook.

Every year, the magic of Christmas envelops us and we are not only happy to decorate our house as beautifully as possible, but also to surprise them.

Appearing in the Ottoman Empire, sarmalele have gained a place over time on all holiday tables. Sarmales are.

Madness or not, Romanians' preferences for fast food seem to be directed more towards burger recipes, not towards.

C & acircnd you want to offer your loved ones a tasty and nutritious dish, without having to spend a lot of time & icircn.

Dozens of country-specific recipes have been derived from the simple and classic French fries recipe over time. There it is.

During hot days, on the one hand, you want to spend less time in the kitchen and, on the other hand.

Borg invasion / Story and recipes: hibachi chicken, shellfish soup, tequila

At first glance, Las Vegas did not seem to be the ideal destination for a conference & # 8211 especially for internet transaction security & # 8211 but it was. I had convinced my boss and, newly installed at the Hilton Hotel, I had decided to take a tour of casinos and shops. The conference started the next day, so I had to spend an evening in the almost unreal city of kitsch, the ultimate capital of entertainment. I was working for one of the largest investment firms in America, extremely interested in internet security, and besides me, Andy, the head of short-term investments, a short and fuzzy guy who was a big fan of science fiction, had opted for the conference. my boss, Greg, and Olga, the beautiful blonde Russian who all my colleagues knew had an idyll. Andy himself liked her as much as the vast majority of the men in the department. They all complained that they could no longer work, that the beautiful blonde was an obstacle to good work, but they all crowded in to please both her and Greg, hoping that if the idyll ended, Greg would they cried on their shoulders or & # 8211 and better & # 8211 had a chance at Olga's charms. Until then, however, life in the company was like a TV show.

At first Andy didn't want to come with me through the casinos but eventually he joined me, annoyed that the two had locked themselves in the room even though Greg had told us on the plane a white-threaded lie about I don't know what meeting with a former colleague, in I don't know what hotel.

-Be serious, I told him, we're in Vegas, let's feel good.

We walked on the Strip in the scorching heat, stopping to have a drink in the Belaggio hotel bar, which made Andy say that he really liked Olga, but that he was aware that he had no chance. Plus he was in a bad situation not being able to notice her even though he was doing the wrong thing and not infrequently had other people fix what she had done, but he would have forgiven her for a night of love. After two more cocktails in which he seemed to be looking for inspiration, he confessed to me that he had long wanted to tell Greg how incompetent Olga was and that this affected the smooth running of things.

-Don't get in, I told him, this is a very delicate situation that doesn't concern you at all.

He didn't seem to listen to me. He was talking to the glass, looking through me as if I hadn't even been there. I wondered if he would remember the discussion the next day.

-I'll have to tell him. Greg should put the business running above personal business and fire it. It's my duty to tell him. Or an announcement to his wife.

It is true that in the office we had joked and thought of sending Olga flowers every day as if from a secret admirer, to drive Greg crazy with jealousy, but everything was still a joke. My colleagues were too serious and took care of their work. just having fun with the idyll.

I found Olga smart, calculated and cold. I had often thought of telling my colleagues in the kitchen that they were fidgeting in vain: Olga loved no one and only sought to use the momentary advantages to climb the hierarchical ladder, but I refrained. Who was I to judge her?

"Look," said the chief at the dinner table, which I had taken in Benihana from the hotel, "there are so many shows that we must see a few."

The meal was not ready. We were waiting at the bar, at Fortuna, carrying a light device behind us that would ring when he had to call us to dinner. The boss had barely opened the conversation, and Andy began commenting on the show we were supposed to see at all costs & # 8220The Invasion of the Borg & # 8221, while Greg and Olga smiled discreetly, averted their eyes and avoided talking. while their whole being emanated the freshness and happiness of an afternoon in bed.

I had hesitated before ordering an alcoholic beverage, but I was out of business hours, I had nothing to do and the boss had set the tone so I chose a tequilla sun rise. Andy had asked for mineral water, telling him how much he had heard about the return of the boroughs and what episodes of Star Trek had been used to make the show.

Finally the waiter informed us that the meal was ready and led us to a booth among the tables where the cooks juggled the food and performed real circus numbers in front of those seated around him. I had been to Benihana before, but this & # 8211 according to the waiter & # 8211 was the largest location in the restaurant chain of that name and the food show was in tune with the holiday atmosphere in the resort. Olga and I ordered hibachi chicken while Greg opted for seafood and Andy for beef.

"I'd eat beef whenever I got the chance," he said, as Greg teased him because he probably belonged to the category for which pizza sauce and french fries were daily vegetables. In fact, his snowy figure showed it somewhat, while Greg, though older, practiced regularly and could not understand how we, European women, could be so weak.

Realizing that he had said too much, he quickly changed his mind, commenting on food, architecture, lights, and attractions of all kinds.

-Oh, I can't wait to see & # 8220The Invasion of the Borg & # 8221, do you realize? It's one of the city's attractions, a 3D show with actors and thrills, Andy said at the aperitif, the main course and dessert, as if it were the chorus of the day.

He looked at Olga as if it were the end of the world, while Greg straightened his voice sipping a MacCallan whiskey and tracing my tasks.

"Don't forget the daily report," he told me. I think it's best to run it at lunch break, when it's only morning on the east coast. You collect all the data and give it to me before the afternoon session. Did you each choose which presentations to go to?

The question was asked for me and Andy because Olga and he were going to go to the same presentations, or so I assumed from her preoccupied silence and the way she played with her finger on the edge of the glass of orange juice.

"It's Vegas," he said before dessert. Celebrities of all kinds come here to have fun. It's the city of supreme entertainment, and you know what happens in Vegas, it stays in Vegas.

I didn't know if it was a subtle allusion to his relationship with Olga. I took everything as a joke, including his comments about gambling and the envy of those in the office.

I decided that what was going on between him and Olga didn't concern me for the simple reason that I cared too much about my job to get involved in any way. These things never ended well. I had met Olga twice in the bathroom and exchanged courtesies. Because I came from Eastern Europe, he had a special sympathy for me, and he had told me that he had two other siblings and some sick parents in Leningrad, and that was why he really wanted to succeed in life. He had only one regret: that he had not had time to take his master's degree. I nodded approvingly and avoided her systematically, glad that in the sections I was going to attend the next day I would not see either Andy or the two of them.

The next day at noon I went to a nearby bar, Firefly, where I ordered a margarita and ran the reports requested by the boss. It was interesting how there were slot machines everywhere, blinking from their multicolored lights like clowns, inviting you to play. The casino was open all the time: perpetual vacation. Before I finished my drink, I glanced at the exchange rate, as I usually did when I ran the reports: I wanted to see the fluctuation of the leu against the dollar. Nothing spectacular. It also seemed that the Romanian economy was finally heading. What could not be said about the Russian one. At noon Olga's eyes were red as if she had cried all morning but said nothing. The chief glanced over the report, muttering a good while the waiter had brought us soup (New England clam chowder), and Andy couldn't help but praise the seminar he had been to, and after a few sentences, returned to the # Borg Invasion.

"The seminar I went to was like this," said the boss, "but I didn't understand if he had been to him or if he was referring to a possible quarrel with Olga, who was silent, working with the spoon in the soup." After giving me another list of things to do, the boss told us that in the evening we would not eat together and that we were free to do what we wanted. I looked at Olga wondering if the boss's announcement meant a & # 8220not bother me & # 8221 because he was busy with her or because he actually wanted to go to a casino to play cards.

Andy was trembling with joy: he was finally about to see the show. As for me, I had already scheduled a manicure and massage and was going to spend the evening reading. It was too hot to go out anyway, and Andy's company didn't appeal to me at all.

I had already gotten used to the idea that the more stressful the work, the more senior people had bizarre behaviors, and the company I was at was no exception. It amused me a lot to participate as a spectator in all these events, but most of all I enjoyed watching the BBC news in the morning, trying, after going through the European and Asian markets, to guess what would happen at the New York Stock exchange during the day. Sometimes I guessed, other times I was wrong, but it was my little morning game I hadn't given up even now, while Andy was waiting for me downstairs boiling that he had no one to tell about Borgi. Greg and Olga probably enjoyed breakfast in bed, and only at lunch, when I gave her the report, did I see them at the table, fresh and comforted as if the encryption algorithm seminars had been more effective than the last skin cream.

Anyway, Andy couldn't swallow anything because of the enthusiasm he was talking about. The show had been exactly as he had imagined, and we had to see it. The Borg were fabulous, especially when they ran to get their hands on the spectators and the effects were so real you felt like you were on another planet and I wanted to tell them, but you're really a friend, don't you see that Olga is bored?

I gave up, however, only telling her in the evening that she should take her mind off Olga, after hastily running the last reports and making sure that the lion was getting stronger and stronger so that I began to wonder if she was no longer good to keep my savings in lei.

"What's wrong with Greg," Andy asked, after two cosmopolitan cocktails, and I didn't?

-Power, I replied, don't you know that the greatest aphrodisiac is power? On the other hand, you can always order a Russian bride on the internet, I told her.

I don't know if my words had impressed him because the next day he had started talking about borgi again as if he hadn't found another topic of discussion around Olga until the boss, bored, as he glanced at my reports at at noon, he had approved boredly:

-Okay, okay, let's go see your bourgeoisie tonight.

Immediately after dinner at Benihana & # 8211 we started to like it there & # 8211 we met in the hotel lobby and went to the show. The queue had been all the way to the street. Tourists, Asians with their flashy flashes, families with young children, passionate about science fiction like Andy. The four of us sat in line and it happened that Olga was flanked by Greg and Andy, while I was sitting on the right next to the boss. I did not feel when the lights went out and what was set in motion: everything seemed so real that I seemed to be floating in a parallel universe. The optical illusions looked so real that I hadn't even realized what had happened, I hadn't heard Olgai scream, I hadn't seen Andy's hand on her knee in a twitch of horror near the borgs, and I hadn't seen Greg's fist flying without way.

That night we broke up without words. All the ideas of the conference, the dishes from Benihana, the cocktails from Fortuna and Firefly were swirling in my head, thinking that I didn't want to be in Andy's shoes looking for a new job.

The next morning I ate in silence. Greg and Olga had not made their appearance as usual, and only at noon, while I was running the report and looking at the exchange rate, I noticed that the dollar was equivalent to 0 lei. How was it possible: 0? For a glass of tequilla sun rise we studied the problem on all sides: there was no mistake in our software, the problem was in the conversion tables, in the data we had received overnight.

With a thread-like voice, I presented the chief's report to him, and his thunderous voice & # 8220 what is it? & # 8221 made me talk cautiously about the Romanian lion. Something bizarre was happening, I couldn't understand how a dollar was equivalent to 0 lei, when until yesterday everything had been fine.

-Civil war? proposed Greg

-The invasion of the boroughs, Andy had thought

"The government has fallen," Olga had suggested.

In the afternoon I was late for the symposium, trying in vain to call Romania. I had met Olga again in the toilet, tall and silent, and when she saw me with the phone in her ear, she couldn't help but tell me that she had quarreled with Greg again, that she had confessed to him that she would never leave her wife. , which had annoyed her to the core.

-What do I do, it almost screams in my ears, clinging desperately to me & # 8230 I didn 't take my master' s degree. He's my only chance to advance in this company, he told me.

-Go back to school and get it, I answered and then I apologized to my friend on the phone who told me that nothing had happened, the government was in place, only the lion had changed had passed to the lion new.

I hung up with a sigh of relief and, for the first time, I went to take Andy by the arm, to wander through the casinos with the idea that what was happening in Vegas remained in Vegas. Broken loves, unfinished studies, the invasion of the bourgeoisie.

Chicken hibachi

4 chicken breasts cut in half and boned

1 medium zucchini (or zucchini)

2 cups sliced ​​mushrooms

Cut onions and mushrooms and zucchini into small pieces to fit in the fork. Put 1 tablespoon of oil in a pan over medium heat and 1 tablespoon in another pan over high heat. Fry the chicken in the first pan. Add 1 tablespoon of soy sauce, one tablespoon of butter and a little pepper to the pan in which the chicken is. Fry the onion with zucchini in the other pan, finally adding the soy sauce, butter, salt and pepper.

Fry the vegetables while the chicken is cooking, taking care to mix in both pans. When the chicken is fried for about 2 minutes or it is done on both sides, put the lemon juice over the chicken and then add the mushrooms. Put 1 tablespoon of soy sauce over the mushrooms, add a tablespoon of butter plus salt and pepper. Mix in both pans. Remove the chicken to 4 plates by placing each chicken breast on a plate and divide the vegetables evenly in the other pan. Prepare the beans in the same pan in which you made the vegetables by putting 2 tablespoons of soy sauce, 1 tablespoon of butter, salt and pepper. Bake for a minute or two until the beans are tender and then sprinkle sesame seeds on it.

Supa New England clam chowder

50 gr. diced fried pork ham (or Transylvanian breast)

1 cup chopped onion and fish

1 can of shells (clams if found) (250-300 gr)

1 cup boiled shellfish juice (canned, commercially available)

2 small boiled potatoes peeled and cut into small cubes (as for beef salad)

In a large skillet, fry the ham in butter, adding the onion, garlic, and spices (parsley, basil, tarragon, and flour), stirring slowly over low heat. Slowly add the shell juice, stirring carefully as in the Romanian ciulamaua. When it comes to a boil, add the fatty milk and cook for about 20 minutes. Add the mussels, potatoes and pepper. Do not bake too much because the shells become stingy.

Tequila Sun-Rise

3 tablespoons grenadine syrup

Pour the tequila into ice cups and then pour in the orange juice. Add the grenadine syrup, carefully pouring from one side of the glass. This syrup is very dense and therefore goes to the bottom of the glass creating the impression of sunrise. It can be garnished with a slice of orange on the edge of the glass.

ADRIANA GURĂU is a writer, our special correspondent in the United States.

Chicken food for lunch and dinner. Exotic style chicken recipes

9. Chicken and cauliflower curry

An Indian-inspired chicken recipe - dietetic but full of flavors

500 g diced chicken breast about 3 cm side
500 g cauliflower unwrapped in bunches
1 onion
1 clove of garlic
juice from 1 lime
shaved ginger
finely chopped hot peppers
curry powder
turmeric powder
fennel seeds
coriander seeds
Coconut milk
Tomato juice
sesame oil (or other, missing)
fresh coriander

  • Flavor the meat first in the mixture of lime juice and turmeric
  • Fry the onion, finely chopped garlic & garlic, ginger, hot pepper in oil, add the spices.
  • Reduce everything to cream with a vertical mixer.
  • Add the tomato juice, coconut milk and a little water.
  • Add the cauliflower inflorescences and cook for about 10 minutes with a lid.
  • Add the chicken pieces and cook together for another 10 minutes, also with a lid.
  • Season with salt and sprinkle with finely chopped fresh coriander

Serve hot with plain rice.

10. Chicken with apples and mustard

A quick recipe with chicken with ingredients always at hand

4 whole legs or 1 chicken cut into 8
4 red Jonathanat apples
1 onion
1 glass of beer (100-150 ml)
sunflower oil
clear vegetable or water soup
a powder of flour
1 clove of garlic (optional)
1 lemon
1 tablespoon mustard
salt pepper

Recipes for lunch and dinner. 10 ideal proposals in the family

Here are 10 suggestions for either rice or pasta

Recipes for lunch and dinner as the main course in the casserole or pan. Food style casserole, baked, or single pancomplicated it is ideal for family reunions or with friends. It has the disadvantage that it consumes us a little more time. But it also has the great advantage that it can be donecomplicated in advance, in whole or in part, and consumedcomplicated in the following days.

Recipes for lunch and dinner in a single casserole or frying pan & # 8211 basically involve: a carbohydrate component, ie pasta, rice, potatoes, a vegetable and a protein one. Who need something to unite them, to bind them. What binds well is the starch that carbohydrates contain. In some recipes, especially those with pasta, the same role is played by bechamel sauce or cream.

Below, 10 suggestions having as main ingredient either rice or pasta. But also one in which carbohydrates are absent. As always, the proposals are for 4 servings. There are more elaborate recipes, not exactly dietary ones, which are eaten rather as an exception, not as a rule.

Transylvanian delicacies in Sibiu

One day I thought of running to Sibiu. So I got on a bus in the morning and got there about an hour before the train back. Good job, I thought. I had a choice between lunch before the next six and a half hours, or to see a little of the center.

After a consultation with my traveling companion, a desperate stomach, I decided to head to the center and as I see an older house to enter the first restaurant. That's what I did. In front of the station I started in the direction I saw an old church, and as the road narrowed and the houses seemed more Saxon than communist, I stopped in front of a blackboard with a menu written in chalk and a charming price of 12 lei.

That's how I entered, hungry for great need, in the Roman House (or Romanian? Roman? They were not diacritical neither on the business card taken from them nor in the menu, so I can't be 100% sure).

I sat down at the table and ordered a menu. I ordered a coffee before the meal, and asked for the password from the internet. I got my coffee soon, but the interns didn't want to connect with me. I told the slightly disappointed waiter that he didn't want to and he didn't want to and he disappeared. I was getting ready to turn off my laptop when I woke up with an RDS stick on the table! Grade 10 for the waiter just for this voluntary gesture!

In 3-4 minutes I got my soup. A dense homemade noodle soup, thick and with a strong taste. They reminded me very strongly of the little ones my grandparents. What was even more appetizing was that yellowish layer on the surface & # 8230 a strong sign of an old hen. I enjoyed it and at the end I wanted to drink the last drop from the bowl.

For the second course, I got some chicken liver with mashed potatoes and pickled cucumber salad. Prezentarea era foarte cu bun gust făcută, iar mirosul mai că te lua de ceafă și-ți trăgea fața-n farfurie:

Gustul a fost pe măsură: ficățeii fain făcuți, cu proporția perfectă de ceapă călită iar cartofii cu siguranță not de la plic. Pătrunjelul ăla proaspăt aruncat deasupra și-a pus la bătaie aroma aia specifică de-mi dansa limba-n gură. Castraveții foarte faini la rândul lor. Chiar am mâncat tot bolul de castraveți, ceea ce rar fac pe la restaurante.

Am primit, tot în cei 12 lei pentru meniu, și un coș de pâine. Pâinea părea chiar apetisantă și deloc pufulete. Totuși, nefiind mare fan, nu m-am atins de ea.

Singura chestiune care m-a dezamăgit puțin a fost cafeaua. Asta era Mario de felul ei, deci nu cine știe ce brand renumit pentru gust, dar a fost totuși puțin cam prea acrișoară (nu amară). De asemenea, pe o masă de alături se vedeau firimituri de la pâine de la un client de mai devreme.