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Appetizer potato dumplings with cheese

Appetizer potato dumplings with cheese

Boil the potatoes in cold water with a pinch of salt.

Boil for 20-25 minutes, can be checked with a fork.

Drain, clean and puree.

Add the grated cheese, egg, baking soda and 2-3 tablespoons of breadcrumbs.

Season with salt and pepper.

Garlic is not mandatory, I add it grated for extra flavor.

Mix well until smooth.

Form balls 2 cm in diameter, which we will give through breadcrumbs and fry them in hot oil on both sides until lightly browned.

Remove on a paper towel.

Serve immediately!

Potato dumplings with cheese

I kept thinking yesterday - to make some cheese balls, to make some potato croquettes? Dilemma, dilemma. I chose the middle way. And because I am an absolute sinner, I put some fried bacon (without oil) next to the meatballs. It's not healthy, of course, but it's tasty.

I kept thinking yesterday - to make some cheese balls, to make some potato croquettes? Dilemma, dilemma. I chose the middle way. And because I am an absolute sinner, I put balls and some fried bacon (without oil) around it. It's not healthy, of course, but it's tasty.


  • 10-12 small potatoes (or 6 medium ones, or about 3 of the very large ones)
  • 100 g of cheese
  • 1 or
  • 2 tablespoons flour
  • 3 tablespoons breadcrumbs
  • 2 tablespoons grated Parmesan cheese
  • 2 teaspoons hot paprika (optional)
  • 1 teaspoon cumin (optional)
  • 3-4 peppercorns
  • butter, c & acirct a walnut
  • 1 slice of bacon (optional)
  • oil (much, for frying)

I cut the potatoes into pieces and boiled them, as if for puree.

When they boiled, I mixed the breadcrumbs with the Parmesan cheese

I beat the egg and mixed it with a teaspoon of paprika.

When the potatoes were ready, I pureed them. Over them I put a spoonful of flour, cumin and ground pepper, a teaspoon of hot paprika, butter and grated cheese.

I mixed them well, a homogeneous paste was made.

After it cooled, I made balls out of this paste, which I gave through flour, egg with paprika and breadcrumbs with parmesan.

I fried them in a lot of oil, heated them well. Be careful, if you fry them too much they break - not that it would have happened to me, no, I saw it in a movie :)

I took them out on some napkins to absorb the oil. Among them I put the bacon, cut the chips and fried in a non-stick pan, without any oil. I sprinkled a little cheese on it.

  • 400 gr cheese
  • 2 eggs
  • 4-5 tablespoons flour
  • biscuit
  • 3-4 potatoes
  • salt
  • pepper
  • oil

Put the cheese on a small grater.

Boil the potatoes without peeling very very well. In a bowl, mash the potatoes, add the cheese, eggs and flour and mix until you get a homogeneous dough.

Add salt and pepper to taste, I used a smoked country cheese that was saltier and I had to add just a little pepper.

With a spoon, take the dough and create small cheese balls about the size of a walnut. Pass the cheese balls through the breadcrumbs and set them aside. You have to make all the dough into balls and then start frying.

Fry the cheese balls in hot oil enough to cover them. Be careful, the balls will fry very quickly, when they have a golden color, remove the cheese balls and place them on an absorbent napkin.


Potato dumplings with cheese are a kind of absolutely delicious donuts, prepared from a dough based on potatoes and cheese. They are excellent as a snack or appetizer and you can serve them on any occasion.
To prepare the potato balls with cheese you can also use leftover mashed potatoes. You know how it is with puree, it is very good immediately after preparation but, after it cools down, no one wants it anymore. You can use it for cheese balls with cheese but also for mashed potatoes with cheese.
If you don't have leftover puree, it's no problem, boil a couple of potatoes quickly.

The potato balls with cheese are very tasty hot, but also cold. In order for it to cool, you have to prepare a fairly large amount of cheese balls with cheese because they tend to disappear very quickly :)
We really liked these cheese donuts and I highly recommend them.
Below is the video recipe.
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Ingredients needed to prepare the recipe potato dumplings with cheese

Ingredients mashed potatoes with cheese

- 350gr boiled potatoes in shell (or puree from the previous day)
- 1 ou
- 150gr cheese
- 50gr flour (approximately)
- salt and pepper to taste
- breadcrumbs and oil for frying

How to prepare potato dumplings with cheese

Video recipe (CC - Romanian subtitles)

First I boiled the potatoes in salted water, along with the peel. The potatoes should be boiled enough for the fork to easily enter them.
After the potatoes boiled, I drained them and let them cool.

After the potatoes had cooled, I peeled them, put them in a large bowl and crushed them like puree. Season with salt and pepper, add the egg and mix well.

Cheese balls with potatoes

1. Wash the potatoes and boil them in salted water. Meanwhile, prepare the composition for the cheese balls. Put the following ingredients in a bowl: 400 g of cheese, 3 eggs, salt, 10 tablespoons of breadcrumbs. Mix all the ingredients well until a hard enough crust is formed, so that the cheese balls can be shaped.

2. Put the oil in a hot pan, and add the balls through a layer of breadcrumbs and fry. Leave for 4-5 minutes until golden brown, then drain on an absorbent kitchen towel.

3. If the potatoes are boiled, remove from the water, cool a little and then peel and crush with a blender until puree. Mix with an egg, milk and butter. Line a tray with butter and breadcrumbs and place the puree. Sprinkle with the remaining cheese and bake for about 40 minutes.

4. After the potato pudding is cooked, place the meatballs on top, sprinkle with chopped green parsley and serve hot.

Potato and cheese balls

Potato and cheese balls, recipe. How to prepare potato balls. Quick recipe for potato balls. The best balls of potatoes and cheese. Quick appetizers from potatoes and cheese. BULETA.

Potato and cheese balls-Ingredients

500 gr potatoes
2 eggs
100 gr cheese
1/2 leg marar
sweet Boya
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
5-6 tablespoons flour
50 gr melted butter
frying oil

Potato and cheese balls-Preparation

Boil the potatoes in their skins in salted water.
After boiling, clean and crush with a fork or mashing utensil.
(Here I can tell you that you can also use a thicker mashed potato left over from lunch)
Over the potatoes add eggs, grated cheese, finely chopped dill, flour, melted and cooled butter, baking powder and
spices to taste.
Grease your hands with a little oil and form from the resulting dough small spheres that you fry in an oil bath.
It can be served as such with various spicy sauces or it can accompany a dish as a side dish.

Ingredient: 4 medium potatoes, 50 g butter, 100 g cheese, 1 egg, a few tablespoons of flour, salt and pepper, a nutmeg powder, breadcrumbs and frying oil

Preparation: the potatoes are washed very well and boiled in salted water. After boiling (check with a fork) allow to cool slightly and peel. Then they are crushed with a sieve, as for puree. Add the butter, grated cheese on a small grater, egg, salt, pepper and nutmeg to taste. Add 1-2 tablespoons of flour to bind the composition and shape it. Form balls of the composition, with a wet hand, roll them in plenty of breadcrumbs, then fry them in an oil bath until golden. Serve hot, but also cold, they are just as good with yogurt and tomato sauce.

Cheese balls

Ever since I was younger, I have been looking forward to receiving an invitation to a wedding to eat cheese balls, which are not missing from any menu. Ha ha ha! So I decided to make my own cheese balls.

We need:
& # 8211 500g of bellows cheese
& # 8211 300g grated mozzarella
& # 8211 2 eggs
& # 8211 5-6 tablespoons flour
& # 8211 a baking powder

Mix everything with the mixer in a bowl, season to taste, if necessary (sometimes the bellows cheese is quite salty so I do not add salt). Separately heat the oil bath, the balls must float in oil, so they are best fried. From cheese paste, balls are made about the size of a cherry and NOT bigger, because it swells a lot when baked. They are fried, as I said, in oil ... but be very careful because they fry very quickly and must be removed in a few seconds, so it is best to prepare all the balls in advance and then just fry them, for that in no case do you get to shape balls between two rounds of frying.

I really liked them, they came out fluffy, with the middle empty, just like the ones at the wedding & # 8230 ha ha!

Cheese Potato Balls

The potatoes and cheese are grated on a grater, on the side with small meshes.

In a bowl mix the cheese and potatoes with the two whole eggs, salt and pepper to taste and if desired nutmeg. When we have homogenized everything, we start to add flour, little by little, until the dough starts to become thicker. Divide the composition in two.

part of the composition is lightly kneaded on the floured top and form a thin roll with a circumference of 3-4 cm. Using a knife, cut the potato roll from cm to cm, then shape each square between the palms, until it takes a round shape.

We do the same with the second part of the composition.
If we want the balls to be a little crispy, roll them in breadcrumbs.
Heat the oil well in a pan, then turn the heat to medium and add the balls. We do not cram them in the pan so that they can be easily turned over.

Frying takes 3-4 minutes, then place on paper towels to drain the oil.
Serve hot and cold.
They can successfully replace a garnish or can be served in combination with other appetizers.

Video: Potato Cheese Balls (January 2022).