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Best Valentine Recipes

Best Valentine Recipes

Try this simple recipe for roasted Pacific salmon, honey caramelized turnips, cipollini onions, and pinot noir.Recipe courtesy of Chef Yaffe, VUE 24, Foxwoods Resort Casino.


While most people usually associate a box of chocolates with Valentine's Day, a treat that's even sweeter is a homemade batch of cookies. If you're looking for a gift that shows loved ones&mdashwhether it's family, friends, co-workers, or that special someone&mdashjust how much you love them, consider baking them a batch of cookies using these recipes. From our Sweetheart Thumbprint Cookies to the Chocolate Ganache Heart Tartlets that are pictured here, we have 18 delicious Valentine's Day cookies that you&mdashor your sweetheart&mdashwill fall in love with.

Our Iced Heart Cookies are a pretty-in-pink recipe that is perfect for Valentine's Day or Galentine's Day. These simple sugar cookies are decorated with white royal icing they're then brushed with pink gel food coloring and sprinkled with a dusting of gold flecks. We have no doubt these will make your loved ones' hearts soar.

Another cookie recipe that's extra-special for Valentine's Day is our Basic French Macarons, which just so happen to be gluten-free. You can make them any color or flavor that you please, but we think anything pink (rose or raspberry), white (vanilla), or even chocolate-flavored would be just right for the holiday. They take a while to prepare, so budget your time appropriately so that you have plenty of time to spend with your loved ones.

Of course, it wouldn't be Valentine's Day without the aptly named Valentine Cookies. One of the surprising ingredients here is buttermilk, which adds a subtle tang to the cookies that are a delightful contrast to the sweet toppings.

Make One of Our Top-Pinned Recipes for Valentine's Day

Our heart-shape sweets, red-hued foods, and romantic dinners for two appear on Pinterest boards everywhere. Save these Valentine's Day recipes to your holiday boards for your at-home celebrations with loved ones.

The first month of 2021 flew by and now Valentine&aposs Day is right around the corner! To really spread the love on February 14, I&aposm all about making delicious treats and recipes. With the help of our BH&G readers, we looked to some of the best Valentine&aposs Day recipes covering Pinterest boards for the upcoming holiday. Our resident Pinterest expert took our top-pinned recipes into three categories: fancy dinners for two, heart-shape recipes, and red-hued treats. Whether you&aposre spending Valentine&aposs Day with your significant other or having a virtual Galentine&aposs Day with friends, these recipes will make your day special (and delicious).

70 Romantic Valentine's Day Recipes for Staying in With Your Special Someone

Pour your heart into these easy Valentine&rsquos Day dinner, dessert, and breakfast ideas.

Candy has stolen the spotlight on Valentine's Day ever since Richard Cadbury, Cadbury founder John Cadbury's son, started selling chocolates in a heart-shaped box to mark the occasion in 1861. And while February 14th admittedly gives us some of the year's sweetest treats (hello, Valentine's Day treats!) there is actually a whole day's worth of fabulous meals that you could be having. From heart-shaped foods for brunch to romantic dinner ideas for two (complete with seasonally appropriate Valentine's Day cocktails), this is a great opportunity to turn V-day not only into a holiday for loving couples, but also for major food lovers.

So, for a couple that loves to eat almost as much as they love each other, we compiled the all-around best Valentine's Day recipes. From rich, savory and indulgent Valentine&rsquos Day dinner menus best enjoyed by candlelight to some sweet-tooth satisfying Valentine&rsquos Day treats (we're looking at you, red wine lollipops!), you can create the perfect meal for you and your partner using just about any of these ideas. Plus, we included plenty of vegetarian recipes for the animal lovers out there. Kick off the morning with a hearty shakshuka (or better yet&mdash homemade donuts) that&rsquoll instantly give you that warm, fuzzy feeling, then try your hand at a fancy Beef Wellington or prime rib later in the day. End the night with cookies, cupcakes, or all things chocolate, and you&rsquoll definitely go to sleep with a smile on your face.

50 Valentine's Day Desserts

Chocolate, strawberries, cheesecake and more! Who needs Cupid when you’ve got these sweet, swoon-worthy treats?

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Chocolate Cherry Candy Cake

Filled with a candied-cherry mousse and covered in rich chocolate ganache, this delicate cake is inspired by cordials of chocolate-covered cherries, a classic "box of chocolates" staple.

Chocolate Strawberry Jelly Roll

While most cake rolls seem time consuming and daunting, this version is foolproof, thanks to an easy and fun method of assembling the cake layer. We added delicious strawberries and dark chocolate for the ultimate dessert.

Chocolate Lava Cakes

No one, in the history of mankind, has ever lost anything from learning how to make this gooey restaurant dessert at home. From start to finish, Ree's version takes 20 minutes tops.

Double-Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

These heart-shaped cookies are uber-chocolatey on the outside with a white chocolate filling on the inside.

Million Heart Cheesecake

Minimal baking is required to impress your Valentine. All you need to do is bake the crust and this cheesecake's filling overflows with hearts and love.

Black Bottom Cupcakes

Chocolate Tart

If you're going for something a little more elegant, this luscious chocolate tart is a good way to go.

Chocolate Mini Loaves

Chocolate-Covered Cherries

Strawberries are great, but you know what else tastes amazing covered in chocolate?

Brownie Tart

Towering Flourless Chocolate Cake

Broken Heart Chocolate Cake

For that person who feels nothing but daggers toward Valentine's Day, we gift you a cake that will crack you up. It's pretty cathartic to make, and it's delicious too.

Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

Flourless Chocolate Cake

Mini Cupcake Chocolate Box

You don't need a guide for this box of chocolates -- every treat is a cupcake!

Chocolate Pudding

There's nothing humbler, more comforting, than homemade chocolate pudding. If someone made this for you, wouldn't you fall in love with them?

Chocolate Raspberry-Mousse Candy Cake

This fruity cake makes for a decadent Valentine's Day treat. Velvety raspberry mousse stands in stark contrast to the dark chocolate cake, which is enrobed in a snowy white chocolate ganache.

Raspberry-Chocolate Parfaits

Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Cheesecake

Chocolate-covered strawberries are the quintessential Valentine's Day sweet. Here they adorn a strawberry-packed no-bake cheesecake with a chocolate cake bottom &mdash share a slice with your main squeeze.

Chocolate Coconut Fudge Candy Cake

Dark chocolate ganache balances a rich, dense coconut filling in this luxurious cake, inspired by the classic tropical-meets-chocolate candy.

Chocolate-Covered Ice Cream Hearts

Give your valentine a new kind of chocolate-covered strawberry this year &mdash made of ice cream!

Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

This is our most-popular Valentine's Day recipe. Follow it and you'll be on your way to chocolate-covered success!

Chocolate Stout Affogato Egg Cream

Heart of the Batter

Chocolate Layer Cake

White Chocolate-Raspberry Parfaits

Mini Chocolate Ganache Cupcakes

Classic Molten Chocolate Cake with Cassis Berries

Crème de cassis, a blackcurrant liqueur that tastes wonderful with berries, is the perfect counter to the dark chocolate molten cake base in this romantic dessert.

A Gooey, Decadent Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate Sheet Cake

Chocolate Caramel-Creme Candy Cake

Like a chocolate truffle oozing caramel from its core, this pleasantly bitter caramel creme-filled chocolate cake is sweetened on the outside with a smooth milk chocolate ganache.

Chocolate Pots de Creme

Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Marshmallows

Nothing says "I love you" like these adorable pink marshmallows dipped in chocolate.

Triple Chocolate-Hazelnut Cookies

Double Chocolate Croissant Bread Pudding

Blackout Cake with Chocolate Crunch

Valentine's Double Chocolate Bark

For a low-key Valentine's Day dessert, simply swirl together white and dark melted chocolates &mdash then top with any of your favorite Cupid-approved candies.

Flourless Chocolate Torte

Light and elegant, this chocolate dessert only calls for a small handful of ingredients &mdash and it's flourless to boot!

Chocolate Pavlova with Strawberries and Cream

Nigella's Chocolate Cheesecake

Buried Strawberry Cheesecake

A chewy brownie bottom, juicy strawberries and decadent cheesecake &mdash this dessert is layered with flavors you'll want to share with your main squeeze.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie

White Chocolate-Strawberry Snack Mix

This adorably pink snack mix is a simple and tasty Valentine's Day treat, thanks to the combination of two cereals that add varying texture and crunch. Heart-shaped sprinkles make it extra festive, but you can use any sprinkles you have on hand.

Mexican Chocolate Brownie Sundaes

Chocolate Strawberry Cake

Take chocolate-covered strawberries to a whole new level this Valentine's Day by baking the ingredients into a decadent cake. And don't stop there! Garnish your creation with more strawberries and drizzled semisweet and white chocolate for a true celebration of this perfect flavor pairing.

A perfectly seared scallop is a fine thing, indeed, and Colu Henry’s pasta with burst tomatoes and herbs is packed with them. It takes time and patience to get that golden crust, so let the pan get very hot before adding the scallops, then leave them alone for a couple of minutes before checking for doneness.

Molly O’Neill brought this recipe to the Times back in 1997, and it still holds up. It’s as simple as can be: Slather both sides of some salted chops with Dijon mustard, crushed cumin seeds (or ground cumin if that’s what you’ve got) and black pepper sear in a hot pan then finish in the oven. If you think of it, brine the chops a day in advance. (Sam Sifton’s star anise brine is perfect for this.)

Recipes: Cumin-Baked Pork Chops | Star Anise Brine

75 Best Romantic Valentine's Day Dinner Ideas for Celebrating Love

What's more intimate than feeding someone a love-filled meal?

As Fanny Farmer once said, the way to a person's heart is through their stomach. So if you're trying to treat your loved one to a special meal, why would you let strangers feed them? Instead of agonizing over dining at a restaurant this Valentine&rsquos Day (especially in the middle of a pandemic), we recommend cueing up a rom-com on Netflix, gussying up the place with some V-Day decorations, and treating your partner to a romantic dinner for two at home instead.

We've got plenty of easy-but-impressive dishes to help. These recipes will make any night even more special. (We're imagining you don't whip up homemade potato gnocchi with pork ragù just any old weeknight!) And with a list that includes pork, chicken, steak, fish, and even elegant vegetarian dinner ideas, there&rsquos something for everyone to enjoy.

Whether you&rsquore looking for something extravagant, like the beef tenderloin with roasted cauliflower, or something more casual, like the creamy shrimp and grits, there are dishes that will suit any date night vibe. Of course, there are several options for steaks, including herb and garlic crusted flank steak and a strip steak served with lemon mashed potatoes. While these meals are guaranteed to be satisfying, be sure to save room for a few Valentine&rsquos Day desserts, Valentine's Day treats, and Valentine's Day cocktails too. Make this February 14 stand out from the rest by showing your other half how much they mean to you with a Valentine's Day dinner made from the heart.

Our Best Valentine’s Day Recipes: Lobster, Steak, Chocolate and More

Skip the wait and the crowds. Stay home and cook for the people you love.

Whether you’re coupled or not, only gluttons for punishment go out on Valentine’s Day. Make something at home for the people you love. We have Valentine’s Day dinner ideas for everyone, whether you’re cooking a romantic dinner, a Galentine’s feast or a cozy family meal.

Steak and Chicken Valentine’s Day Dinner Ideas


For some, nothing says love like a perfectly cooked steak. Check out Melissa Clark’s guide on how to make steak. Slather it with hollandaise sauce, or if you’re feeling retro, make Mark Bittman’s steak Diane for two. It never disappoints. Serve it alongside mashed potatoes and a vibrant green salad from Via Carota. For those who prefer diner food to French bistro fare, one word: meatloaf. You can lean classic with this turkey-sausage situation, or if you really, really love someone, wrap it in bacon. If those ideas don’t do it for you, there is always chicken. We suggest chicken cacciatore and a hunk of really good bread to sop up the sauce.

Seafood and Fish Valentine’s Day Dinner Ideas

Wow the pescatarians in your life with lobster. It sounds intimidating, but it’s not! As the name suggests, David Tanis’s lazy lobster is a breeze to make. If you have a tad more time, try this spectacular lobster pot pie or lobster mac and cheese. Whichever you choose, freeze the lobster stock, and make lobster risotto a few weeks later. (Your future self will thank you.) If lobster is a little too rich for you, try Melissa Clark’s equally delicious shrimp scampi or these scallops with brown butter, capers and lemon. (Pro tip: Serve either over generously buttered noodles.) Finally, sometimes simplest is best: Hello, baked fish and roasted salmon.

Vegetarian and Vegan Valentine’s Day Dinner Ideas

For vegetarians, Melissa Clark’s dreamy spinach risotto with taleggio is a big reader favorite, as is David Tanis’s tomato risotto (use a good canned brand). Comfort food fans will love vegetarian Swedish meatballs, cauliflower Parmesan or vegetarian mushroom Wellington. Vegans aren’t left out either: Try vegan cacio e pepe, vegan Caesar salad or roasted vegan sausages with cauliflower and olives. (Heart eyes emoji.)

What to Cook This Weekend

Sam Sifton has menu suggestions for the weekend. There are thousands of ideas for what to cook waiting for you on New York Times Cooking.

    • In this slow-cooker recipe for shrimp in purgatory, the spicy red pepper and tomato sauce develops its deep flavors over hours.
    • Deploy some store-bought green chutney in this quick, saucy green masala chicken. could be good for dinner, and some blueberry muffins for breakfast.
    • For dessert, watermelon granita? Or a poundcake with macerated strawberries and whipped cream?
    • And for Memorial Day itself? You know we have many, many recipes for that.

    Everyone talks about breakfast in bed being so great, but does anyone ever actually do it? This year, be a doer: Surprise someone special — your partner, your kids, your mom — with breakfast in bed. Alison Roman’s eggs Benedict is a surefire winner, and a mimosa goes along nicely. A couple of Ritz-Carlton’s blueberry muffins, a ramekin of softened butter and a cup of good coffee would be pretty amazing too. Scones? Sure. Dutch baby? Goodness yes. Pancakes? Uh-huh. You get the point. Make it happen.

    Chocolate and more chocolate, that’s what Valentine’s Day is all about. Why not a chocolate lava cake for two (or more, if you’re willing to share)? If it’s Valentine’s cookies you’re looking for, try these red velvet cookies with white chocolate chunks or these chocolate shortbread hearts. Skip the line at the chocolate shop, and make chocolate truffles or this spectacular chocolate truffle tart(!) at home. You’ll be surprised by how very easy it is to make. And if chocolate isn’t your thing, whip together vanilla crème brûlée, raspberry and cream éclairs or raspberry swirl cheesecake.

    Wine is the obvious choice for Valentine’s Day imbibing, but if you want something a bit more festive, try a classic Champagne cocktail or a soul kiss cocktail: a whiskey, Dubonnet and vermouth concoction with blood orange juice. If you’re saucing a crowd, pick rose sangria, which is as pretty as it is potent. For the teetotalers, add hot chocolate to the menu.

    23 Mouthwatering Burger Recipes for National Burger Day

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    75 Best Valentine's Day Desserts That Are Perfect for Two

    When you think of the best Valentine's Day desserts, your mind probably wanders to rich chocolate brownies, layered red velvet cakes, and decadent cheesecakes topped with strawberries and whipped cream. And you'd be spot on! To honor the day devoted to those we love most in the world, here's a list of cookies, cakes, brownies, and more sweet Valentine's Day recipes that you're guaranteed to love too.

    As a snack for the Valentine's Day movies you're about to marathon after a romantic Valentine's Day dinner, make a batch of the red velvet sandwich cookies or heart-shaped chocolate sugar cookies. If you're planning a romantic meal for two, the dulce de leche lava cakes or a Valentine's Day mug cake would be the perfect final course. You may even want to try Ree Drummond's amazing chocolate pie as part of your at-home Valentine's party ideas, which she says is Ladd's favorite&mdashsounds like a perfect way to treat your other half!

    No matter what Valentine's Day activities you have planned, there's always room for dessert. After all, how could you say no to a cheesecake topped with a raspberry compote? Or mocha-flavored Valentine's Day cupcakes? Keep scrolling to check out what delicious Valentine's Day dessert recipes you can make this year.

    Ina Garten’s Best Recipes for Valentine’s Day

    Most people know that Ina Garten is the One True Ruler of all things cooking, but did you know that she’s also mastered the ways of love? Ina and her husband Jeffrey have cracked the code on a happy marriage, proving that love is far from dead. So if you’re stuck on what to cook your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day, look no further than these romantic recipes, straight from Ina’s kitchen. With Ina in your corner, you can stop worrying so much about dinner, and simply enjoy quality time with the person you love.

    1. Coeur a la Creme with Raspberries

    This whipped cream-cheese heart, topped with a bright red raspberry sauce is Valentine’s Day in dessert form. Ina revealed that she makes this sweet (in more ways than one) dessert for her husband, Jeffrey, on romantic occasions, so you know it’ll make your valentine blush. Plus, she says you can prepare it a day ahead, and then stick in the fridge where it will stay fresh until you’re ready to serve dessert.

    2. Coq Au Vin

    This juicy, tender chicken dish is a decadent comfort food, just fancy enough to impress your date. But guess what? You don’t have to be a Michelin-star French chef to pull this one off. The red wine marinade is surprisingly easy to put together — it just takes patience.

    3. Mini Linzer Cookies

    If you really want to impress your date you might want to consider making a batch of these adorable linzer cookies, which feature a cute heart cutout in the center and a raspberry jam filling. Better yet, hand them out to all your crushes, like an adult version of the valentines you gave out in elementary school.