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Dessert blueberry jam

Dessert blueberry jam

The blueberries are cleaned of tails and leaves using household (surgical) gloves if we do not want to stain our hands.

Fill a large basin with water and put the blueberries in a strainer that sinks in the water in the basin 2-3 times. Repeat the operation 2 times then let the blueberries drain well.

Put sugar, water and lemon juice in a double-bottomed stainless steel pot. Put on high heat and stir continuously until all the sugar dissolves and be careful not to caramelize. Drop the sample on a plate. If it remains firm, it does not spread, it means that the syrup is well bound.

Add the blueberries and mix carefully or move the pot left and right to cover the fruit with syrup. Let it simmer until it starts to boil. When it foams, it moves away. After it starts to boil, reduce the heat and leave until the syrup starts to bind. The drop is tested on a plate. When the drop does not spread, turn off the heat and cover the pot with a well-moistened and squeezed kitchen towel and leave to cool completely.

Meanwhile, wash the jars and lids, sterilize and when the jam has cooled, fill the jars, cover, then store in the pantry.

Good appetite!

Traditional poppies with blueberry jam

Traditional blueberries with blueberry jam are a very tasty dessert, appreciated by all appetizers.

the minimum order is 30 RON

Traditional blueberries with blueberry jam

Traditional blueberries with blueberry jam represent a traditional and delicious dessert, prepared according to a classic recipe.

Using fresh ingredients, but also a touch of love, our chefs manage to turn this simple dish into an extraordinarily tasty one.

Ingredients for preparing traditional papanasi with blueberry jam

  • - flour
  • - eggs
  • - cow cheese
  • - sour cream
  • - blueberry jam
  • - oil
  • - vanilla essence
  • - salt
  • - old

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Sour cherry jam. Three simple recipes for a delicious dessert

Sour cherry jam. The potassium they contain contributes to providing an optimal amount of energy to the body, but also to burning fat. Therefore, these slightly sour fruits are especially recommended for people who want to lose extra pounds.

Below you can read three simple ways to prepare sour cherry jam.

Sour cherry jam. Recipe 1:


- 1 kilogram of pitted cherries

- 1 teaspoon lemon salt

- half a vanilla pod.

Sour cherry jam. Method of preparation:

Wash the cherries, then clean the stalks and seeds.

Take a bowl and place a row of cherries, a row of sugar and so on until the cherries are finished. The last layer in the bowl should be sugar. Then leave it like this for a few hours, until the sugar melts in the sour sour cherry syrup.

Then pour everything into a double-bottomed saucepan and bring to a boil over high heat until it starts to boil, then lower the heat and gather the foam formed on top. Then squeeze the lemon and add it, along with the lemon salt.

Because cherries do not have a scent, it is advisable to set aside half a cup of cherry syrup, over which vanilla pod will be added.

Then add the vanilla-flavored syrup and let it boil for about an hour and a half. Extinguish the fire and add the cinnamon stick. Leave the resulting composition until the next day, when it will be checked how bound the syrup is. Then, bring to the boil over a suitable heat and check how cohesive the composition is. After it is left to boil for an hour, soak a wooden spoon or spatula in the boiling syrup, then let the last 3-4 drops drain on a plate. If the fallen drops remain round like beads, then the syrup is quite coagulated. Remove the composition from the heat and leave to cool.

Sour cherry jam obtained is placed in jars, which close tightly with either a lid or a layer of cellophane and stored in the pantry.

Sour cherry jam. Recipe 2:


- 1 kilogram and a half pitted cherries

- 1 kilogram and 200 grams of sugar

- 1 teaspoon of lemon salt

Sour cherry jam. Method of preparation:

Choose healthy cherries, wash, remove the seeds, place the fruit in a suitable bowl and cover with sugar. The composition obtained is left for a few good hours, preferably overnight.

The next day, put the pan in which the cherries and sugar were put on the fire and mix gently until the sugar melts. Remove some of the syrup and let the rest of the composition boil, at the right heat, for an hour, during which time it is stirred continuously. After the cooking time has expired, remove the pot from the heat and leave to cool. After sour cherry jam cooled, the composition is added to the jars, which are kept in the pantry.

Sour cherry jam. Recipe 3:

Sour cherry jam. Method of preparation:

Wash the cherries, then break the stalks and remove the seeds and put them on a sieve to drain, then weigh them. Weigh the same amount of sugar. Put a row of cherries, part of the sugar in a special pan for the jams, then the cherries and the rest of the sugar. Shake the pan a little so that the fruit is well covered in sugar, then leave it to cool for a few hours, although it would be ideal to leave it overnight. The next day the cherries are boiled over low heat, then over high heat.

From time to time the pan was shaken. As the foam forms, pick up with the tip of a spoon and set aside. The jam must boil quickly so that the fruit does not change color. Towards the end, when the cherry jam starts to bubble, take a teaspoon of juice, put it in the cold, then try if it is quite bound. If it flows from the teaspoon like water, it is not bound. But if the jam juice is more coagulated, then the cherry jam is bound.

Allow to cool in the pan, covered with a wet towel. If the jam leaves more juice, put it on the fire until it drops again. Then check again, and allow to cool. At the end, the obtained cherry jam is put in clean and dry jars, which will be covered with cellophane and bound.

Cranberry jam - raw

A good part of my childhood holidays, but also later as an adult, I spent in Bucovina, at C & acircmpulung Moldovenesc (Suceava).
I close my eyes and visualize the "good house" where the distinguished guests were received, where the pillows and blankets, the dowry carpets were beautifully built, received daily and never arranged differently. Every morning they were shaken and put out the window to "breathe" or to see the neighbor that there was a more honorable housewife here. who knows? On a low table rested a basket of eggs & icircncondeiate & icircn wax point and we always try to check which of them was already "petrified" inside, and of course the child's play was broken by someone who, to his grandmother's despair, filled with heavy air & icircncaperea.
Here, in the summer days, guests would receive a cup of coffee, a glass of water from the well dug in the year of my birth, and a teaspoon of blueberry jam.
Now that Grandma is gone, I want the taste of blueberry jam to remain the standard for my son's childhood, and look, I found a healthy version, without sugar and without boiling.
Good luck with Aunt Viorica who takes care of me every year and sends me wild blueberries from the mountains. We can find any market here and here on the seafront of mountain blueberries, so it's worth a try!

Preparation time: 20 minutes plus the time that the fruit stays in the dehydrator

Necessary ingredients:

- 10 drops of basil oil

How come:

I put the blueberries in the dehydrator for 6-7 hours until they became gelatinous. They need to be checked because they will dry differently depending on how fresh they are, how ripe they were, and so on.
When they are ready, mix the honey with the spices mentioned above (as well as the quantities, they can vary depending on your preferences), keep it cold for a few days and place small jars for cold winters!
I hope you have!

Pork Musk With Cranberry Sauce

1. Crush the blueberries in the jam with a fork. Add the blueberry juice, mustard and cloves.

2. Place the pork muscle in a large tray. Pour the blueberry sauce mixture over the steak.

3. Cook at 135C for 6-8 hours, or until meat is tender. Take the steak out of the oven and keep it warm.

4. With a spoon, remove the fat from the pan. Pour 2 cups of liquid (add water to top up, if necessary) in a small saucepan. It boils. Mix cornstarch with cold water, to make a paste is gradually added to the sauce on the fire. Cook, stirring constantly, until thickened. Add salt to taste. Serve with steak.

You have to see it too.

While the cranberry jam is boiling

Boil over medium heat, stirring occasionally so as not to stick to the pan. While the cranberry jam is boiling, wash the jars in which you are going to store it well and then sterilize them in a preheated oven at 100 degrees for about 20 minutes. 1 kilogram of blueberries 450 grams of sugar.

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Another seasonal jam, it's a shame to miss the very good and interesting opportunity, especially for papanasi.

While the blueberry jam is boiling. Peel the blueberries, wash them and put a row of blueberries in a saucepan with the sugar and leave them to soak until the next day when 200 ml of water are added and boiled. The step-by-step cranberry jam recipe is extraordinarily fragrant and fragrant. Here you see it along with the other 3 duclets. The blueberries together with the sugar are put in a 4l pan.

How to prepare blueberry jam. Our readers have tried the recipe. Ingredients for blueberry jam. 1 teaspoon lemon juice 2 kg blueberries 1 kg sugar 200 ml water.

The simple recipe for a perfect blueberry jam. Well, I tested it like any jam and it didn't spread. So as not to set it on fire. It is the perfect jam for papanas but also ideal in the diet for the special properties of these berries.

It doesn't compare to any of the stores. Raspberry and assorted berries. Encouraged by the success of the fragrant and fragrant raspberry jam I made last week, I decided to stick to it. Optionally, a cinnamon stick or 4 cloves can be used for a special flavor.

Again I applied my favorite method with boiling in stages and for a while to keep as many vitamins as possible, the aroma and color of the blueberries and all this with a perfect texture. But you got me into ideas. Cranberry jam. Boil the lids of the jars in boiling water for a few minutes and leave them to dry on a clean towel.

Lia 4 years ago July 27, 2013 16 29. At the end, add the lemon juice and cook for another 3 to 4 minutes. Cranberry jam is perfect for papanas but also ideal in the diet for the special properties of these berries. If it still got a little cold outside, I took advantage of these days and started cooking jams.

You must try this blueberry jam recipe. Blueberry jam takes a little longer to prepare but the result is worth it. If you boil it too much, it will lose its many good things and its aroma. I tasted the blueberry jam left on the pot, I closed my eyes and saw myself in my grandparents' garden in Sibiu.

Cranberry jam recipe. Let it cool then put it in jars from the above quantity, about 3 jars of 300 gr come out. I bent over like a jar now cold being and it's not very tied as it seems in your picture maybe it made more sugar syrup more. Ingredients for blueberry jam.

Cranberry jam recipe. It is the ideal jam for breakfast donuts, donuts, etc.

We completely clean and wash the blackberries. Then we fix to the mincer a disk with holes with a diameter of 8 mm, then we put the blueberries through it.

The obtained mince is placed in a pot of known capacity, then boiled approx. 10 minutes, mixing with a wooden spoon used only for this purpose or with a heat-resistant plastic spoon.

Finally, sweeten with 200 g of honey / liter. It is not advisable to add more honey because it loses its characteristic sour taste, and, similar to jams made in the factory, too sweetened, it becomes sticky.

There are people who prepare this jam from whole grains, who put the ceramic pot in the oven, and heat it until it leaves the juice and crumbles.

The advantage of this jam is that it will be tastier, the disadvantage is that it must be baked longer than chopped, thus losing much of the flavor.

Homemade cranberry jam

Recipe for blueberry jam boiled in its own juice, without artificial preservatives or gelling agents, extraordinarily tasty and good-looking. It is easy to prepare, does not require complicated cooking techniques, and the final product will be a delight for everyday use.

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Berries are highly valued and consumed worldwide due to the beneficial effects on the body, but also the special taste. Blueberries are part of this category, and in summer they are found in markets, shops or in the mountains, where blueberry pickers sell them almost daily. In our country, the most cooked blueberry dish is delicious and well-known cranberry jam , not absent from the traditional papanas fried with cream.

The recipe below guarantees you a perfect blueberry jam, extremely tasty and only good to enjoy on cold winter days. The preparation of this sweetness is more similar to the preparation of the jam, in the sense that the blueberries are cooked in their own juice, without the addition of water. However, the blueberries will remain whole, and the appearance of sweetness will be attractive and appetizing.

Also the amount of sugar added for this cranberry jam recipe it is less than in the case of a jam boiled in sugar syrup. For extra flavor, add a little vanilla or cinnamon essence, depending on your preference. Moreover, the blueberries will bring a special flavor to the sweets, so if you have a trip to the mountains, do not hesitate to buy them from those who sell them on the side of the road.

Cranberry jam dessert - Recipes

I also lost my appetite after reading it at home. about 7 ingredients, but the most shocking was: 50% fruit

We all know the benefits of eating berries, and even in the short summer, the freezer does not have such a large volume. How do we proceed. How to preserve your favorite fruits and vegetables.

It's very simple, the answer & icircl you already know. We prepare a healthy jam, without gelfix. or as all those artificial preservatives are called, which are extremely unhealthy.

I'm not saying that sugar is very healthy, but a few jars of jam, absolutely delicious, don't even notice our body. Especially like our taste buds, they will be ecstatic.

It's a very simple recipe. Although the initial recipe has 1: 1, fruit / sugar, I dropped because I noticed that it does not make mold, with my version.

As you have already noticed in the pictures, it turned out very beautiful, tied, that's why it's a little trick, which I checked, right at this recipe.

- 2.5 kg of sugar, I used brown

Wash the blueberries very well, leave them in the water for 5 minutes, then strain them very well. If they stay in the water too long, they will leave some of their vitamins so healthy there.

I left them in the fridge overnight, with lemon juice and sugar. In the morning, they had already left enough juice. If you want, you can remove a part, it will be easier. because we won't have to boil too much. I didn't take it out.

I usually boil it until it drops, about an hour, sometimes an hour and a half. My mother-in-law, I was told that she read in a magazine that if you separate the quantity into 2 pans, it is done faster.

I did the same, I boiled the contents for about 30 minutes, then I separated them into 2 pans. I left it for about 40 minutes and stopped the fire.

Wash the jars well, I recommend using new lids, not old ones, which were opened with a knife or can opener.

Empty jars should sit on something stainless steel, a knife, a tray, whatever you want. then with the help of a polish, put the hot jam, and quickly close the lid. Use the napkin to hold the jar when you close it, otherwise you will burn very hard.

At first, the lids will be slightly bulging, but if they were tightly closed, the hood will retract, which means they will seal perfectly.

I was 2 years old, jam prepared like this.

It turned out delicious, it goes perfectly with pancakes, in the morning on bread, for desserts.