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Facaluita lu ’Godina la slow cooker Crock-Pot 4.7 L Digital

Facaluita lu ’Godina la slow cooker Crock-Pot 4.7 L Digital

The piece of pork breast should be with mouse and layers of meat and fat. With a knife, shave the mouse to remove any residue after grinding the pork. Wash the meat well and dab it with paper towels to remove excess water. With a well-sharpened knife, cut the mouse horizontally and vertically, as well as the meat side. In a small, hot pan, place the coriander and mustard seeds. Put the pan on the small flame and leave it for 2 minutes, until it releases its flavors. Always shake the pan so that the grains do not burn and make sure that the mustard seeds jump like corn grains when you make the popcorn. Put the beans in a mortar, add the cleaned and sliced ​​garlic, salt, thyme, pepper. Grind all the ingredients well in the mortar, add the oil and the paprika, mix until you get a paste. With this paste, grease the meat well on the mouse side and between the notches, as well as on the meat side. Put the meat on a tray, cover with cling film and refrigerate until the next day.

Wash the beans in several waters, put them in a large bowl covered with plenty of water and leave until the next day. I left both the meat and the beans in the fridge for about 12-14 hours.

In the slow cooker bowl of the Crock-Pot 4.7 L I put the drained beans, which meanwhile swelled, over the beans I put the piece of meat with the mouse up, and over all the ingredients I poured hot water to pass over beans, and the meat should be covered, but not completely with water. I put the cover on, I connected the device to the power source, I set the device on the high function and the time is 4 hours.

After the time expired, I took out the piece of meat, taking care not to burn or break it, I placed it on a tray and let it cool and dry. I strained the beans, I stopped a good cup of water in which it boiled. I put the beans in the bowl of the food processor and sifted the beans until a fine puree formed. I thinned the puree with water off, I added salt and pepper to taste.

After the meat has cooled, I cut it into 3-4 cm thick slices. In a non-stick pan I put 1 tablespoon of olive oil, I put the slices of meat in the pan and let them brown on both sides. By frying, the meat fat melted a little more… in this fat and in the flavors left by the meat I fried a fish cut onion. I cleaned and cut the roasted capsicum into strips and added them over the hardened onion. I also poured the red wine and let everything boil until the wine has dropped, but not at all, to leave a sauce that I season with salt and pepper to taste. On a plate we put 3-4 tablespoons of bean puree, over we put wine sauce with onion and pepper, and next to it 2 pieces of meat. For the decoration, a little green garlic cut into strips and a few boiled beans. Pickles can be added to food with beans, if Godina likes it…

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