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The Best Museum in Every State

The Best Museum in Every State

There’s more than just dinosaurs and airplanes to discover


Artwork and history and science, oh my!

The United States is home to museums both strange and historic. Every state has treasures to display, and there is no better way to discover the items of greatest importance to a state’s residents than by touring a local museum.

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What oddities and artifacts does each state have to preserve? Some states on this list had a plethora of intriguing options, but we narrowed down the highlights from every single one. To determine which museums were truly deserving of being deemed the “best” in every state, we consulted travel websites, read through reviews of various visitors, and took into consideration the impact and acclaim each museum had to boast.

We wish we could include every incredible museum on this list — the Museum of Ice Cream, for instance, is absolutely worth a visit but didn’t make the cut. The Neon Museum in Las Vegas was narrowly beaten out by another close contender for Nevada’s most entertaining exhibits. However, we are confident that this list contains sights and interactive experiences worth traveling for. Take a tour through the greatest museum hits of the 50 United States, plus Washington, D.C., and discover the best museum in each one.