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Pizza with cheese and red pepper

Pizza with cheese and red pepper

From flour, yeast, water, salt and oil, knead a dough, which is then heated and left to rise for half an hour. Then make a larger loaf of dough, make a cross-shaped cut on it, sprinkle with flour and leaven again for half an hour. Preheat the oven to 220 ° C.

Knead once more and spread in a tray greased with a little oil and pull the edges slightly up on the walls of the tray. Grease with the tomato sauce in which I put organo and basil and then arrange the other ingredients in such a way as to have a decorative appearance. Put the mozzarella slices (cheese or cheese) on top and leave in the oven for 20-25 minutes. .


A salmon roll is perfect for any festive meal, but also for a family breakfast, a meeting with friends & # 8230 Simple and easy to prepare, this roll will be the center of attention for all those who love salmon.


400 g sliced ​​smoked salmon
250 g cottage cheese
125 g cream cheese
2 tablespoons sour cream
1/4 green bell pepper
1/4 red bell pepper
1/4 yellow bell pepper
1 knife tip hot pepper
8 g gelatin granules
3 tablespoons milk
1/2 dill connection
1/4 teaspoon grated lemon peel

Drain the cottage cheese in a sieve. We leave it like this for an hour. During this time we chop the peppers (if they are medium we will use half of each color).
Mix the cheese with the finely chopped dill and the diced peppers, adding at the same time salt, pepper, lemon peel and a spicy paprika powder.

Soak the gelatin in milk, then put it in a bain-marie just until it dissolves. Mix it with the cheese until the composition is homogenous. Let it cool for 30 minutes. Spread the salmon on a food foil, put the cheese and roll.

Let it cool for a few hours (minimum 3), then we can slice it. I didn't have time because my guests arrived faster, so the cheese is still a little soft and the roll was cut a little harder. In addition, if you stay in the fridge overnight, the aroma of lemon peel and spicy paprika will be the perfect flavors for this salmon roll.


I don't really like spinach, but I want to tell you that I really enjoyed this roll, which I made on the occasion CHRISTMAS 2010.

- 200g fresh or frozen spinach (I had frozen)
- 3 eggs
- 120g flour
- salt pepper
- 200g cream cheese
- 1/2 red bell pepper, large, diced
- 1 tablespoon olive oil
- salt pepper

Mix the spinach with the eggs, then add the flour, salt and pepper. Mix well then put it in a tray lined with baking paper (mine is about 37/24), at 190 degrees for 15 minutes.

After the time expires, carefully turn the dough over on a damp towel. Be careful not to break.

Roll with a towel and leave until completely cool.
After that we unpack with great care.

place the cream cheese that was previously mixed first with salt, then pepper with bell pepper and finally olive oil.

As APPETIZER CHECK, spinach roll can be made 1 day before an event.


your roll looks better than the site you were inspired by :)))))))
what do you do to make them look so beautiful?
how much

Daaa. Well, I think I know why. My tray I suspect was bigger, the dough is thinner for me. there, from the pictures, it can be seen that it is thicker and it was rolled differently.


Breakfast on Christmas Day can look like a gift! Let's start our day with a festive aperitif, good and beautifully arranged, let's make our loved ones happy from the first hour of the day!
Happy celebrations!

(for 3-4 people)

250 g cottage cheese
125 g cream cheese
1/4 green bell pepper
1/4 red bell pepper
1/4 yellow bell pepper
1 paprika powder
5 g gelatin granules
3 tablespoons milk
1 green onion for decoration

Drain the cottage cheese in a sieve. We leave it like this for an hour. During this time we chop the peppers (if they are medium we will use half of each color).
Mix the cheese with all the ingredients, except for the green onion leaves that we will keep for decoration and a few pepper cubes of each color.

We wrap a rectangular shape with food foil (8 * 12 cm). We put the pepper cubes on its bottom.

Soak the gelatin in milk, then put it in a bain-marie only until it dissolves. Mix it with the cheese until the composition is homogenous, then pour the cheese into the mold. Let it cool for at least 3 hours, then we can turn it over on a plate and decorate it with 2 green onion leaves tied like a bow.

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adry 7 years ago - 23 September 2010 16:23

Re: Peppers stuffed with cheese

They must be amazing !! I even bought capsicum today to make baked pepper salad !!
I'll fill some of them according to your recipe and then I'll tell you what came out!

Elena.M 7 years ago - 23 September 2010 22:04

Re: Peppers stuffed with cheese

Good evening! An interesting recipe, I honestly would like to try the recipe. I have almost everything I need except peppers. But tomorrow I will definitely do it and I will tell you Ioana what I think. I am very glad that you always surprise us with good recipes and not very expensive. Kiss you, Ioana.

gabi 7 years ago - 28 September 2010 23:49

Re: Peppers stuffed with cheese

Super cool recipe !! A delight came out, I'm sure I'll repeat it

mihaela 7 years ago - 7 October 2010 19:41

Re: Peppers stuffed with cheese

Americanca 7 years ago - 12 October 2010 04:48

Re: Peppers stuffed with cheese

What I really like about this site is the variety of recipes, the fact that they come from so many areas of the globe. They all look delicious and I can't wait to try the recipes too.

And the Mexicans have a recipe for peppers stuffed with cheese - chili relleno - but they are made into bread and fried. Radu Anton Roman also had such a recipe, and after his recipe I made it for the first time. A goodness!

irina 7 years ago - January 25, 2011 9:30 p.m.

Re: Peppers stuffed with cheese

they were very tasty, but the cheese composition was poured from them into the oven, if I don't bake them before and fill them and put them directly, is it better?
congratulations for the site, it is exceptional and creates addiction

Ioana 7 years ago - January 26, 2011 10:33

Re: Peppers stuffed with cheese

Well, they don't go very unripe, because in the 10 minutes under the grill they won't be able to soften and get that jam specific to baked peppers. but you can reduce the baking time a bit and then cut the slices as small as possible.

irina 6 years ago - 21 October 2011 15:46

Re: Peppers stuffed with cheese

Deea 5 years ago - 21 February 2013 19:48

Re: Peppers stuffed with cheese

As far as I know, it's a Serbian recipe, not to mention a Bulgarian one, it's very good, I've known the recipe for a few years, so it's worth a try.

Iulia Mihai 5 years ago - April 4, 2013 12:51 PM

Re: Peppers stuffed with cheese

Can't you make donuts stuffed with cheese like those with meat or sauce, respectively?

Stanescu Georgiana Iuliana 4 years ago - 21 July 2014 09:13

Re: Peppers stuffed with cheese

These are the best stuffed pepper recipes

what 20 hours ago - 5 August 2018 15:38

Re: Peppers stuffed with cheese

Hi, in the oven at what temperature should I leave them on the grill function? All 200 gr

Ioana an hour ago - 6 August 2018 10:17

Re: Peppers stuffed with cheese

you can leave them at 200C under the grill, but do not leave them unattended.

What 19 minutes ago - 6 August 2018 11:44

Re: Peppers stuffed with cheese

Do you recommend another temperature when I put them under the grill?

Ioana 6 minutes ago - 6 August 2018 11:57

Re: Peppers stuffed with cheese

no, it's good, don't put more.

you have two options: to heat the oven normally before 200C, you can leave the peppers at this temp. 5-10 minutes just to warm up a bit, and then turn on the grill and they will brown quickly. so do not put the peppers in the cold oven in this version. I would go for the electric oven on this option. when I posted the recipe I had a gas oven and the grill was on gas, with the flame on top.

or put the peppers in the cold oven, turn on the grill and it will take a little longer until they brown.

Red velvet cheesecake

famous red velvet cheesecake brownie.

I gave up the name & ldquobrownie & rdquo, but of course it also contains a little cocoa.

A spectacular blend of red velvet and abundant Philadelphia cheese flavored with vanilla.

For the cream cheese mixture:

& ndash quantities for a 20 x 20 cm tray & ndash

How come:

We need cream cheese and eggs at room temperature, so I recommend taking them out of the fridge about an hour before.

Melt the butter, put it in a bowl (1) and add sugar (2), vanilla, cocoa, salt, vinegar (3) and mix well

(Be careful not to put the spoon of cocoa on top too much because the dough will no longer turn red but a red-brown one.

Put a grated spoon if the cocoa you have is very dark in color).

Then add red dye, gradually (4), until we get a dark red color (it will lighten in color

and when you add eggs and flour, as well as when baking).

I put gel dye and added a little on top of a teaspoon.

Lightly beat the eggs and pour them over the above mixture and mix well (5), then add the flour and mix well again (6).

For the cream cheese mixture: over the cream cheese that we mix a little with a fork, add the sugar, salt and vanilla.

Mix well and add the yolk.

In the tray lightly greased with oil (or baking paper) we put 2/3 of the red composition,

then we add from place to place lumps of cream cheese and on top we put the rest of the red composition.

With the help of a knife blade, we make 8 in the composition.

Bake in a preheated oven at 180 C for 25-28 minutes.

Let it cool in the pan for 15-20 minutes, then portion it into 9 pieces.

* I think next time I will use 250 or even 300 g of cream cheese. It would have gone a little longer, which I recommend to you 🙂

* The original recipe had a lot more sugar, it seemed to me that it came out very well with the small amount, the one mentioned in the recipe.

Goat cheese terrine, red pepper and zucchini

1. Wrap the peppers in aluminum foil and put them in the oven at 220 * C for 45 minutes. Remove, leave to cool and peel. While the peppers are baking, cut the zucchini. slices (do not peel). Boil in salted water for 5 minutes.
2. Peeled peppers are cut into cubes. Sprinkle with olive oil and sprinkle with chopped basil.
3. Put the gelatin in cold water, then add the warm milk and mix until the gelatin is well dissolved. Crush the goat cheese with a fork, add the milk and gelatin, as well as 1 tablespoon of chopped thyme.
4. Line a rectangular shape, of Jena, with baking paper, letting it pass far over the edges. Put the zucchini slices on the bottom of the form and on the sides of the form, cover with 1/2 of the amount of red pepper, then a row of cheese, again red pepper, sprinkle pine seeds, cheese and, finally, zucchini slices. Cover with excess baking paper and keep cold in the refrigerator for 5 hours.
5. Remove the terrine from the mold and serve garnished with basil, red pepper slices and pine nuts.

Note: Zucchini can be replaced with eggplant, and goat cheese with sheep or cow cheese.

Small potatoes in cheese sauce

Boil the potatoes in salted water for a few minutes - the frozen ones should only be rinsed in hot water. it

Autumn vegetable tart

We prepare a tray with a size of 30/40 cm. or two smaller than 15/20 cm. We are preparing for the beginning

17 vegetarian lunch ideas so you never have to #SadDeskLunch again

There are a lot of reasons to try a vegetarian diet or at least incorporate more vegetables into your day.

In addition to the nutritional benefits of getting more whole foods on the plate, eating more herbal meals helps the environment and is usually less expensive. We are all for saving a dollar whenever possible.

We might preach to the choir here, but you really can't go wrong with more vegetables in your life.

So whether you're already a veg-hard-headed or just want to try Meat-Free Mondays, these vegetarian lunches assure you that you won't get into a routine of pasta and grilled cheese.

These recipes look so good that even your meat-obsessed friends will want a bite.

1. Mediterranean pasta salad with arugula and feta

Often relegated to the realm of boring potluck dishes, pasta salad may not be on the radar for an amazing lunch. But with a pleasant aroma and fresh ingredients, this Mediterranean version overshadows Aunt Doris' warm salad.

Arugula, cucumber, tomatoes and avocado add vegetable goodness, while sour feta and a lemon dressing complete the Mediterranean atmosphere.

Beat a tasty vegetable lunch with the recipe.

2. Hummus and final vegetable sandwich

Give me all the vegetables! If your regular lunch consists of a turkey or ham and cheese sandwich, this stacked sandwich is here to spice things up.

It has hummus, spinach, grated carrots, tomatoes, avo, onions and alfalfa cabbage (the most underrated sandwich topping). Trust us, you will not miss the delicacy meat

3. Healthy cauliflower rice for 10 minutes

If you want to add more vegetables to your diet, the search stops here. In this easy lunch mix, even rice is a vegetable!

A few quick pulses in the food processor turn the cauliflower head into rice-like pieces (or you can start with cauliflower rice bought from the store to make things even simpler).

Add lots of other vegetables, such as broccoli, peas and carrots, plus a few eggs for protein, then flavor them with ginger shrimp ginger and soy sauce. Voila! Vegetable lunch in 10 minutes.

4. Crispy chickpea salad

Do we know what you're thinking - a salad? How original. But this is something other than boring and will keep you full until dinner.

Here's how to do it: massage some kale (strange, but SO key), toss in some fried chickpeas and cooked quinoa and add avocado slices and a hard boiled egg.

Sprinkle on a lemon-tahini dressing and you're ready to dig.

5. Pizza with flat rainbow veggie bread

This vegetable pizza gets a convenient boost with the help of flat naan bread, eliminating the long time of growth, stretching and baking that you would normally spend on the crust. (Choose Whole Wheat Naan for extra fiber!)

Not only is this lunch quick, it is very colorful, with layered vegetables in the order of "Roy G. Biv" for a pretty rainbow presentation. Get ready for oohs and aahs from officers.

6. Sweet potato burritos and black beans with chipotle sauce

We would never tear a Chipotle burrito, but parts of the chain may get a little out of control. Psst. you can actually DIY a burrito that rivals whatever Chipotle has to offer (and includes real chipotle chiles).

These hearty burritos are packed with sweet potatoes, black beans, cheese and a fire sauce. Bring the spice level up or down by playing with the amounts of chipotle and jalapeño. (And make sure you keep some mint handy if you eat it at work.)

7. Crispy Asian tofu salad

You will love this Asian style salad. A sweet spicy dressing made with sriracha, maple essence syrup, lemon juice and olive oil gives the salad a sour aroma.

Meanwhile, basic vegetables include some that you probably forget to use (but totally love), such as bean sprouts and radishes.

8. Lighted cheddar broccoli soup

Lunch soup can be much tastier (and healthier) than the kind you take out of a box.

A bowl of this broccoli cheddar soup is stuffed with broccoli, carrots and even cauliflower, plus lots of sharp cheddar. However, leaving milk and cream, the recipe keeps things easier.

Make a whole pot and let it prepare you for delicious homemade lunches all week.

9. Bowl of cereal with tzatziki vegetables

Cereal bowls are in vogue nowadays and there is a reason: they are the perfect lunch. Many vegetables have full, healthy carbohydrates and usually a kind of tasty dressing.

This tzatziki bowl is no exception and has a super Mediterranean feel, with peppers, pumpkin, chickpeas and cauliflower mixed in quinoa.

10. Spring rolls of vegetables with peanut sauce

Making spring buns might seem intimidating - will you accidentally break them and end up with a collapsed lunch? - but it takes a little practice to wrap quality rolls at the restaurant.

Leave your perfectionism behind and enjoy the fun of wrapping transparent rice paper wrappers around carrots, cabbage, peppers and fresh herbs. And don't skip the peanut sauce!

11. Burgers with portobello mushrooms

Funny fact: Mushrooms are the only good source of vitamin D plants - the nutrient that increases bone health, reduces inflammation and supports the immune system.

Add to your daily dose with these tasty herbal burgers, which also contain ample protein and fiber from black beans.

This recipe makes six burgers. If you don't call them all right away, put some in the freezer to cook another time.

12. Baking very veggie lentils

Lentils are a kind of rock star when it comes to filling vegetarian meals. These legumes are packed with fiber, protein and iron, which translates into a satisfactory meal.

Add them to your lunch routine with this casserole stuffed with leeks, peppers, mushrooms, zucchini and cheddar cheese.

13. Korean grill tempeh wrap

Did you hit a crash at noon? Bring some novelty (delicious) to lunch with these Korean barbecue tempeh wraps.

Wash your sturdy soy protein in a Korean-style sauce, then wrap it with kimchi and vegetables in a whole wheat tortilla. Wrap it for lunch and you will get all the spicy and satisfying flavors of Korean food without leaving the office.

14. Buckwheat and beet salad

You make quinoa all the time, so why not give a buckwheat once? It is so hearty and full and tastes amazing when paired with cabbage, beets, carrots and broccoli. The combo is so colorful that you will want to instill it.

15. Slightly ripe vegetable quesadillas

Quesadillas are a wonderful vegetable hunt. With the gooey cheese holding them together, there are almost no vegetables that can't feel comfortable in their melting margins.

These Mexican-style quesadillas have black beans, red bell peppers, red onions, corn and a mixture of spices south of the border, but feel free to mix them with ingredients to personalize them!

16. Fried avocado and bean pita

If you love avo toast in the morning (who doesn't ?!), you will definitely be a fan of this lunch sandwich that is almost as easy to make.

Here's how: Mash avocado, spread the good stuff on a piece of pita bread, then add them with red beans and a vegan cream doll. If you are good with dairy products, Greek yogurt also works.

17. Hash of summer vegetable pan

At the table with a single dish is full of nutrients and full of summer vegetables? Sign us up! This pan hash has fresh garden tomatoes, pumpkin, bell pepper and corn (among other ingredients) covered with cracked eggs.

Hash keeps surprisingly well in the refrigerator, so it works both for work from home and for working days in person.

Pepper Appetizer Filled with Cheese

Sometimes a Pepper Appetizer Filled with Cheese it is welcome in the moments when guests are announced to us at the last moment. It is easy to prepare and Fluffy Cheese with Mushrooms - Delaco is perfect for peppers.

Ingredients Pepper Appetizer Filled with Cheese:

2–3 capsicums or fats
140 g Fluffy Cheese with Mushrooms
150 g smoked or natural cheese
50 g butter at room temperature
½ half diced donut
finely chopped green parsley
salt, pepper to taste, garlic powder (or 1 clove grated garlic)

Preparation of Pepper Stuffed Appetizer with Cheese:

Cut the washed peppers near the stalk and remove the stalk with seeds, taking care not to break the pepper.
Grate the cheese, add the fluffy cheese, butter, diced donut, greens and season with salt, pepper to taste and garlic powder or 1 clove grated garlic.

Stir and the prepared peppers are filled with this composition. They are put in the cold, ideally they should be kept for at least 1 hour, but they can be put on the table immediately.
When serving this Appetizer with Pepper Stuffed with Cheese, cut it into rounds and place it on a plate or on a plate on the greens (lettuce cut into strips, on arugula,…).

Good appetite !
[amd-yrecipe-recipe: 46]

This appetizer with peppers can also be prepared with fresh cottage cheese or even with less salted Telemea cheese. It is prepared quickly and is always at hand, regardless of the season we are in, whether it is winter or summer. We always find peppers even if they are not as tasty as those in the garden, and we always find fresh cheese at the market.

Video: Healthy Bell Pepper Pizza. Clean Pizza Dinner Recipe (January 2022).