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Sandwiches with cream cheese and outlaw fillet muscles

Sandwiches with cream cheese and outlaw fillet muscles

Servings: 1

Preparation time: less than 15 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Sandwich with cream cheese and outlaw fillet muscles:

Cut the foccacia bun in half, grease each side with cream cheese, place the outlaw muscle and sliced ​​pickles on top. Place them on top of each other and eat with gusto.

Cream cheese sandwiches and outlaw fillet muscles - Recipes

Out of the desire to avoid as many E's as we are assaulted with, we tried to make home made file muscle. Obviously it doesn't have the taste and texture of the one on the market, but it is just as true that 2 slices are more than enough to saturate us. You can feel the difference between a thick, dense muscle and the one injected with water that we find at the store.

N e c e s a r e:
a piece of smoked pork tenderloin
ienibahar boabe
Bay leaves
salt, optional.

P r e p a r a r e:
I put the spices "ochimetric", as I appreciated the size of the muscle, so I did not give quantities. Salt is optional, because usually smoked meat is also salty, and in this case, do not add more, just wash the meat a little with warm water. Next, I boiled the meat together with the paprika, allspice seeds and bay leaves. I let it boil for an hour on low heat.

When it was ready, I took the muscle out of the water and kept it for a few hours, until it cooled, with a weight on top. I sliced ​​it and served it as an appetizer, with vegetables, or in sandwiches.

200 g noodle dough, lard, 200 g minced beef, an onion, 2 cloves garlic, salt, pepper, oregano, marjoram, two chopped bay leaves, 250 ml tomato juice, 300 g cheese, 200 ml sour cream.

500g. lamb entrails (heart, liver, lungs), 1 loaf, 3 eggs, 1 slice of bread, 3 green onions, 2 tablespoons sour cream, 1 tablespoon chopped greens, salt, pepper, 1 tablespoon lard

Wedding menus.

I know that the subject has been approached especially in the form of questions.
I propose to the moderators to add this trend to others with the same content or to add the more insubstantial ones to it. I thank them in advance.
What I am saying here is an experience lived, not generalities.
I was last Sunday at a wedding in the good world in a big provincial city (county capital). The family of the in-laws who invited us are our friends for 40 years, before the groom's birth.
So here I will write [b] the culinary impressions of a wedding
The restaurant where the party took place was one of the best in town.
The decoration of the room was very beautiful: in white and gold tones, and it blends perfectly with the tones of the walls, paneling, etc.
Especially for the wedding, the chairs had been dressed in white satin covers, and each had a gold scarf tied behind the back of the chair with a large bow.
It was explained to us that the decoration of the hall was done by a special company. The guests were seated at large square tables of 12 people (3 on each side). The mass of the bride and groom and godparents was as long as usual. On each place was a card with the name of the invited family and a welcome from the bride and groom. On each table was a beautifully written menu in golden letters.
The composition of the menu was as follows:

Cold entrees : Caviar salad on a slice of lemon, olives, cheese and ham made sandwiches (ham, butter paste, cheese, etc.), a slice of appetizer cake, 3-5 slices of fillet muscles, and the same ham, pastrami, salami of Sibiu, ghiudem, ham, cheese (other sort), a big tomato in the middle.
Coffee, saltines, roasted hazelnuts
Warm entrees : a panel made from a slice of ham and a cheese, chicken and vegetable croquettes, mini skewers with chicken breast, breaded cheese, lettuce leaves ..

Steak (1) of chicken legs with potato fritters - I think they were made with mashed potato flakes because they were very soft and creamy. + Cabbage salad
Steak (2) of pork chops with straw potatoes and tomato salad.

Desert: Cakes, homemade cookies, coffee, fruit (which were always on the table)

The bride's cake.
This was a special show. It was made at the largest confectionery in town. It was arranged on 5 levels in a cascade. One large rectangular bottom and another 4 round ones that went up the stairs placed on pillars. One of these above was given to the godparents (probably instead of chicken or rolls.) Another was brought to the bride and groom's table. Of course they cut the big cake and the others for the guests.
A special note was the fact that the cake had 3 pandispan tops, a layer of chocolate cream and a layer of white cream with many candied fruits: pineapple, raisins, etc.
My friend told us that she fought with the confectioner not to put gelatin in the creams.
The decoration was made of white cream (probably with gelatin, to keep, anyway the whole cake was kept in the fridge until the last moment) with pink and blue colored roses and other lacy elements of decoration (but they were not good to taste).
The presentation of the cake was grandiose: brought on a special cart, along a wall. On the outer side (towards the wall) were placed some tubes at all 5 levels that were lit (like fireworks). Everything, of course presented in the dark and in the chords of a very transparent song with appropriate lyrics:
Love cake, love cake & # 8230It is probably a special slag for such presentations.
In the end, we, the bride and groom, were satisfied with the menu, it did not cause any side effects, although we would have liked more vegetables. But what to do? That's how it is at the restaurant, it gives you a lot of meat.
Whiskey was drunk in the hall, and a wonderful white wine from Segarcea, pepsi and others

"Brighten the days of your life, and they will no longer be what they are" Chateaubriand
Good luck Higeia

Simona's World

Today has been a day of female pampering, so. I got home later than usual. And since I'm the only one today, I decided to cook something fast and something I like (and not really, him), so: spaghetti. But of course until I got to the kitchen I changed the recipe into macaroni and cheese!
Next time I make spaghetti, I promise!

Ingredient for portions:
150 g penne
150 g telemea sheep
1 tablespoon sour cream
50 g butter

I don't know if it is still necessary to present the preparation method. but. so in short ..
These are the pastas I used:


It looks very good! Believe me, I also like the Hello Kitty generation!
Kiss you

I like pasta very much, I would eat every day but. I refrain from exceeding 100. and then here are hundreds and hundreds of combinations imagine trying everything I see, read or hear every day. a disaster!
Kisses and a nice day.
(Ex today I made stuffed peppers, so skip the pasta!

Yes, my sister and I also had experiences in the kitchen. I grew up with a key around my neck. The pasta looks very good and tasty. Kisses. I signed up for you on the site.

Alas, what a lust you have given me. . for a few days I've been saying that I make some pasta too, but I don't get it: ((((

Petronela, I know what it means to refrain ... but there are times when you really can't! :) I know there are many combinations of pasta .. my sister has been in It for 10 years. I kiss you, have a nice weekend and I'm waiting for the stuffed pepper recipe.

DiaMar, I kiss you my & quotgeneration & quot colleague :) Have a nice weekend!

Kitten, kiss you and send you a portion! Nice weekend

For a long time I want to make some pasta with cheese sauce and you come now to make me want it :)

Teo, I suffered the same ... I think it's been almost a year since I did it. And if you feel like it, I'll give it to you too! Kiss you

From flour, yeast, lard or melted butter, salt and water, knead a dough that you leave to rise until it doubles in volume.

Saute finely chopped onion in oil, water and salt. Allow to cool and drain. Cut the sausages (huts) and pastrami (optional) into cubes. incorporate these ingredients into the dough, season with cumin and mix. Pour the composition into a cake tin, greased with oil and leave for another 15 minutes to rest, cover the tray, cover it with baking paper and place the cake tin with the open side down. Bake for about 40 minutes, over high heat.

Then remove the cake form from the dough and leave it on low heat for another 20-30 minutes, until it catches a crispy and golden crust. Meanwhile, prepare the cream sauce by mixing the butter with the cottage cheese, sour cream, grated smoked cheese, garden herbs, salt, white pepper and lemon juice. Let the flavors blend in the fridge for at least 30 minutes. After cooling, cut the roll into cakes and serve with the spicy cheese-flavored sauce.

Advice! You can replace game sausages with another spicy assortment (Sibiu salami, plain sausages or cabanos) and pastrami with another smoked sausage (gypsy muscle, outlaw chop or ham).

This appetizer can be prepared in advance, as it is kept cold even for a week (including cream cheese).

Recommendation: Finns serve this traditional dish with a glass of local vodka, but Romanian brandy is also excellent.

Simona's World

As I told you before, there is a big culinary dispute in our house. He likes lasagna ... I like it. he likes sweet cheese pie. me with salted cheese. And look, this time I made sweet cheese again. Cup. when love is great ..
I got my revenge. in a slightly more expensive way! : D
The pie turned out very good! Even I, who am a salty fan, liked it!


I like that too, I never got a chance to take pictures of him, maybe in winter. Your cake looks good!

Thought to thought. I also made a cottage cheese pie on Wednesday, maybe I'll post it today.
So I don't feel like it, but I can tell you that your pie looks really good and goes very well in the morning for breakfast. And I like that you put raisins in them too. I didn't have it in the house.
I kiss you and have a nice day.

I suffer the same, Cristina. I hurry forward and forget to take any more pictures. :) Many kisses

Petronela, we are clearly on the same length :))) Already the 3rd coincidence! Kiss you

It would be nice to have something with cheese that I haven't made in a long time!

Mercic Teo. I'm a cheese fan. not a day goes by without eating something .. from milk :) I kiss you

and we like the pie with sweet cheese and raisins.

Magda, I'll send you a piece next time! Many kisses

How much I like it. I have a plan for the weekend, but tell me, did you use a large stove tray or did you make one in a smaller one? Pup and have a good day!

About Mega Image

Mega Image appeared on the Romanian market in 1995, being one of the first supermarket chains in the country. Mega Image is part of the Delhaize Group, a Belgian-based retailer founded in 1867 and owns stores on three continents. The company owns two types of stores in Romania: Mega Image and Shop & Go. At the end of the year, Mega Image was considered one of the largest supermarket chains in Romania. Mega Image makes it available to its customers.

List of the 100 foods allowed in the Dukan diet

68 protein foods:

  • types of meat - chop, beef fillets, roast beef, tongue, dried beef (Grisons), escalope, ribs, beef liver and kidneys, as well as pork ham, lean pork, rabbit.
  • fish - cod, hake, sea bream, pawn fish, swordfish, smoked halibut, smoked cod, pollak, flounder, anglerfish, wolffish, mackerel, whiting, plaice, turbot, ocean, sardines, salmon, smoked salmon , sea-tongue, surimi, tuna, tuna in its own juice, sea cat.
  • seafood - sea snail, squid, river shell, bivalve mollusk, mussels St. Jacques, crab, shrimp, gray shrimp, Mediterranean shrimp, lobster, oyster, lobster, Norway lobster, midi, sea urchin, octopus, cuttlefish, turtle.
  • poultry - ostrich, quail, rooster, chicken, poultry liver, turkey, pigeon, biblical, chicken, defatted chicken / ham or turkey.
  • eggs - chicken, turkey and quail.
  • vegetable proteins - seitan, burger and soy products, tempeh, tofu

How to make pork chop with mushroom sauce and sour cream?

How do we prepare sliced ​​pork chop?

It would be good if the chop slices are not too thin but have a thickness of at least 1.5 -2 cm. If they have a fat border, it is good for it to be slightly notched (superficially) with a knife so that it does not tighten during frying. Don't take it away! The cutlet is still a lean meat and a little fat around it still helps her somehow & # 8230

I only beat the meat with a hammer (for example, beef rolls). I treat the chops gently and fry them by pricking them with a & # 8222meat tenderizer & # 8221. The device costs about 10 lei, looks and works like a big stamp and consists of several thin and sharp blades that sting the meat. See more slices because I cooked 3 different dishes.

I then peppered the slices of meat (I haven't salted them yet) and greased it with a little oil. I left them to marinate for 30 minutes in a casserole, on the kitchen table. The meat must be tempered before being fried. We never throw cold slices of meat out of the fridge in the hot pan.

During this time I prepared the rest of the ingredients: I cut the onion into cubes, I sliced ​​the garlic and I cut the mushrooms into quarters or halves, depending on their size.

How to fry pork chops in a pan?

I heated a non-stick pan and placed the chop slices in it, over high heat. I fried them for 2 minutes on the first side and another minute on the back. They browned very nicely!

I took them out in a bowl and lightly covered them with aluminum foil. What a beautiful color they have! Those browned edges are delicious!

Observation: if you make a double portion, you will have to fry the meat in several tranches, do not crowd the pan. If there is too much meat at once, it will boil in its own juice, it will not fry quickly.

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