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Fluffy pancakes recipe with cocoa and whipped cream

Fluffy pancakes recipe with cocoa and whipped cream

Fluffy pancakes recipe

Eggs mix very well with sugar, vanilla essence and a pinch of salt. When they have doubled in volume and become like a cream, add the yogurt and milk. The flour is mixed with cocoa and baking powder and easily incorporated into the composition.

Bake on both sides in a pan greased with a little oil. The thickness of the pancakes or their size will vary depending on everyone's preferences.

The very cold cream is beaten lightly with the mixer until it starts to take on consistency, at which point we add the sugar and mix until it thickens.

Grease each pancake with a generous layer of whipped cream, then roll. Cut into pieces of the right size, then serve.

Cake with biscuits and chocolate mousse, without baking

For the cream: Put the chopped chocolate in a saucepan and pour over it 100 ml of sour cream. Mix them well and separately, in another bowl put the mascarpone cheese, add the sugar and mix until the composition is homogenous. Add the remaining 300 ml of sour cream and mix again until smooth. Gradually mix the chocolate cream with the mascarpone cream. Attention, it is very important that the temperatures of the two compositions are identical.

Add a tablespoon of chocolate cream, mix well, then add another 1-2 tablespoons and so on until you mix well the two compositions.

Put gelatin in a saucepan and add 25 ml of water. Leave the mixture to hydrate for 10 minutes and, in the meantime, soak each biscuit in coffee, then place it in the pan. Continue the process until you form a row of syrupy biscuits. After the gelatin has hydrated, melt it on a steam bath or, possibly, in the microwave. Add the melted gelatin in the chocolate cream, proceeding in the same way as when you combined the two creams together, that is, gradually. Pour the cream over the biscuits, then form a row of syrupy biscuits and place them over the cream. Beat the whipped cream, then place it over the last layer of biscuits. Level and then grate the chocolate cubes over. Cool until the next day.

Consumption of 2.5 grams of natural cocoa powder improves visual acuity during the day in healthy young adults, according to research from the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM) and the Institute of Food Science and Technology and Nutrition (ICTAN) of the CSIC.

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Floral composition from sugar paste

Flowers made of sugar paste for cake decoration.

You can read the recipe written below or find the video recipe at the end, where you can follow closely how I prepare everything.

Pour the sugar over the strawberries and mix a little.

Advice from Gina Bradea

If you want to use sweetener and not sugar, I recommend the sweeteners from Sweater , they don't have that bitter, unpleasant taste. See zero-calorie sweeteners if you have diabetes.

We leave the strawberries in the fridge or in a cooler room until the next day, they have to stay overnight, to leave their syrup.

The next day we blend the fruit with the syrup they left.

Put the syrup to boil, it is important to use a pan as wide as possible, with thick walls.

When the syrup boils, add the lemon juice, it will maintain the beautiful color of the syrup, but it also has the role of preservative.

Stir continuously and let it boil for another 10 minutes.

I put it in 250 ml bottles (sterilized and perfectly dried, under them I put a metal tray to attenuate the thermal shock.

Pour the syrup while it is still hot, I also used a strainer, it will stop the seeds.

We put the bottle caps on. I got about 850-900 ml of syrup, a thick and tasty syrup. We wrap the bottles with syrup until the second.

For more safety, we can sterilize the bottles for 20 minutes, from the moment the water boils.

That's it, the strawberry syrup is ready. We can use it in different ways, we can prepare it with cold water or lemonade and we can drink it, it can be a delicious topping for ice cream or we can turn it into a delicious jelly for cakes and cakes.

I warmly invite you to try this recipe too.

I enjoy cooking and good appetite!

You can watch the video recipe for strawberry syrup below:

Sprinkle the flour on the work surface, put the dough and spread a little.

Then cut into two equal parts.

Put pesto sauce on one side of the dough and grated cheese on top, then put the other side and press lightly.

Cut strips about 1.5 cm wide, you choose the length, depending on how long you want the salads to be (10-15 cm).

The strips are twisted and placed in a tray lined with baking paper. Sprinkle a little cheese over the strips.

Bake at 220 degrees Celsius for 12-15 minutes, until nicely browned.

It can be served both hot and cold, as you prefer. Kiss with a glass of cold beer or a refreshing lemonade.

I warmly invite you to try this recipe too. You will definitely prepare these delicious salads on other occasions! & # 128539

I enjoy cooking and I wish you good luck!

The recipe and the photos belong to him Gigi Vulturu, blog contributor Good appetite, recipes with Gina Bradea.

Crepes Suzette - Preparation

We start by preparing the dough for the French pancakes. Put the eggs in a bowl and beat with milk, flour, a tablespoon of sugar and salt powder. Bake them in a tray and then fold them into 4.

Mix the butter, orange peel and powdered sugar well and put it in a pan in which we will boil it for 2 minutes. In the butter in the pan, put half a lemon in a fork and mix with the cut part in it.

Add the orange juice and cook for another minute. Then we introduce the pancakes and sprinkle brown sugar over. Take the pan off the heat, pour the orange liqueur and brandy into the pan and light the alcohol with a match. Put the pan on the fig and shake to distribute the flame throughout the pan, and the pancakes will be flamed.

Remove the pancakes, pour the sauce over and serve!

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Cocoa cake with Nutella cream and cream. How is it prepared

Put the eggs in a bowl, beat well with the sugar until the mixture is fluffy and fluffy. Then, gradually add the flour, cocoa, baking powder and milk, continuing to mix electrically until all the ingredients are perfectly combined.

Add the melted butter at room temperature and stir. After obtaining a smooth mixture, pour it into a mold, 22 cm in diameter, greased with a little butter and lined with flour.

Level the composition and bake in a preheated oven at 180C for 40-45 minutes. The countertop is ready when it passes the toothpick test.

Remove the mold from the oven and allow the worktop to cool completely before it is cut in half. Place one of the tops on a plate and grease it with Nutella.

Beat the cream, cold from the fridge, with an electric mixer and spread it over the layer of Nutella. Cover with the second half of the countertop and sprinkle with powdered sugar. The cake is ready to be enjoyed.

3 eggs
5 tablespoons sugar
300 g flour
1 baking powder quenched in vinegar
450 g yogurt
a teaspoon of butter
whipped cream, jam or honey (for filling)

Mix all the ingredients until you get a homogeneous composition a little thicker than normal pancakes, put them in a non-stick pan, without oil and bake on both sides, the size of a pancake should be about the size of a dessert plate (they will come out about 18 pancakes)
After they have cooled, take three at a time, grease the jam on one side, put whipped cream in the middle and a little jam on top again.

Fluffy eclairs with two types of filling, vanilla cream and whipped cream

Method of preparation:Preparation of shells. Put in a crcomplicatedticioarcomplicated boil the water with the oil etand salt. When scomplicated boilcomplicated is addedcomplicated in rain fcomplicatedNa eti mixcomplicated composition with a the untilcomplicated is formedcomplicated a dough. When it starts to thickencomplicated , is removed from the fire etand they leavecomplicated the rcomplicatedabout 10 minutes. aftercomplicated Add 10 minutescomplicated in egg doughcomplicatedthem in turn, untilcomplicated is incorporatedcomplicated all 10 eggscomplicated . Put baking paper in the stove tray. To takethe obtained tulle is put in a poet etit is drawncomplicated lines in traycomplicated aftercomplicated mcomplicatedthe desired rhymecomplicated. Place the baked shells in the preheated ovencomplicatedbake at 180˚ for about 10 minutes on high heat or 20 minutes on medium heat. When they turn slightly golden, take them out of the oven and add themI wouldcomplicated the rcomplicatedhow.

Preparation of the cream. In a crcomplicatedticioarcomplicated mixcomplicated eggcomplicatedthe bcomplicatedtute with sugarcomplicatedroll, they addcomplicated fcomplicatedina and mixcomplicated. Boil the milk separately in a saucepanyour mixed with vanilla is boiled over low heat. After he hit the uIn the boiling it stops, pourscomplicated egg compositioncomplicated, and mixcomplicated continuously with the target so as not to make a lumpete. Boil the cream and mixcomplicated pancomplicated the cream thickensto eti start scomplicated come offcomplicated from the cratesyour . aftercomplicated what cream was rcomplicatedhow much they mixcomplicated cand frietas a liquidcomplicated and mixcomplicatedm until it is perfectly homogeneous.

Lighting assembly: TcomplicatedWe take the eclairs in two etWe fill them with vanilla cream with the help of a pos, then mix the whipped cream and put a new layer of whipped cream over the vanilla cream also with the help of a pos. Put the lid on the eclair and decoratecomplicated With chocolate meltedcomplicated the bain-marie.Keep cold until serving.