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Scotch Eggs

Scotch Eggs

Scotch Eggs Recipe by of 23-09-2015 [Updated on 27-08-2018]

Scotch eggs or Scottish eggs are a typical recipe of the British tradition. This is definitely not a light recipe, so if you are on a diet don't even look at it: P These are soft-boiled or hard-boiled eggs, wrapped in a layer of pork sausage, breaded and fried. Generally scotch eggs are prepared for picnics but they can be served both as a tasty second course, or better still, in my opinion, as a single dish, perhaps with a light side dish. I do not hide that it is a preparation that requires a good dose of patience ... but I assure you that you will feel rewarded from the first bite;) If I have intrigued you, try the Scottish wing eggs and let me know what you think, a kiss and have a nice day: *


How to make Scotch Eggs

Cook the 4 eggs in a saucepan for exactly 5 minutes from the moment of boiling.

Drain and put them in a bowl with cold water then shell them and pass them in the flour.

Peel the sausage, crumble it in a bowl and add mustard, parsley and chopped shallot, salt and pepper.

Knead well until you get a homogeneous mixture.

Divide the mixture into 4 equal parts.

Put each part of the dough on a plate and flatten it with your hands until you get a disk. Place a floured egg on each one and wrap it completely with the meat.

Pass the Scotch eggs first in the flour, then in the beaten egg and finally in the breadcrumbs.

Repeating the breading for a couple of times.

Fry the eggs in a saucepan with boiling oil, making them brown on all sides. Once cooked, it will take about 8 minutes, drain and place them on a plate lined with absorbent paper.

Let it cool slightly before serving the scotch eggs.

Scotch eggs, easy Scottish recipe

A few years ago, in Indonesia, I met a Scottish boy, Donald. Very nice and a lover of good food, we spent a day and a night on the same boat to move between two islands and… time flew by talking about recipes. One of these, in particular, had struck me and I had transcribed the ingredients and preparation in my travel diary that I always keep with me during my backpacking trips (here some stories if you want to read or see some photos ...) . Scotch eggs, an unknown world to me but one that intrigued me for the enthusiasm with which Donald talked to me about it, with dreamy eyes and mouth watering. I never had the opportunity to try the scotch eggs, indeed ... if I have to be honest I really forgot about it until last week when a friend, leaving for Indonesia, asked me for some addresses and, sifting through my diary, I found the fateful recipe. At home I had all the ingredients, a little time to devote to my beloved cuisine ... the opportunity had come to try this traditional Scottish recipe that is used so much not only in Scotland but throughout Great Britain.
I must tell you that I really liked these scotch eggs very much, they are very tasty and they are pure easy to prepare. I tasted them lukewarm, but Donald told me to eat them cold too… well, maybe with the summer I will also try the non-hot version of this delicacy!
But now… ready to write down the recipe for scotch eggs too? You will see how happy the people you make them taste will be!

& # 8211 2 apples cut into small cubes

& # 8211 1 onion, chopped (better red)

& # 8211 200 g of peeled sausage

& # 8211 peanut oil to taste for frying

To prepare these delicious scotch eggs, first harden 4 eggs (I usually put them in a pan with cold water and let them boil for 8 minutes) and then cool them in ice water before shelling them.
Separately, beat the remaining egg with the milk.
Meanwhile, brown the onion in a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, add the apples and mix: let it fry without darkening the onion which, otherwise, becomes bitter.
Turn off the heat and add the crumbled sausage. Mix by adjusting with salt and pepper.
Spread the mixture thus obtained around each hard-boiled egg, pass each of them in the flour, then in the beaten egg and, finally, in the breadcrumbs: in this way, a crunchy, irresistible crust will form around your scotch eggs!
Now Donald's trick: wrap each egg in plastic wrap and refrigerate so that the mixture around the eggs hardens well (I left the eggs in the fridge for 2 hours, but less is enough ... the important thing is that yes solidify the sausage mixture a little).
Now heat the peanut oil and dip the eggs inside, then turning them on each side so that they fry evenly and are all golden brown, it will take about 5 minutes.
Drain the scotch eggs with a slotted spoon and let them cool on absorbent paper.
You just have to taste this goodness made in Scotland!

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Some historical hints

There are several theories on the origins and etymology of Scottish eggs. However despite the name it seems that the original recipe comes from England. The London department store of Fortnum & amp Mason known for food claims to have created Scottish eggs in 1738 for wealthy carriage travelers but, the Culinary Delights of Yorkshire by Peter Bone states that they were born in the 19th century in Whitby in Yorkshire.

Apparently they were originally covered with fish paste, rather than sausage meat. Their name scotch eggs probably comes from the well-known restaurant William J. Scott & amp Sons Whitby selling them. It seems that they were initially called & # 8220scorch eggs & # 8221 (burnt eggs), because they were cooked over high heat. Scotch eggs bear some similarities to an Algerian dish consisting of meat and hard-boiled eggs, called nargisi kofta.

The first printed scotch egg recipe can be found in the text A New System of Domestic Cookery by Maria Rundell from 1809 who served them hot with gravy sauce. Today Scottish eggs are sold in many UK shops and supermarkets in different variations and many pubs serve them steaming hot accompanied by a dip in which they can be dipped.

Scottish eggs & # 8211 typical British recipe

Scotch eggs or Scottish eggs are a typical recipe of the British tradition.

Pork and mustard Scotch eggs

makes: 4 Scotch eggs
preparation time: 20 mins to prepare and 20 mins to cook, 30 mins to cool
calories per serving: 575 calories / serving


& # 8211 4 eggs, plus 1 egg white
& # 8211 1 x 400g pack of pork sausages
& # 8211 1 tbsp thyme leaves , chopped
& # 8211 1 tbsp chives , snipped
& # 8211 1 tbsp English mustard
& # 8211 2 tbsp plain flour, plus extra for dusting
& # 8211 25g breadcrumbs
& # 8211 25g fresh breadcrumbs
& # 8211 1 liter vegetable oil

1. Put the eggs into a pan of boiling water, ensuring they are fully covered. Cook for 6 minutes then blanch in ice-cold water.
2. Squeeze the sausage meat out of the skins and into a bowl. Mix in the herbs and mustard.
3. Carefully remove the shell from the eggs. Line up 3 bowls. In one put flour, in another put lightly whisked egg white, and in the third put the golden and fresh breadcrumbs mixed together.
4. Dust an egg in flour, then take a handful of sausage meat and pat into your hand. Place the egg on top and mold the sausage meat around the egg until covered in an even layer. Shape into a ball.
5. Coat the ball in flour, dip in egg white then fully coat with breadcrumbs. Repeat with the remaining eggs.
6. Heat the oil in a small saucepan to medium-hot, or until breadcrumbs dropped in sizzle on contact with the oil. Carefully lower each Scotch egg into the oil and cook for 6 minutes, or until golden brown. It's best to cook no more than two at a time .
7. Remove with a slotted spoon and drain on kitchen paper. Leave to cool before serving.

thyme leaves - thyme leaves
chopped - cut into pieces
chives - chives
snipped - shredded
for dusting - for dusting
breadcrumbs - bread crumbs, breadcrumbs
to ensure - make sure / be sure
to blanch - blanch
to squeeze - squeeze / squeeze
to remove - to remove
shell - shell
to line up - line up
whisked - beaten / a
to dust - dusting
a handful of - a handful of
to mold - model
to shape - model
to coat - sprinkle / cover
to drop in - drop
to sizzle - sizzle
at a time - at a time
slotted spoon - skimmer
to drain -drain off


Place the eggs into the internal steaming basket and place into the TM bowl with the water. Cook for 14 minutes, varoma, speed 1.

Remove the eggs and allow to cool. Once cooled, peel the eggs and set aside. Alternatively you can use preboiled eggs and start the recipe from here.

Add beef mince, garlic powder, onion powder, paprika or chilli powder, salt and pepper to the TM bowl and mix for 10 seconds on speed 5 until well combined.

Form a ball of mince around each hard boiled egg ensuring the egg is fully covered.

Place the eggs into a lightly oiled baking dish.

Bake the scotch eggs for 30 minutes on 180 degrees.

Serve with a simple garden salad and some homemade mayo or chilli sauce on the side

Scotch Eggs - Recipes

Spring is making me accuse an unexpected weakness and it makes me, even more than usual, of very few words.
But today is a date that I cannot forget, and that deserves at least a little thought: three years ago, after much reflection, this blog was born.
Small port in the midst of the ups and downs of everyday life, a safe landing place in moments of despair and constant prod to my curiosity, in the folds of these pages, between the said and the suspended, there is so much of what I am.
Thanks therefore to those who follow me with affection and forgive my inconstancy, to those who find the time to dedicate a thought or an appreciation to me, or pass fleetingly without leaving a trace to those who spurred me to follow the passion fighting that reserve and that shyness that I am the figure of my being and every day it supports me in what I do.

Scotch eggs

Ingredients for 4 pieces:
5 eggs
250 g of pork sausage
150 g of minced beef
1 teaspoon of strong mustard
1 tablespoon of milk
abundant nutmeg
1 pinch of salt
3-4 tablespoons of flour
abundant breadcrumbs
Seed oil for frying
salad, to accompany

Place 4 eggs in a saucepan and cover them with cold water, bring to a boil and cook for 3-4 minutes. Cool under a jet of running water and once warm, gently remove the shell.
In a large bowl mix the sausage with the minced meat, season with the mustard, nutmeg and a pinch of salt and mix well.
Divide the mixture into 4 portions. Beat the remaining egg with the milk and divide the flour and breadcrumbs into two plates.
Take a portion of the dough, flatten it in your hands and place a lightly floured egg in the center.
Cover the egg entirely with the sausage and meat mixture, rolling it in your hands until you get a slightly elongated sphere, and proceed in the same way until all the ingredients are used up. Proceed to the breading: pass each meatball in a veil of flour, shaking off the excess, then roll it in the beaten egg and finally in the breadcrumbs repeat the sequence a second time.
Heat abundant oil in a frying pan and fry the scotch eggs in it for a few minutes, turning them from time to time, until golden brown.
Drain on absorbent paper and serve immediately, accompanying with valerian or other salad to taste.

Scotch Eggs - Recipes

The scrambled eggs, if well prepared, they are a delicious dish but it is very important that they are cooked with great care to be soft and creamy and this depends on the quantity of butter used and also on the little trick you find HERE along with other secrets about eggs, starting with how to recognize their freshness.

6 people

Break the eggs into a bowl and mix them well with a fork, adding the salt and pepper. Melt 40 g of butter in a non-stick pan, pour the eggs and cook them over medium heat. Stir continuously with a wooden spoon so that they do not stick to the bottom, bringing the parts that have already been cooked at the edges towards the center until the mixture is thick and creamy. At this point remove them from the heat, add 60 g of butter cut into small pieces and mix well.

Icelandic Kleinur

Makes about 50 (4-inch) kleinur

5 cups all purpose flour
1 stick (100 gr) cold butter, cut into small cubes
1 cup sugar
1 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
2 teaspoons ground cardamom
6 teaspoons baking powder
2 cups plain yogurt
2 whole eggs

Vegetable oil for deep-frying

1. Mix half of the flour and all of the butter in food processor until butter is incorporated. About half a minute until you have a powdered consistency.2. Turn the mixture out onto a clean work surface. Add the other half of the flour along with the sugar, baking soda, cardamom and the baking powder. Use your hands to blend until everything is well combined.

3. Make a well in the center of the flour mixture and drop the eggs and yogurt into the well. Work the flour into the egg mixture until all well combined into a firm dough that is not sticky but almost sticky. Add more flour or yogurt if necessary. Make sure not to knead the dough too much or the kleinur will become chewy.

4. Divide the dough into two equal parts. Cover and refrigerate for 30 minutes.

5. Take one half of the dough and place on a floured surface. Dust with a little flour and then roll it to about 20-inches x 14-inches. Cut the dough into 5 long strips. Cut each strip into 5 equal diamonds. Save the scraps and add them to the stored dough.

6. Make a slit in the center of the diamond. Take one end and pull it through the center slit. It & # 8217s as easy as that. You have the signature twist for kleinur.

7. Heat about 3-inches of oil to 350F in a large pot and keep the temperature stable. Gently lower about 5-6 pieces at a time into the pot. The oil will always cool a little when you add new dough to it, so clip a thermometer to the pot to measure the temperature. Fry until one side is golden (about 1 minute) then turn them with a spatula and cook the other side a little less than a minute.

8. When both sides are a beautiful golden brown remove the kleinur from the oil and set aside on a paper towel to drain and cool. Don & # 8217t forget the other dough ball in the fridge.

While they are cooling, make some coffee and invite a neighbor to share. Happy spring!

Scotch eggs or Scottish eggs are a typical recipe of the British tradition.

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