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"Honey" from acacia flowers

It is made in the same way as dandelion honey.

Choose flowers from somewhat unpolluted places, ie from the country. Wash them well in some water, then boil the water. When it boils, add the flowers. Boil for 2 hours, over medium heat until the liquid drops considerably. squeeze the flowers in a strainer, pressing well, so that all the juice comes out of the flowers. Put the resulting syrup on the fire again, add the sugar and lemon juice, mix well and boil again for about 2-3 hours, until you see that the liquid is bound and the amount is reduced to almost half. However, honey thickens after it cools. Put in clean jars and put in the pantry.

Do not throw away the flowers squeezed by the juice. Put them in a large jar and add the honey made over them.

The result will be a delicious acacia flower jam.

Refreshing drink from acacia flowers from Natalia Matiescu

On hot spring days, do you want to cool off with a fresh drink? Natalia Matiescu suggests you make it at home, with acacia and lemon flowers. It's a simple recipe that conquers you from the first sip.

"At 8 liters of good cold drinking water, put 40-80 wild acacia flowers picked from a clean place, without stalks. 800 gr of acacia honey (maybe polyflora or whatever you have) plus juice from 2-3 lemons (this time I put lemon slices). Put in a jar and cover with a saucer. Leave it on the balcony or in the garden and mix 2-3 times a day with a wooden spoon. On the third day, taste, it should be sweet and slightly acidic. But if you don't bite your tongue, leave it for another day or two! Then transfer the drink into bottles and refrigerate. Be careful to let the air out from time to time, so as not to wake up with surprises. Fermentation continues in the refrigerator, but slower ", writes Natalia on her Facebook page.

Acacia flower wine & # 8211 2 RECIPES for anemia, digestive problems, joint pain, lung disease

Acacia flowers have been used for a very long time for various medicinal purposes. To enjoy their therapeutic properties, there are different methods of preparing natural remedies from acacia flowers, such as: tea, tincture, syrup or wine.

We have prepared for you 2 recipes for medicinal wine from acacia flowers, which you can prepare and administer if you face various health problems.

Here are the conditions in which acacia flower wine acts as a medicine:

  • Asthma
  • Bronchitis
  • Laryngitis
  • Pharyngitis
  • Pneumonia
  • cramps
  • Constipation
  • Indigestion
  • Headache
  • migraines
  • Insomnia
  • Outbursts of anger
  • Mental irritability
  • Nervous exhaustion
  • Depression
  • Memory disorders
  • Joint pain
  • Anemia

The first recipe

For the preparation of medicinal acacia wine, dried and crushed flowers are used. They are soaked in a bottle together with the wine. Leave for 10 days, shaking the bottle 2-3 times a day. After this interval, strain the wine and leave it to decant for another week. Strain the clear part again and fill it with wine, up to one liter. Acacia wine is stored in small bottles for 1 year.

Take 2 tablespoons of wine twice a day after meals.

The time of administration differs depending on the stage of the disease:

For acute illness & # 8211 is administered for one week. The treatment can be resumed for 3 months (one week per month).

For chronic conditions, the cure lasts 30 days.

This preparation is not recommended for people suffering from gastric, liver, driver, or alcohol intolerance disorders.

The second recipe & # 8211 indicated for anemic people

Put the wine in a pot on the fire and let it boil without boiling. Turn off the heat and add the acacia flowers, mix, and then transfer the contents with flowers to glass containers, tightly closed. Leave to soak for 2 days, then strain the flowers.

Acacia syrup with lemon & # 8211 flower syrup recipe

Acacia syrup with lemon & ndash flower syrup recipe of any kind: shock, dandelion, roses, lilac, wisteria, jasmine, poppy & hellip How much flowers, water and sugar is used, how long does the syrup boil?

Written recipe and step by step video.

I also recommend the sherbet recipe as it used to be - you see here .

And jam and jam are made from any kind of fruit, from some flowers or vegetables. See here my recipes for jam, marmalade, jam, jam. I have everything: melon jam, strawberries, tomatoes, hot peppers, bats, roses, nuts, plums, quinces, cherries or cherries etc & hellip

Composition and nutritional values

Solaris acacia honey contains 100% acacia honey.

The average nutritional values ​​of willow & acircm honey indicate the following values ​​per 100 g of product:

  • Carbohydrates & ndash 82.26% (of which sugars: 82.06%)
  • Protein & ndash 0.38%
  • Fats & ndash 0
  • Sare & ndash 0
  • Energy value & ndash 330.1 kilocalories

Honey is, as you probably already know, a rich source of carbohydrates, especially simple, easily assimilable sugars such as fructose (about 40%) and glucose (about 36%) and with a minimum sucrose content (0.9). %). Although it has a medium to high glycemic index, honey is one of the healthiest natural sweeteners, due to its low sucrose content and other micronutrients that it contains in its composition, such as:

  • vitamins & ndash vitamin C and B vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9)
  • minerals & ndash potassium, calcium, manganese, iron, zinc, selenium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus
  • enzymes & ndash amylase, invertase, glucose oxidase, catalase
  • amino acids (found mainly in honey pollen sediment)
  • antioxidants (& icircn especially flavonoids and phenolic acids)

The trace elements, as well as the active substances contained in honey, recommend honey as a sweetener with a much higher quality than sugar, on which you can integrate in moderate doses, in a healthy diet.

Acacia flower salad

The queen of spring salads, for the inhabitants of the plains and of summer for those of the mountains, is the acacia flower salad. The combination of tastes tried by is perfect.


  • 5 branches with acacia flowers
  • 2 bunches of cherry tomatoes
  • a small bunch of parsley
  • a leurda tie
  • salt, oil (optional, to taste)


Choose large, well-developed, sweet acacia flowers. Cherry tomatoes should also be well ripened, and parsley fresh.

Acacia flowers are shaken from impurities, passed through a strong stream of water in a strainer and allowed to drain. The cherry tomatoes are cut into larger pieces, mixed with the broken acacia flowers on the branches, then add plenty of chopped parsley and leurda. It can be enriched with a little oil and a pinch of salt, but it is special without these additives. It is consumed fresh, at room temperature, chewed slowly to enjoy the aroma of each ingredient.

For meat eaters, this salad completes the menu well.

Acacia flower jam

Acacia flower jam is a delicacy of the spring season. It has a color, aroma and texture similar to bee honey, because bees are also attracted to acacia jam. I discovered this edible amber as a child, at a friend of my grandmother's. Aunt Neli treats us at every visit with the most special jams, served in small crystal bowls, while on a ceramic tray painted with dark blue floral motifs, drops of condensed water dripped from a full glass carafe. with ice-cold water.


Aunt Neli hasn't been with us in a long time. For her, however, I tasted for the first time both acacia flower jam and green walnut jam or rose jam. She was originally from Quadrilater and her childhood memories, which she told with great charm, seemed more fascinating to me than the immortal stories. They probably were.

When I first tried to make acacia jam, I was referring to that moment fixed in my emotional memory decades ago. I thought of Tanti Neli's fragrant gold-filled chisel. I think I got the taste right, but without her stories the sweetness doesn't seem golden to me anymore.

Cooked from white acacia flowers

What is spring? This is a rebirth of nature, the flowering of everything and everyone, a revolt of colors, amazing smells associated with youth, renewal, hope. And spring is acacia.

Who said that & bdquoples of white acacia irreversible perfume, like my youth & rdquo? Just as refundable! You can feel the wonderful spring aroma of these wonderful May flowers at any time of the year - you just have to make the right wine from them!
The theme of floral wines is very interesting and versatile.

I already started it in an article about dandelion wine - a drink sung by Bradbury, later we will definitely introduce readers and other similar wines - from black dandelion flowers, coltfoot, jasmine.

But today we will talk about another drink, no less original, but quite common - we will analyze two recipes for acacia wine, one is simpler, with fixation, and the other is more complicated - according to technology. Strictly speaking, white acacia it's not something.

Botanists call this beautiful fir tree "false salacia robinia", but it is the one that is used to prepare acacia wines, such a paradox. By the way, did you know that robinia belongs to the legume family? You know - it is a relative of peas, soybeans and lentils and therefore produces the case with small seeds in the fall.

But these beans are by no means magical and you can not blow them up - you can only eat flowers from all parts of the acacia, let the leaves feed rabbits and it is better not to touch the bark - it is poisonous. They collect the color of acacia in May, when the flowers are already in full bloom, but still unpleasant. The best time of day to collect is in the morning, before the flowers open under the influence of the sun, you can choose them after the rain. To make wine we only need petals, without peduncles - they contain all the nectar.

Classic wine recipe with acacia

Flowers are far from the ideal raw materials for wine, so if you want, you do not want, but you will need to use a variety of additives. First of all, it is the lemon juice, which will give the drink the desired acidity and will ennoble its taste - without lemons, putrefactive processes can develop.

To increase the level of tannin, black tea is added to the wine - this way it will be better preserved and will have a noble tart taste. Of course, instead of lemon and tea, it is better to use tartaric acid and tannin powder, if you have them, but we will try to do with the usual ingredients & bdquobunica & rdquo.

acacia petals - well-filled 10-liter lemons - 6 pieces of oranges - 3 large sugars - 3.5 + 0.7 + 0.7 kg-flavorless black tea - 3-4 teaspoons of wine yeast to 17 liters of must or dressing (preferably) - water - about 15 liters.

The ratio given by lemons and oranges is considered optimal, so that the acacia completely reveals its aroma, but is not lost in citrus. Sometimes the juice of these fruits is added to the must, but it can easily block a bouquet of flowers. To begin with, the acacia petals must be separated from the leaves and the receptacle and carefully sorted, removing rotten or moldy parts.

Before that, the flowers are not washed, otherwise some of the nectar will be lost, which serves as the main ingredient for the wine. With a citrus, cut the peel together with a bitter white crust, cut the meat into small pieces and send it to a container. Drink all the tea in a liter of boiling water, let it brew.

Put all the above ingredients in a suitable container, pour the tea there without tea leaves and pour ten liters of hot (50-60 degrees), not clean boiled water. Cover the container and send to insist in a dark and warm place for three days. Drain and strain the infusion prepared from the broth, squeeze the remaining cake through gauze.

To ferment the yeast in a separate container - any suitable for white, berry or universal wines, such as multiflora. While the yeast is fermenting, dissolve 3.5 kg of sugar in the must. Combine ingredients, pour into a 20-liter bottle. Add clean water to ¾ volume and place it under a water liner.

3 weeks after the start of active fermentation, send the first portion of added sugar to the must, mix well and leave it under the padlock. The rapid fermentation phase can take quite a long time, up to 2 months, because acacia petals are a high-protein product and can be difficult for yeast to process. For the same reason, it is highly recommended to use top dressing for yeast.

When the wine has ignited and stopped collapsing, it is for the first time to drain it from the sediment using a tube. Try the drink to taste - if there is not enough sweetness in it, add another 0.7 kg of sugar. Pour the wine into a smaller container - so that the liquid occupies 90-95% of the volume, install a water seal and transfer to a cool dark place. Secondary fermentation lasts about 5 months.

At this time, the wine must be removed at least 3-4 times from the yeast sediment, otherwise it will be bitter. When the drink has become completely light and the precipitate does not fall - it can be bottled.Finally, a bouquet of wine from acacia flowers will open only after six months or a year of storage in a cool place. But the amazing taste and aroma of this wonderful drink, formed after a long exposure, deserves your patience!

Fortified acacia wine

A much simpler recipe for technology & bdquoroșie & rdquo, which will give us a fairly strong drink, sweet and perfectly preserved, with a predominant taste and aroma of acacia. Acacia flowers - 2.5 liters of water - 7-8 liters of sugar - 2.5 kg + to taste - 8 teaspoons of citric acid or juice of eight lemon-yeast to 10 liters of must or vodka fermented with raisins - 1 liter.

In many acacia wine photo recipes from the category & bdquoO, girls, cooked so delicious. & rdquo, the hosts add a few raisins to the must and wait, from which, most of the time, the wine becomes sour, without starting the fermentation.

We recommend that you make the right yeast from raisins immediately and even better - buy wine yeast, they will ferment faster and without excess, the process will be less dependent on temperature and other factors, which will save you time and nerves.

Acacia semi-finished wine - the recipe requires further clarification: the acacia flowers should be divided into two portions - we will need 2 liters for wine and another 0.5 liters for tinctures, which we will fix later. To the first portion you need to add lemon or acid and pour hot water, but not boiling.

You can do this directly in the container where the fermentation will take place. Pour the second part of the petals with vodka or diluted alcohol, tightly, send in a warm, dark place and do not touch until the wine is ready. After three days add sugar to the must and pre-fermented yeast or cooked yeast.

We wait until the fermentation begins - the bubbles go, a sour smell appears - and we put a blockage of water on the container. When the active fermentation process is completed, the wine must be drained, the remaining petals must be squeezed well. Take the tincture from zagashnik and add to the wine at a rate of 100 ml per liter of drink.

Sweeten to taste - according to the recipe, this acacia wine is closer to dessert, alcohol will not allow the must to ferment again, so make at least liqueur. Send the drink for a month or two in a cellar or other cool place.

In case of precipitation, it is mandatory to decant the wine until it becomes completely light - with fortified wines this happens faster than in the case of ordinary wines. Pour the finished drink into bottles and let it sit for at least six months before tasting. Both recipes for acacia wine will give all the correct points As a result, an excellent drink - with a bright and rich taste, wonderful floral aroma & bdquode spring & rdquo. It will surely satisfy you with a gloomy autumn and a frozen winter, it will warm you and calm you, it will give you confidence and strength to wait for the next fun and brightest more!

Come and flowers or How to surprise a woman

What does a woman want? How to surprise her and make her happy? Much has been said and written about this subject.

For centuries, men have considered this problem, and on the eve of every holiday they are at a loss: what to give to his wife, mother, colleague, boss? Is there a universal gift that suits both a loved one and a little friend? Try to combine two well-known simple components: a noble wine and an elegant floral decoration, present them in a suitable situation and you will see how the bright eyes will shine with surprise.

Man, as scientists and psychologists say, is the most amazing creature on the planet.

Only he, of all living things, can experience endlessly a whole range of emotions - love, joy, sadness, admiration and, perhaps, the most interesting - this is the ability to be surprised.

Who does this with a spark in his eye, with ease and a real sense of joy? Of course, a woman! Every day, thousands of men around the world think about how and how to surprise and please a lady.

So what can a real man offer a real lady today? There are many options: from nice little things to luxury cars. But if the time for choosing a gift is short and the result should be excellent? In this case, two proven methods can help you - wine and flowers.

But not in the classic sense - a bouquet and a bottle of alcohol. We are talking about an unusual and vibrant composition - a set of gifts. A high-quality, specially designed alcohol will tell a woman about your attitude.

By the way, this is a universal gift - it can be used for your loved one, relative, colleague, serious business partner. In any case, they will not misunderstand you.

In search of such a gift, you can go to an online store that sells alcohol.

Take a look at the playful champagne, decorated with live rose petals and a wonderful hat on top. Curved shapes and a vibrant red color will express your feelings better than any word. Flirty and laid-back - is best for meeting and starting a relationship.

A good wine in combination with flowers has an amazing power - it releases, helps to find a common language, establishes a pleasant communication, delights the feelings.

If you are planning to celebrate a family event together, give your lady a festively decorated brandy with two glasses.

The ceremonial packaging is surrounded by chrysanthemums, decorative greens and bright yellow caps - these will emphasize the importance of your date.

If you were lucky enough to meet a businesswoman and you want to work productively with her, a gift box (box) from Martini Asti will help you.

This noble sparkling wine, with the taste of fresh grapes, in a basket of exotic fruits, will complete the successful transaction or signing a contract. A strict bottle with ornithogalum bends speaks to the business purpose of this wine.

Even the most demanding woman will be surprised and will appreciate your delicate taste.

We offer acacia honey from the 2020 harvest.

Acacia honey is one of the most known and appreciated types of bee honey.

Acacia honey is easily recognizable due to its color (almost colorless, light golden yellow), taste (sweet, specific) and unmistakable consistency (uniform, fluid or viscous).

Acacia honey is assimilated very easily and provides the body energy, bioactive and nutritious substances.

The fructose content is 41.7% higher in acacia honey compared to other types of honey.

Having the highest fructose content is the apron with the highest sweetening capacity. Also, also due to this fact, acacia honey is the only natural honey in Romania that does not crystallize (in fact it can partially crystallize in about two years).

You can also find out about the secrets of honey and information about the benefits of raw honey offered by FagureleCuMiere from the following articles:

To remember!
Because bee products are obtained from bees from natural sources, they are not standardized in terms of organoleptic properties, the color, taste, smell or appearance may vary from one batch to another, without influencing the benefits and efficiency of the products.

Bee products are recommended for children over 12 months.
Observe the storage conditions mentioned on the labels of bee products.
Do not exceed the recommended dose for daily consumption or, if not mentioned, do not consume in excess.
The information presented is of an informative nature and cannot replace the consultation, advice or prescriptions of specialist doctors.

Refreshing drink from acacia flowers from Natalia Matiescu

On hot spring days, do you want to cool off with a fresh drink? Natalia Matiescu suggests you make it at home, with acacia and lemon flowers. It's a simple recipe that conquers you from the first sip.

"At 8 liters of good cold drinking water, put 40-80 wild acacia flowers picked from a clean place, without stalks. 800 gr of acacia honey (maybe polyflora or whatever you have) plus juice from 2-3 lemons (this time I put lemon slices). Put in a jar and cover with a saucer. Leave it on the balcony or in the garden and mix 2-3 times a day with a wooden spoon. On the third day, taste, it should be sweet and slightly acidic. But if you don't bite your tongue, leave it for another day or two! Then transfer the drink into bottles and refrigerate. Be careful to let the air out from time to time, so as not to wake up with surprises. Fermentation continues in the refrigerator, but slower ", writes Natalia on her Facebook page.

Video: Real v. Fake Honey - How can you tell the difference? (December 2021).