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Mother-in-law cake

Mother-in-law cake


Separate the egg whites from the yolks. Beat the egg whites with a pinch of salt until you get a hard foam, then add in turn the sugar, the yolks, the flour, the cocoa and the baking powder, mixing after each one.

Pour the composition into a tray with a diameter of 25 cm. and bake the top on the right heat, 30-35 minutes. Let it cool, then cut it to obtain two equal countertops.

Chocolate cream:

Follow the instructions on the package, mixing the cream powder with cold milk for 3-4 minutes.


Melt the sugar, then add water (carefully, so as not to burn us) and leave on low heat until all the caramel melts. Let it cool well and pour a vial of rum essence into the syrup.


On a plate we place the first sheet of countertop that we syrup, then we spread 2/3 of the chocolate cream. Over the layer of cream we place the second sheet of countertop, we syrup it too, then we cover the cake with the remaining cream, trying to level it as well as possible. We decorate according to preferences and imagination.

Let the cake cool for a few hours, then slice it and serve.

Thank you for the meal!



I miss words with whom I grew up.

I think I am part of that Romania which is in each of us and which, away from the country , we can no longer live it.

There is so much love and so much respect in these words! Immediately after "mother", immediately after "hunger", I learned to thank for the toil of the hands that put the plate with love before me.

Because a child grows up with love in a jar or cup, sometimes he spoons it with a spoon, sometimes he breaks it with his hand like a piece of fresh bread. But gratitude there must be someone missing he worked, harvested or marketed, cut onions or peeled potatoes, all with a good heart and health and the growth human baby.

I have never met these words abroad.

Some say, some do not, get up from the table as if it were not an act of self-sacrifice! And all the women whose food I have eaten pass before my eyes, my mother, grandmother, my aunt, my mother-in-law, they urged me and hummed me, waiting, somewhat, for my satisfaction.

None of them are still alive, but I can still smell the smell of larch soup or cabbage rolls. Foru that we are the children of those who they held our hand to hold other children by the hand. We are a link in a chain, we have been gifted and will continue to do so, in the aromas of pies and the sound of plates.

Here, far from the country, we call each other, mature women, a "Kiss your hand" when we offer ourselves something good, traditional. Even a banal eugenics has symbolic value, it has love, it reminds us of Romania and its timid words, round and full of holy light.

Words that we must all carry on, even for the fact that other nations can only say "thank you" or "thank you"!

"Mother-in-law with 3 daughters-in-law". Famous mothers who raise 3 young men

Sergiu and Elena Manciu have 3 boys, all passionate about music. Alexandru is already a rather appreciated artist in the local showbiz, Ionel is studying in London, and Adrian is studying at a high school in the Capital.

Olga Manciu

The young mother from the local showbiz gave her husband, the performer Alexandru Manciu, 3 boys. The two raise twins Matei and Damian together and little Vladimir. Olga adores the 3 boys and the most important thing for her is to see them happy.

Vera Melnic

Even though she prefers to stay out of the spotlight, the boys have made her famous. Vera Melnic is the mother of the talented Anatol, Dan and Alex Melnic. Until now, the TV presenter's mother has only one daughter-in-law, Tatiana, but the other two boys are going to bring her two more daughters in the family.

Marianna Petrenko

And the photographer Marianna Petrenko has 4 adorable children, 3 boys: Sebastian, Etienne and Stanley and a daughter, Naomie. Certainly, Marianna will be a modern, benevolent mother-in-law and will get along wonderfully with the 3 daughters-in-law.

Liliana Prado Cazac

Besides the fact that she is a perfect performer, Liliana Prado Cazac also has a special family, in which harmony and peace last. The artist and her husband, Olivier, raise 4 children together: 3 boys and a daughter.

Viorica Tataru

Director Viorica Tătaru is the mother of 3 sons. She involves her children in social spots, shows and film projects.

Nelea Jizdan

Nelea and Alexandru Jizdan have 3 sons together. They keep their children away from the eyes of the media, but on Valentine's Day, the politician posted a photo with all family members.

Corina Fusu

Former Minister of Education Corina Fusu and director Mihai Fusu have three boys together: Lucian, Theodor and Leonard.

Margareta Timofti

Former first lady of the Republic of Moldova, Margareta Timofti has 3 sons: Alexei, Nicu and Ștefan, who are men by nature. Alexei graduated from law school and opened a law firm in the United States, where he settled with his family. Nicu was working for a television in Moldova, but now he has retired from the screen, while Ștefan is passionate about football.

Anna Lucinschi

Anna and Chiril Lucinschi have 4 children together. A daughter, Alexandra and 3 sons, Peter, Egor and Paul.

Galina Dodon

The first lady of the Republic of Moldova raises 3 boys: Vlad, Nicolae and Bogdan. In an interview, Igor Dodon stated that family is the most important thing for every person.

Tips for mother-in-law

As the mother-in-law says, it's best. Don't fight her
Camelia Petre is 49 years old, is a receptionist and lives in Brasov.
& bdquoIn the beginning, my mother-in-law often gave me gifts to help me clean: slippers, antistatic cloths, solutions, mops & # 8230 she wanted to do things the way she knew she was right. So I accepted them without resistance, because they were simple things that made her feel good. & Ldquo

Relatives through the alliance are not your family. & bdquoSweeten your & ldquo opinions
Oana Marin from Roman, aged 32, is a housewife and is married to Sebastian.
& bdquoAbout four years ago my sister-in-law asked me for help to choose between two wedding dresses. I accepted and went with her and my mother-in-law to the store to try them on and tell her my opinion. I liked the first dress: ivory in color and with an elegant cut, style & lsquo20, but the second, white and without shoulders, was embroidered with red roses and I "threw" the first impression: "It's horrible, it's like you someone shot ».

They both made long faces, and my mother-in-law looked as if I had just poured a pot of boiled water over her head, so I tried to straighten it, but I ruined things even more: "Roses look like bloodstains." I realized that I had not been a diplomat at all, although it would have cost me nothing not to be so direct and to sweeten the criticism: I had completely forgotten that she had spent months looking for the perfect dress and that the two had been her favorites. My mother-in-law talked to me coldly for a long time, but my sister-in-law chose the first dress and looked splendid at the wedding. & Ldquo

Comments? Pretend you can't hear them
Catalina Iancu is a visual artist. She is 55 years old and lives in the Capital with her husband, Stefan.
& bdquoWhen I went to meet Stefan's mother, I wanted to impress her and I wore a lovely dress, copied from a model in magazines, but so as not to be too retro, I shortened it. I was delighted, but the first thing my mother-in-law said to me, looking at my feet for a long time, was, in a sour tone: "Well, your dress has at least enough material," alluding to the fact that it could be lengthened. I ignored the comment with clenched teeth, as I ignored many more after. At the wedding, he told me he looked like his 50-year-old sister & hellip

Don't waste porcelain on & hellip nora
Marilena Poiana is 55 years old, is a teacher in Iasi and has two children
& bdquoOn my daughter-in-law's first visit, I prepared food, made cakes and took out a tableware from a fine Meissen porcelain, inherited from my mother. My daughter-in-law did not feel at ease in my presence: she barely uttered a word and always shook her hands. She was so anxious that she lost the cup of coffee from the inherited service, which obviously became tender. The poor girl looks so devastated that what could I say? I offered him another cup and told him it was no problem. I tried to hide my irritation, but I'm not sure I succeeded. Since then, however, whenever he comes to visit us, he takes a regular cup, like everyone in the family. & Ldquo

Strange questions? It doesn't look too shocked
Aurelia Fedorca is 31 years old, she is from Arad, married to Dan.
& bdquoAt the beginning of our relationship, my mother-in-law cooked us a delicacy: roast deer. I had never eaten anything like it before. It had been marinated in wine for about ten hours, but I thought it tasted horrible, so I only managed to swallow one mouthful. For a long time after that, my mother-in-law kept asking me with a mysterious air, how I feel, if I have pain, and she keeps making sure that, if I have any problems, I can turn to her at any time & hellip

I was totally upset, I didn't know why he was behaving so strangely and what was with those questions until Dan clarified to me: my mother-in-law was sure that I was suffering from a serious digestive problem because otherwise it would have been impossible not to appreciate such wonder and kindly wanted to see if it could be helpful & hellip Fortunately everything is over now, only that every time we go to dinner at my in-laws, I always get the most french fries. & ldquo

Often, the sisters know best
Andreea Ferencz, from Cluj, is 35 years old and has a daughter. She was married to Paul for eight years.
The first time I met Paul's sister, Aurelia, I was telling her how I had just managed to get tickets to a theater show that was being played from the premiere with the house closed and how excited I was that the show would be a special gift. for his birthday. My sister-in-law snorted and told me that Paul couldn't stand theater, concerts. I contradicted her: yes, he was crazy about something like that. She: no way & hellip

I was sure he was doing it out of envy and I was a little annoyed because I had paid a lot of money on tickets and I didn't understand why he really wanted to ruin my joy. Much later after we got married, my husband confessed to me that when he told me he loved theater, he had lied to me so as not to spoil my joy and that his sister was right: he could not stand this kind of show, neither then nor now. Now, 12 years after that first date, my sister-in-law and I are best friends.

The golden rule in maintaining a decent relationship with in-laws: show them that you respect them, but otherwise, day like them and do like you. It does not suggest that you change their opinions about the world and life, it is a lost cause from the beginning.

The best understanding: the remote one
Oana Petrisor from Sibiu, is 35 years old and works in advertising.
& bdquoI have been married for 15 years and at first I agreed to live with my husband's parents. I didn't let my mother-in-law do anything, she was always watching me, everything I did was wrong, even the criticism and the way I took care of the child, even though she was the first and I didn't know much. It hurt a lot, but I decided to adapt: ​​I gave her presents on every occasion, for Christmas, Easter & hellip, only Valentine's Day was missing. I improved it, but it was still cold. So we moved to our house, now we see each other once every 2-3 months and the distance proved to be the perfect solution: my mother-in-law behaves excellently with me. & Ldquo

A little lie is good sometimes
Iulia Moina is a librarian in Bucharest, she is 34 years old and she is married to Alex.
& bdquoOne night we played several «Truth or challenge» on teams, where you had to answer the same as the one in your team, otherwise you would lose. One of the questions sounds a bit bad: "What was the most uncomfortable place where you made love?" Although it occurred to me to tell a lie, despite the fact that my mother-in-law was also there, I said, honestly: on the couch in Alex's living room. My mother-in-law suddenly bleached her face and froze in her chair as if a wasp had just stung her. Alex, cunningly, had told a lie about a crazy place I had never stepped on & hellip I have, however, a mother-in-law with modern concepts. She never mentioned that game and is now the best grandmother in the world. & Ldquo

Message for the mothers of boys, who became mothers-in-law with daughters-in-law!

It is known that in Romania, we like to generalize a lot, on any subject.

Some mothers raise their boys in a huge but selfish love, so when they get married no girl is too good for her boy.
From here is born a kind of rivalry between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. And I saw real wars between them, if the whole village knew them. May they take their eyes off each other. The daughter-in-law doesn't do anything right, the boy chooses between his wife and mother. And to ask a boy that is not fair. We are not talking about cases where the boys' mothers were exaggerated and only on their heads, & # 8216 giving them & # 8217 quarrels.
Beware of such a mother-in-law!

Throughout my life I have seen many sour mothers-in-law, but also so many daughters-in-law who from the beginning have no friendly openness at least to the woman who eventually held the boy in her womb and raised him a reliable man for his life grew as she knew best. Cousins ​​who do not respect their mother-in-law and put her in the corner with all kinds of ugly words. Bridesmaids beating their mothers-in-law, a great sin before God.

In other words, the truth is somewhere & # 8230 and mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law are of many kinds.

I saw mothers of boys who from the beginning turned out to be & # 8216acrituri & # 8217, in the sense that no matter how beautiful the daughter-in-law behaved with her, she still couldn't win her sympathy or ever enter them freely.
Then why not say there are as many families in which the mother-in-law did not intervene in the new family with anything but only with help and that only when she was asked. But mothers-in-law also find it difficult to win sympathy from their daughters-in-law, sometimes.

And I also think that there are happy cases, among which I am glad to count myself in which my mother-in-law was the bread of God, when in any circumstance she knew only to soothe with a good word, to caress with a piece of advice, and I loved and respected her as much as my own mother.
I think that when you want peace and harmony in the children's family, you will always find solutions to help them discreetly and ONLY when they ask for it.
I am the mother-in-law of a son-in-law and I have two wonderful daughters-in-law. I love them for how I love my children and I never got into their family. And I go on visits when I'm called, I haven't reached their door without ever letting them know, as I've seen some mothers do as a "surprise" for their children. They have no way of knowing what plans the children have and they are also upset when the children are not home or leave, they have work to do.

Change as a mother and mother-in-law the words in honey, the words in sweetness and the deeds with the wisdom of not imposing your point of view on them at all and there will always be harmony.
To always be by their side when needed and to advise only when they ask for it.

What category does your relationship with your mother-in-law belong to?
Much joy in the soul, peace and love in the house!


Scenario 1:

You ask them nicely: “Dear mother, I decided to eat a little less sweet in the evening, because the doctor told me it was good for my health. And it helps me be happier, more energetic and maybe who knows, I'll make you a nephew at some point. You make very good food, do you help me to keep this diet from the doctor with a little less oil and sugar in the food? ”

Result: Waw, you said to the doctor, it can be either good or bad. They don't talk to the doctor very much. You told them they were wonderful cooks, so your shares have already increased! If you mentioned your nephew, they forgot about sugar and oil, which is the only negative thing in the whole story. There is peace on earth and you didn't put your husband in the middle either. He may not even know what you're up to, because it's not such a big deal. It's like that between girls.

Scenario 2:

You go to both of them and say to them: “Mom, I found a super mega strong nutritionist who said that she has a wonderful diet for us and that it is easy to keep, she eats a lot and we don't get frustrated at all! Just do some simple blood tests beforehand, to see how things are with each of us. The more personalized the diet, the better. But it's not who knows what a complicated thing, it's done quickly and the fact that we keep it together will help us all, you'll see how easily we lose weight! ”

Result: Ecstasy that you thought of them too, to make them look good, what if they are 50-60 years old ?! And it's from the nutritionist !! Since when do they want to reach a doctor out of this who works wonders and weakens the unseen! It's easy to keep & # 8211 very good message, if it was something complicated, they certainly wouldn't bother. It 's a lot of food & # 8211 what he lost, if he did not believe them. Oh, some investigations need to be done, they don't like that, but well, they haven't done it for a long time anyway and for such an important reason & # 8230 passes them by.

Results for both scenarios:

A quiet and friendly husband, he has no idea what will happen next.

Calm and headless fathers, women have not been so serene and chatty for a long time.

Friends / allies, not enemies.

A wonderful strategy that in the long run will help you make really important changes.

Who is Jamila, the woman who amazed an entire country with her recipes on YouTube?

Most likely cooking enthusiasts have heard of Jamila and her immense interest in all kinds of dishes. Her passion for cooking gradually turned into a YouTube account, where she has numerous recipes posted, made like a book, thus becoming a source of inspiration for all housewives. At the moment, Jamila is among the most famous food bloggers in Romania.

Succeeding in conquering the internet with her recipes, Jamila was also invited to the TV show "Chefs with knives" to judge, a completely different position from the way she accustomed her followers.

The mother of two children, aged 33, married to a man of Moroccan origin, Jamila managed to gather no less than a million and a half followers on her YouTube account. The woman brings new recipe ideas every week that gather hundreds of likes and comments.

On her name from the Geanina Avram Staicu bulletin, Jamila lives in Bucharest, is passionate about the French language and graduated from the Faculty of International Relations. The name he chose is one with resonance and in addition it easily arouses the curiosity of those who hear it.

The passion between her and her husband was born on the faculty benches and since then they have formed a couple. A few years ago, more precisely in 2012, she started posting recipes on her social media accounts and thus became famous and loved by cooking enthusiasts.

Jamila admits that she did not expect such success

Although she confesses that she did not expect to catch the public and have all this success, Jamila reached 600 recipes and hundreds of thousands of people who follow her advice in the kitchen.

,,I thought I would make recipes for my mother, my cousin from Craiova and my mother-in-law from Morocco or my friends from high school or college. But strangers came, whom I did not know, and the views began to increase and people continued to ask me for recipes. Then I said - OK, we don't just make Moroccan recipes, because people don't just want Moroccan recipes. And we started to make Romanian recipes, international recipes, recipes in general"Jamila told TVR.

In addition, Jamila added that before uploading the recipes to her YouTube account, she tests them. From a bookstore in Morocco, the woman bought all the books related to the culinary chapter, more precisely about 20 books. Although she also uses the Internet, she calls and still sometimes calls her grandmother.

Jamila, the young woman who delights you with her delicious recipes on the internet

Who hasn't heard of JamilaCuisine? It is almost impossible that when you surf the internet, you will not see a page with the presentation of a Jamila recipe. And if you're passionate about cooking or just looking for a recipe to prepare something good, you're sure to find something to look forward to. Jamila, and her recipes narrowed her eyes and tightened her taste buds. Jamila is none other than Geanina Staicu-Avram, a 29-year-old girl.
But, let 's get to know our guest better:

1. Geanina, please introduce yourself, in order to get to know the readers of the site.

My name is Staicu-Avram Geanina, I am 29 years old and I am from Bucharest. For almost 5 years I have had a blog with video recipes, along with my husband, the one who deals with the technical part of the website and the recipes.

2. I admit, personally, I know you more from youtube, and many recipes prepared by you have reached my list, in the category: TO DO!

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. I'm glad I was able to inspire people to find my recipes.

3. Where does your passion for cooking come from and when did it start?

The passion for cooking comes from the family. In our house, it was found, and it is still found daily. My father looks very good, as does my mother, and her cousins ​​are already famous.

4. Do you have a baby? Were you the kind of girl who made cookies?

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. I used to cook with my brother when we didn't like the food he left us or left at home when they were at work. & bdquoG & # 259team & rdquo is a lot to say, either fry potatoes or boil spaghetti, which we mix with oil & # 537i and tomato paste put directly from the jar :). Besides, I used to hang out with my dad very often, especially on holidays. The holiday menu was open, we both had it, and my mother was in charge of the desserts.

5. Did you take recipes from your mother or grandmother? What is your soul recipe?

Yes, I took many recipes from my mother and grandmother. I have a baby in my womb, and the care of my grandmother is part of my soul. She makes the best chicken brine, the best soup, the best ostropel and the best homemade chicken. I had the chance to have her on my great-grandmother's street, a hardworking Oltenian and a soulful woman, who gave us a glass of jam. plums made us the best bean soup cooked in a clay pot, which he put in the mouth of the oven that baked the bread.

6. What do you prefer to eat the most: sweets, complex foods & hellip?

I like sweets and I like sweets, I think I prefer sweets. I usually like challenges and I find things that I haven't tried before.

7. When was the JamilaCuisine project born? Where does the name Jamila come from?

JamilaCuisine was born in 2012, shortly after one of my vacations in Morocco. My husband is Moroccan, and the idea came to me from my desire to make Moroccan food popular in Romania. I was so fascinated by spices and the taste of Moroccan food, I wanted the Romanians to discover them. The name & bdquoJamila & rdquo comes from my husband's family. One of his men could not pronounce my name, and he kept calling me "Jamila". When I had to give the blog a name, Jamila thought it was appropriate, considering that I wanted to present Moroccan food.

8. Where do you get your inspiration from, what is the source of your recipes?

From everywhere. From my family, from the kitchen and from my mother-in-law. I read a lot, I test the recipes, I adapt them to my taste.

9. Who can help you? Have you taken courses in this field?

The one who helps me the most and supports me the most is my husband. He is the one who believed in me and JamilaCuisine from the beginning, the one who came up with the idea of ​​video recipes. & Icircmpreun & # 259 we are the perfect team & # 259. I with the creative part, and he with the technical part.

10. What does it mean to Jamila? What does it mean? What does a movie day look like?

A re & # 539et & # 259 a la Jamila & icircnsemn & # 259 o mic & # 259 documentare pentru & icircnceput. Then I test the data, after which I make changes. The filming itself begins with a shopping session, then with the preparation of the ingredients and utensils we will use. My husband arranges the frame / lights / rooms. I take care of makeup, hairstyle, choosing clothes for filming. Filming itself takes at least 4-6 hours for the simplest re-enactment, then it takes another one or two days, depending on the case. When I'm filming, I spend an entire day on that recipe. From shopping to the final picture, it all takes about 12 hours. I don't forget the cleanliness, which I have to take care of after each rehearsal.

11. At what time do you shoot?

Now I film 2-3 times a week, I have filmed more often than not.

12. You took out a book & bdquoJamila Cuisine & rdquo, with the help of Curtea Veche Publishing. Where did the idea to get a book come from? You were already well known online. Did you want to have a print project?

The idea of ​​cooking came from my fans. They wanted it, I proposed it to Curtea Veche Publishing, and they believed in its potential, and it appeared on the market.
13. What kind of recipes do future readers find in this book?

& Icircn cookbook & bdquoJamilaCuisine- the most beloved recipes & rdquo there are 76 of the most viewed recipes on my Youtube channel & # 537i on the site. There are recipes for entrees, main courses and desserts.

14. How long did the head-to-tail project last? From the current stage to the final variant, finished?

The project lasted more than 6 months, because we had to re-photograph the older recipes. We weren't happy with the pictures we took at the beginning of the blog, because we had to re-shoot and re-photograph a good part of the recipes. from the book.

15. It is said that the main ingredient in making a recipe is & bdquodragostea & rdquo. & Icircl folose & # 537ti? How much?

Yes, I totally agree. It is seen when we put love in anything, especially in food. Anyone can take the re & # 539eta & # 537 and can find it better or worse, & icircns & # 259 f & # 259r & # 259 a part of our soul, as if something is missing, & # 537te something, & # 537i that & bdquoceva & rdquo is seen.

16. What makes you happy? The fact that you are very popular on youtube, the fact that you are awarded or that various people write, let me tell you what you are talking about. Did you get a review of yours and are they very relevant?

What makes me most happy is the interaction with the people who follow me. In addition to the hundreds and hundreds of messages I receive daily, I stop on the street to congratulate myself or to tell myself that they have tried the recipes. No matter how upset or bad it may have been that day, a smile and a thank you from a person who follows me is enough to make me happy. I realize that my work is not in vain and that every night lost is worth it.

Leon's son, Kamara's illness, caused by an error of the doctors who gave birth to him! Must be operated again / VIDEO

When you want to make a gift for your mother-in-law and you don't want to fail, you can opt for the purchase of a classic, dark-colored bag. Every woman likes to receive bags, so your mother-in-law will be delighted with this gift. Choose a black, roomy bag that is suitable for both walks or vacations, as well as for short visits or going to church. You have the chance to choose from dozens of models of modern, elegant and quality bags or handbags that will make your mother-in-law's life easier.

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Un set de produse cosmetice

Odată cu trecerea anilor, metabolismul devine mai lent, iar aspectul pielii se schimbă, indiferent de rutina de îngrijire. Din acest motiv, un cadou potrivit pentru soacră poate fi reprezentat de un set de produse cosmetice, special concepute pentru a întârzia apariția îmbătrânirii tenului, care să conțină colagen sau argan, ideale pentru riduri sau pete pigmentare. Aceste produse îți vor ajuta soacra să scape de pielea deshidratată, cauzată de o circulație sangvină deficitară, prin reducerea secrețiilor de sebum. Poți alege dintre numeroase creme și loțiuni destinate tenului matur sau poți opta pentru geluri de duș cu arome fructate, ideale pentru zilele călduroase de vară. Totodată, te poți îndrepta și către alegerea unor parfumuri, atâta timp cât cunoști preferințele soacrei tale, pentru a fi sigură că nu vei da greș.

Un abonament la o revista culinară sau de grădinărit

Dacă vrei să oferi soacrei tale un cadou util, care să o impresioneze, este recomandat să găsești ceva care să îi fie de folos și care să aibă o anumită semnificație. Astfel, un abonament la o revistă culinară sau de grădinărit poate reprezenta o opțiune ideală, dacă știi că îi place să încerce tot timpul rețete noi sau îi face plăcere să își îngrijească grădina, până în cele mai mici detalii. În plus, te poți îndrepta către alegerea unor cărți sau a unor reviste care să se potrivească cu interesele soacrei tale și care îi pot fi de folos în timpul liber, pentru a se relaxa și a învăța lucruri noi.

Un aparat vertical de călcat cu aburi

Având în vedere faptul că hainele pe care le purtăm trebuie să arate tot timpul impecabil, soacrei tale i-ar fi de folos un aparat vertical de călcat cu aburi, care să îi ușureze această sarcină care, de cele mai multe ori, poate părea o corvoadă. Cu ajutorul unui astfel de aparat de călcat vertical, chiar și cele mai delicate țesături pot fi reîmprospătate simplu și fără efort, fără să fie nevoie de o masă de călcat. Cu siguranță soacra ta va fi încântată de această achiziție, pe care o poate folosi ori de câte ori are nevoie de haine perfect călcate.

Ține cont de sugestiile noastre pentru a-i oferi soacrei tale cele mai utile cadouri, indiferent de ocazie. Chiar dacă optezi pentru un buchet de flori cu livrare la domiciliu sau un album foto, soacra ta va fi încântată de alegerea făcută și îți va fi recunoscătoare.

„Dragă mamă-soacră, acesta e motivul pentru care nu-mi voi lăsa copilul cu tine”

Fie că sunteți căsătoriți de 2-3 ani, fie că ați sărbătorit, deja, 10 ani de relație, va rămâne o continuă provocare menținerea unei relații frumoase cu părinții soțului. Și, mai ales cu mama lui – soacra ta. Nu este o regulă care spune că între tine și mama-soacră trebuie să fie conflicte, însă de cele mai multe ori există tensiuni, mai ales dacă locuiești în aceeași casă cu ea.

Sperăm ca teoriile enunțate mai jos, care explică motivul neînțelegerii dintre noră și mama-soacră, precum și sfaturile pe care le-am găsit, să te ajute să ai o relație mai bună cu mama partenerului tău. Dacă ești mamă de băiat, avem încrederea că vei evita, în viitor, să faci aceleași greșeli pe care soacra ta le face acum față de tine.

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