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Tort Rudolf

Tort Rudolf

Make 2 tops: the first of 8 eggs, 8lg of beaten sugar and 8lg of flour, bake the top in a larger round shape. Then beat the other 6 eggs with 6lg of powdered sugar and add 6lg of flour and bake in a round shape. smaller. In both cases the forms are lined with baking paper.

After baking and cooling, the countertops are cut into 2 equal parts, each. so as to form Rudolf's head. After it has been cut, it is covered with brown marzipan and the details are made: nose, ears, mouth.

Good appetite!!!

Rudolf Steiner

In this section of the virtual antique shop you will find books about Rudolf Steiner, most of them in Romanian. All books by Rudolf Steiner displayed in the virtual esoteric antique shop are in stock, in one or more copies. Orders are honored in the order in which they are received, so it is preferable, if you want a particular book, to order it immediately to make sure you get it. The site is updated daily, so that a title that is no longer in stock, does not appear on the site, so as not to mislead visitors and customers.

Among the available titles you will also find the books The Man in Relation to Animals and the Spirits of the Elements by Rudolf Steiner and On the Relationship with Rudolf Steiner by Sergej O. Prokofieff

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The ordered books are delivered by Romanian Post or Fan Courier. The books delivered by Romanian Post arrive at the post office you belong to in 4-5 working days and you will have to go there to pick them up. You will pay the value of the books and any transport fees at the counter. Books delivered by Fan Courier arrive at the address indicated by you in 1-2 working days. You will pay directly to the courier the value of the books and any transport fees. We recommend that you choose to send by Fan Courier if you are unable to travel to the post office or if you wish to receive the package at work or at a different address from your newsletter.

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ROSTOPASCĂ and HONEY medicine for the affected LIVER cells (recipe of the phytotherapist Constantin Milică)

Rostopasca (Chelidonium majus) is a very strong medicinal plant. Past civilizations knew its healing power and used it for medicinal purposes, especially to treat liver and bile disorders.loading & # 8230

It is mentioned in the writings of the Greek botanist Theophrastus, the founder of botanical science, who lived in the 4th century BC. He recommended it in constipation, liver disease (jaundice) and biliary disease (stones).

Today it is included in many tea formulas for liver diseases, in combination with dandelion, St. John's wort, sulphine, thyme, mousetail, chicory and other plants with hepatoprotective effects. Rostopasca is currently being studied as an anticancer agent. _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Rosehip medicine and honey for the liver

Therapist Maria Treben says that hollyhock can be used with confidence in chronic liver diseases, in homeopathic form. It cleanses the blood and liver, and also helps with diseases of the bile and kidneys. Professor Constantin Milică, specialist in phytotherapy, coordinator of the AROMA Center in Iași, offers us a simple remedy for treating affected liver cells, which can be used as an adjunct in hepatitis.

Ingredients • 5 g of dried rosehip (aerial parts) • 200 g of acacia honey • 1 liter of boiling water Preparation The plants are crushed between the fingers and placed in a bowl.

Pour boiling water over them and cover the bowl. Leave to infuse overnight (for 12 hours), then filter. Honey is added to the resulting tea, and mixed until smooth. Administration method

Take 1 tablespoon of the syrup obtained every hour, 10 hours a day. Ideally, the fresh plant should be used, because by drying it loses its therapeutic properties. It is harvested during flowering. _______________________________________________________________________________________________

Precautions and contraindications

Rostopasca must not be given to children. It can become dangerous if taken in large doses. For added safety, buy ready-to-eat pastries from health food stores.

Fasting muffins with apples, nuts and pumpkin

• 350 gr of flour
• 100 ml oil
• 250 ml of orange juice
• 100 gr sugar
• 1 very ripe banana
• 1 sachet of baking powder
• 150 gr nuts
• 3 apples
• ¼ teaspoon cinnamon
• 150 gr pumpkin
• 2 tablespoons honey
• 1 tablespoon lemon juice
• cinnamon

1. Peel the apples and cut them, cut them as we like (I preferred thin slices) and sprinkle with a little sugar. Pass the banana with a fork or in a blender, together with the orange juice. Put together the banana puree, orange juice, honey and oil, then mix them well for 2-3 minutes.

2. Add flour, baking powder, cinnamon and chopped walnuts (we want the larger pieces to remain). We mix just enough to obtain a homogeneous composition, which we put in the form of muffins greased with a little oil. Apples are placed on top, on half of the muffin.

3. Put in the oven at 180-190 degrees for about 35 minutes (they must be tested to make sure they are cooked). 4. In the meantime I took care of the pumpkin: I cleaned it, cut it into cubes, then I put it in a pan with 2 tablespoons of sugar, a little lemon juice, cinnamon and half a glass of water. I cooked with a lid until there was no water at all, and the pumpkin had penetrated. After the water has evaporated, keep it on low heat for 2-3 minutes, always stirring with a spatula. Serve the muffins with a little pumpkin on them.

Check with carrots and apples

• 250 gr sugar
• 250 gr oil
• 1 cup grated carrot
• 1 cup grated apple
• 1/2 cup raisins
• 1/2 cup orange juice
• 3 cups of flour
• 1 teaspoon baking soda
• 1 teaspoon baking powder
• 1 teaspoon cinnamon
• 1/3 cup brandy
• 1 teaspoon grated orange peel

Put the raisins in the orange juice the night before. Sift the flour and mix it with the baking powder and baking soda soaked in a little vinegar. Beat the sugar well with the oil and add the flour, cinnamon, raisins, finely grated morocco, apple, cognac and orange peel. We mix everything energetically, with the help of a wooden spoon. Grease the tray and spread a baking sheet. Pour the dough into the pan and put it in the oven over medium heat for 50 minutes or until it passes the toothpick test. Let it cool in the pan for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, remove from the pan and slice

Fasting check with walnuts

1 kg flour,
250 g caster sugar,
1 tablespoon powdered sugar,
250 g vegetable margarine,
200 g ground walnut kernels,
500 ml of fruit juice,
1 tablespoon ground cinnamon,
1 tablespoon lemon and orange peel (mixed),
1 teaspoon baking powder,
1 teaspoon baking soda.

Preparation: In a bowl put lightly heated margarine, beat with sugar, gradually added. At the end, add the flour, walnut kernel, fruit juice, lemon and orange peel, cinnamon, baking powder and baking soda. A composition is obtained that must be as thick as possible, which is placed in a tray greased with margarine or oil and baked, for 50-60 minutes, over a suitable heat. When ready, place powdered sugar on top.

Baking rice with raspberry syrup

Ingredients & Preparation: “Boil 400 grams of rice in a liter and a half of milk with a pinch of salt and a stick - two vanilla halves. In a form of porcelain, alpaca, bowl with turret, which you have closer, greased with butter without a goblet, put half of the rice, pour over it evenly raspberry syrup (and in the first and in the second layer of rice), add the other half of the rice which is sprinkled with a rich layer of grated chocolate mixed with sugar. Put on top the foam of 8 beaten egg whites with 6 tablespoons of vanilla sugar and bake in the oven for 20 minutes ”(Kera Calița)

Baked quince with nuts and raisins

• 3 large quinces
• 100 g of raisins
• 100 g walnut kernels
• 2 tablespoons honey
• 2 tablespoons margarine

We choose three large quinces, wash them, cut a lid and remove the seeds and the hard core. Let the walnut kernel bake for a few minutes, then grind it. Let the raisins soak for a few minutes. After the raisins have softened, we mix them together with the walnuts, honey and margarine, until they are homogenous. Fill the quinces with this mixture and place them on a baking sheet in a tray. Cover them with aluminum foil and let them bake for 30 minutes.

Rotated with walnuts

1 kg of flour
20 gr yeast
the water
a knife tip
100 ml oil

Preparation: Make the dough, then divide it into four. Each cake is spread, greased with oil, pressed with sugar and nutmeg. It rolls and spins. In this way, the sheet becomes even thinner. Do the same with the other cakes. Place in the pan and bake for 40 minutes.

… Many tasty fasting recipes in the volume Cartea de bucate de Fast, from the Bucătărescu Collection, published by Integral Publishing House.

Nutritious juices in the diet of a healthy person + 5 recipes extremely effective in preventing cancer and strengthening immunity

The benefits of a diet with nutritious juices on the figure and health of the whole body are indisputable.
One of the causes of cancer is the lack of nutrients that, over time, cause cellular mutations. It is vital to cleanse, strengthen and regenerate cells and tissues, and detoxification is the process that the body must go through to achieve this. This process is triggered naturally from the moment the alkalization of the body begins by adopting a alkaline vegetarian diets, in addition to the basic treatment presented in The Green Protocol.

Detoxification removes blockages, allows cells to acquire nutritional energy and properly eliminate residues. A method of detoxification, which can be adopted, both as a prevention and as an adjunct in the treatment presented in the paper mentioned above, is that of fasting with natural juices, which allows the body, respectively the gastrointestinal tract and digestive system, to rest.

Be sure to use only BIO fruits and vegetables, frozen, purchased from specialty stores or from farmers.

For the preparation of these juices it is preferable to use a device that works by slow pressing. This type of appliance is also called a snail juicer and has two vats: one through which the juice comes out and another through which the pulp of fruits and vegetables comes out. Unlike centrifugal juicers that retain only 23% -30% of nutrients and vitamins, those with snails retain 73%.

Also, this type of juicer allows the extraction of juice not only from soft and juicy fruits and vegetables, but also from high-fiber vegetables, as well as from berries and seeds. You can extract juice even from greens and wheat germ.

1. Breuss's juice

The Austrian doctor, Rudolf Breuss has been looking for an alternative treatment for cancer all his life and has discovered a very effective nutritious juice recipe. Its juice stimulates the immune system, cleanses the blood and energizes the body. Breuss's treatment for cancer consists of a method that lasts for 42 days. Given that cancer cells have a different metabolism compared to normal ones, Breuss made a diet that would cause cancer cells to starve until they were eliminated. He recommends fasting during this diet. Even if you do not opt ​​for the fasting option, Breuss juice is an extremely effective adjuvant in the treatment and alkaline diet.

Ingredient: 300 grams of beets, 100 grams of carrots, 100 grams of celery root, 70 grams of raw potatoes, 30 grams of radishes.

Note: Potato is optional, except for liver cancer, where it plays an important role.

Preparation: put all the ingredients in a juicer and collect the juice. Pour into a refrigerated container. Drink the juice throughout the day, a little at a time, 1-2 sips, until it runs out. The amount is enough for one day.
Also throughout the day the water should be replaced with herbal teas (sage, horsetail, nettle, St. John's wort).

Beet is a rich source of vitamin B, phosphates, manganese and potassium, the latter having a crucial role in lowering blood pressure. Beets also contain a lot of fiber, vitamin C, magnesium, copper and phosphorus. Betalaina, the substance that gives the beet that blood-red color, has antioxidant and antitumor properties. It is one of the most recommended vegetables for pregnant women because it contains a lot of folic acid, calcium and iron, but also vitamin E and K. In addition, its active substances protect the fetus from possible genetic mutations that may occur during pregnancy.

Celery It is known for its anti-cancer compounds, which play a role in stopping the development of tumor cells. Phenolic acids contained in celery block the action prostaglandins which stimulates the growth of tumor cells. Coumarins helps prevent free radicals from forming in cells affected by the tumor.

2. Chris's juice

& # 8222I drank carrot juice until I turned yellow and cured of cancer & # 8221 Chris confesses.

In 2003, at the age of 26, Chris Wark was diagnosed with colon cancer. Doctors located a golf ball-sized tumor in his large intestine and the disease was in stage III and had spread to the lymph nodes. After surgery, Chris had the courage to refuse chemotherapy and began an individual treatment based on an alkaline diet and carrot juice. He drank 8 glasses of carrot juice and other vegetables a day, using a 226ml glass. He has healed completely and without recurrence and since 2010 he shares, on his blog, for everyone, the treatment he applied to heal himself.

Ingredient: 5 carrots, a celery stalk, 1/4 beets (root and leaves), 1/3 fresh ginger (has strong anti-tumor and anti-inflammatory effects)

Preparation: put all the ingredients in a juicer and collect the juice and then consume it as often as possible throughout the day.

carrot has anticancer and antioxidant properties such as beta-carotene, alpha-carotene, vitamins A, C, K, B, D and E. It is also rich in calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, phosphorus, sulfur, silicon and falcarinol & # 8211 compound with remarkable anticancer activity.

3. Smoothie in Thai

Ingredient: 1/2 avocado, 1/2 green apple, 1/4 lime, 1/2 banana, 1/2 kiwi, 1-2 kale leaves, 200-300 ml. almond or rice milk (we recommend hazelnut rice milk, it is tasty and has a very pleasant aroma)

Preparation: put all the ingredients in a blender and blend until the mixture takes on a creamy texture, then consume fresh. It can be left to cool until serving.

Avocado is one of the healthiest fruits, being a perfect combination of monounsaturated fats, fiber, protein and a large amount of vitamins, minerals and other compounds that support the health of the body. Researchers have also discovered in avocados a particular compound that can help improve health in another way and that can treat leukemia. Avocado contains a compound called ‘avocatina B’Which & # 8211 in the opinion of researchers & # 8211 has the potential to help treat this very serious form of cancer. This compound has strong anti-cancer properties and is able to seek out and destroy cancer cells of AML (acute myeloid leukemia). Even more, this avocado compound seems to be selective: although it destroys cancer cells, it leaves healthy cells intact, thus minimizing the side effects caused by traditional cancer treatments.

The benefits and properties of avocado fruit against cancer are due, in part, to the fact that the type of fat found in the largest amount in avocado is oleic acid, which is a monounsaturated fatty acid. Avocado also contains a smaller amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids also called omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids which are extremely beneficial to health. In turn, oleic acid greatly helps the absorption and use of antioxidants, contributing to the absorption of phytochemicals contained in other foods such as fruits and vegetables.

Kale, or more precisely kale, is a cruciferous vegetable, from the same family as cauliflower, broccoli and other types of cabbage. Kale has no less than 45 different types of antioxidants, among the most important being flavonoids and carotenoids. It also contains Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin K, vitamins A, E and C, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, copper and zinc. Due to the antioxidants in the composition, kale has a strong detoxifying effect. It is an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and active substances that help eliminate toxins and promote the absorption of nutrients. It supports the immune system and can prevent cancer if it is part of a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, with plenty of exercise and sufficient hydration.

The Apple protects the body from precipitation and radioactive dust deposits, destroys a wide range of cancers, and keeps arteries free. Carotenoids extracted from apple inhibit the proliferation of drug-resistant cancer cell strains. One of the ways in which apple constituents prevent stomach cancer is by inhibiting the bacterium. Helicobacter pylori, one of the main infectious agents associated with both ulcers and gastric cancer. procyanidins from apples has also been studied for its ability to directly induce programmed cell death in stomach cancer cells.

Bananas very ripe contain TNF (Tumor Necrosis Factor) - a very active substance on tumor cells, which it attacks and kills. TNF is used in oncology to treat cancer patients, and ripe bananas contain a very strong natural TNF.
A group of Japanese researchers at the University of Tokyo studied the effects of several foods on laboratory animals after discovering the high content of anticancer factors that ripe bananas have and found that they cause cancer cells to disappear through the process of apoptosis.

Kiwi strengthens the immune system, balances blood pressure, helps prevent and treat certain types of cancer (esophagus or pancreas, among others), allergies and colds. C vitamin is a powerful antioxidant, which allows the eradication of free radicals, and kiwi fruit is a perfect neutralizer of general damage to the body, especially those caused by premature aging and acidification of the body.

Lime site helps with weight loss, skin care, improve digestion, treat constipation, eye care treatment of scurvy, hemorrhoids, peptic ulcer, respiratory diseases, gout, urinary disorders and colon cancer.

4. Golden juice

ingredients: 3 tablespoons amaranth seeds, 3 walnuts, 3 almonds, 5 raisins, 5-6 currants (or other berries), 1 teaspoon chia seeds (keep chia seeds in water for 30 minutes before use), 1/2 apple or pear

Preparation: squeeze all the ingredients together with a cup of water or almond milk or rice (we recommend peanut rice milk) and the juice is served with cinnamon.

Amaranth it is very rich in protein (rich in lysine-high quality protein, indispensable for tissue repair and antibody production), calcium, fiber, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese and iron. It is a complete protein like quinoa and contains all 8 types of amino acids. It is a good source of polyunsaturated fatty acids and contains vitamin E in amounts similar to olive oil.

Walnuts inhibits the development of cancer and causes the programmed death of cancer cells (cell apoptosis).
The secret of the properties of nuts that help fight cancer comes from certain rare and powerful phytonutrients found in very few foods. One of these unique compounds, known for its ability to inhibit the growth of cancer cells is tannin.

Almonds they are delicious, nutritious and extremely energizing. In the composition of almonds is a substance called amygdalin, also known as letril or vitamin B17, which has an important role in the fight against cancer and successfully prevents the appearance of this disease by eliminating cancer cells. Tonsil has been known for thousands of years in China, Egypt, Greece and ancient Rome, being extracted from bitter almonds and since then used to treat skin tumors.
At the beginning of the twentieth century, the healer Edgar Cayce, nicknamed the sleeping prophet, recommended that cancer patients eat a few almonds daily, which he knew had strong antitumor properties.

Currants (berries), as I told in another previous article are well known for their anti-carcinogenic properties, as are pomegranates and grapes. Numerous studies have shown the ability of these fruits to inhibit the growth of tumors, starving affected cells and preventing the formation of new blood vessels that feed cancer.

Currants contain ellagic acid and inhibits the development of cancerous tumors. Their diverse colors are extremely important for the health of our body. Precisely because of these pigments, fruits turn into the most powerful anti-cancer weapons.

Chia, which is the Mayan word for "power," is part of the mint family. Full of minerals, vitamins and fatty acids that help the body fight the daily "aggressors", Chia seeds have been used for hundreds of years in alternative treatments. Chia seeds are some of the foods with the most valuable nutritional content. Although they are rarely used in European cuisine, chia seeds should be eaten daily, as they have a higher concentration of Omega 3 fatty acids than fish, more protein than soy and more fiber than flax seeds.
They play a key role in the fight against many types of cancer. Integrated into the weekly diet, these seeds destroy cancer cells and repair damaged DNA in the body.

5. Oriental smoothie

Ingredient: 1 cup coconut milk, 1 fresh banana, 1/2 cup frozen pineapple or mango, 1 tablespoon coconut oil, 1/2 teaspoon ginger, 1/2 teaspoon turmeric, 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon, 1 teaspoon of chia seeds, 1 teaspoon of maca root powder

Preparation: put all the ingredients in the blender and mix until a creamy texture is obtained. Drink it every morning on an empty stomach. It is one of the best methods for maximizing antioxidant intake and increasing energy.

turmeric is a key ally in the fight against cancer. Curiously, curcumin seems to be useful for almost all types of cancer, which is very special, due to the fact that this disease has a wide variety of different molecular pathologies. You can read more about this in one recently published article on this website.

Coconut oil fights cancer by the simple fact that it improves the general condition of the body, thus helping it to fight against various mutations. Coconut oil is also beneficial for the heart, as it lowers blood cholesterol levels and helps in weight loss, especially of fat deposited in the abdominal area.

The researchers conducted a new study on the effects that lauric acid, ie the main acid in the composition of coconut oil, has it on cancer cells that cause colon cancer. Surprisingly, this saturated acid killed 93% of cancer cells in just 48 hours.

pineapple fresh contains all the range of vitamins, except vitamin B12 and E, and 16 minerals, better represented by magnesium, iron, calcium, copper, zinc and iodine.
From a therapeutic point of view, pineapple is especially appreciated for its powerful detoxifying effect, as no other fruit has it. In its structure, pineapple has several enzymes able to fight a lot of diseases, of which bromelain is the most important. Bromelain has the ability to break down proteins, stabilize blood pressure, optimize the digestion process, strengthen the immune system and purify the blood.
It seems that along with other elements, which are also found in pineapple, bromelain helps stop the proliferation of cancer cells, preventing metastases.

Maca root causes cancer cells to commit suicide through the process of apoptosis. This root contains potassium, vitamin A, iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and Vitamin C and vitamins B1, B2, B12. It has diuretic properties, stimulates bile secretion, cleanses the liver, helps treat allergies and is an excellent ally in lowering cholesterol.

In conclusion, we wish you an increase in blending and enjoying the delicious juices that we have presented in this article!

Explaining the 7 Wonders of the Gospel of John & # 8211 Part I

The Gospel of John is, we can say, one of the greatest documents that mankind has not only among religious documents - forgive us the word - but also among the literary-artistic documents written so far. Let us study this document from this point of view. From the first chapters, if you understand them correctly, if you know what is hidden behind the words, you see that, by comparison and style, this work is the most cohesive, most perfect document in the world. This, of course, is not seen in a superficial reading.

A first analysis of the Gospel of John shows that its author - we now know who he is - lists seven miracles until the event of Lazarus' resurrection. We will return to the meaning of the number seven later. - What are these seven miracles or signs?

  1. The sign shown by the wedding in Cana of Galilee
  2. The sign shown by healing the son of a royal servant
  3. Healing the skinny, who had been ill for 38 years at the Betezda bath
  4. Feeding the five thousand people
  5. The sign shown by the appearance of Christ walking on the sea
  6. The sign given by healing the blind from birth, and finally
  7. The biggest sign, the resurrection of Lazarus, his initiation - the transformation of Lazarus into the very author of the Gospel of John

Preliminary words for understanding the signs and wonders

These are seven of the signs. A question now arises: What do these seven signs mean? What about this miracle problem?
The evolution of human consciousness has undergone a number of changes over time. We have seen that in the beginning of evolution humans did not simply start from a line of animal evolution, but from a form in which people still possessed the gift of clairvoyance naturally. People were clairvoyants, although their consciences did not yet allow them to say, "I am." This faculty of self-consciousness they gradually conquered and for that they had to give up the old clairvoyance. There will come a time, in the future, when all people will be clairvoyants, keeping their self-consciousness, the consciousness of "I am". In Atlantis, people lived in a kind of dream consciousness, but a clairvoyant consciousness. Then they gradually acquired external object consciousness, in exchange for which they had to give up the obscure clairvoyance faculty.. Eventually, in the future, man will have a clairvoyant consciousness inextricably linked to this self-consciousness. So, man rises from a confused clairvoyance to a clairvoyance doubled by self-consciousness, passing through an objective, non-clairvoyant consciousness.

With human consciousness, all other conditions on Earth have changed. You must have no horizon to believe that if things happen the way they do today, they have always been that way. Everything has changed. Even the relationships between people have changed, which are not the same as before. Until the impulse of Christ fertilized the evolution of mankind, there was a much greater rooting of one soul over another.. People were prone to that. The man heard not only the words spoken by his interlocutor, but also what he felt and thought, if this interlocutor felt or thought that thing vividly, with intensity.. In ancient times, when love depended especially on kinship, it was completely different than it is today. Astăzi iubirea a căpătat un caracter mai sufletesc, dar nu mai este la fel de puternică. Ea îşi va recăpăta forţa de odinioară doar atunci când toate inimile omeneşti vor fi pătrunse de impulsul lui Christos. Iubirea, când acţiona odinioară, avea totodată asupra celorlalte suflete un efect vindecător, ca de balsam. Odată cu dezvoltarea gândirii şi inteligenţei, care, desigur, s-au dezvoltat treptat, aceste influențe ce treceau de la un suflet la altul au dispărut.

A putea influența sufletul altcuiva făcând să se reverse în el forţa propriului suflet era un dar propriu tuturor popoarelor vechi. De aceea, când vorbim de o influență a unui suflet asupra altuia trebuie să ne gândim la o putere de o anvergură mult mai mare, pe care un suflet o putea resimţi venind de la celălalt suflet. Chiar dacă nu există niciun document istoric în legătură cu acesta, chiar dacă niciun monument sau vreo piatră nu ne vorbeşte despre acest dar, privirea clarvăzătoare în Cronica Akasha ne dezvăluie faptul că odinioară mulţi bolnavi se puteau vindeca prin această influență psihică pe care un om o exercita asupra altuia. Sufletul mai avea încă multe alte puteri. Ceea ce astăzi ne apare ca o poveste cu zâne, faptul că omul, dacă voia, dacă se străduia şi dacă se antrena în mod special pentru asta, putea să acţioneze benefic asupra creşterii plantelor, să o accelereze sau să o încetinească, din acest dar astăzi nu au mai rămas decât vagi urme.

Viaţa omenescă arăta altădată cu totul altfel. Odinioară nimeni nu s-ar fi mirat văzând cum acţionează o persoană asupra alteia, dacă această influență de la om la om era adecvată. Trebuie desigur specificat că pentru ca această influență sufletească să fie posibilă era necesar să existe întotdeauna două sau mai multe persoane. Chiar şi în zilele noastre ai putea să-ţi imaginezi pe cineva apărând printre oameni cu forţa lui Christos. Dar cei care ar crede cu tărie în El ar fi foarte dispersaţi, încât El nu ar putea exercita acea influență sufletească ce trece de la un om la altul. Pentru asta nu este destul să acţionezi, ci trebuie să existe şi fiinţe în stare să primească această influenţă. Cum odinioară cei care erau sensibili la astfel de influenţe erau mai numeroşi, nici nu trebuie să ne mire dacă auzim că pe atunci bolile se vindecau pe aceste căi psihice şi că şi alte efecte, care astăzi se obţin doar prin mijloace mecanice, atunci se obţineau prin influenţă psihică.

Leon Viorescu a fost absolvent al Școlii de Belle Arte din Iași, făcând parte din generația lui Ștefan Dimitrescu și Tonitza cu care a fost foarte bun prieten. Profesia sa de bază pe tot parcursul vieții a fost de funcționar în cadrul Ministerului Cultelor începând din anul 1920. Stabilitatea financiară pe care i l-a dat locul de muncă a fost determinantă pentru traseu său artistic din arta plastică. Astfel, Leon Viorescu, alege pointilismul ca principalul mod de exprimare plastică abordat, stil pe care-l reinterpretează în stilul său propriu despre ce ar trebui să fie pictura. A creat în acest mod o atmosferă proprie ce-i aparține în totalitate, preluând doar o fațetă din această tehnică și anume acea sacadație a tușelor cu care construiește imaginile. Principala diferență dintre Signac, Dărăscu și Viorescu este exceptarea voită a interogației luminii. Viorescu în principal descompune mai întâi forma după care recompune cu minuțiozitate întregul. [1]

Viorescu a abordat peisajul, interioare, naturi statice, toate aceste definindu-l ca un maestru interbelic. Dintre toate temele, cele mai preferate au fost compozițiile de interioare la care se remarcă îndeosebi atmosfera creată, tipică și inconfundabilă. [1]

„LEON VIORESCU nu este - pentru înțelegerea curentă - nici un artist perfect, nici un original.

Nu mânuiește penelul cu verva grigorescianismului plăcințiu al cutărui maestru „specific românesc” - și nici nu cată să exercite, scrijelind retina, cu afectarea morfinomanică braco - picaso -latiană, a atâtor desrădăcinați.

Fiindcă Leon Viorescu ignorează moda, ignorează trucul, ignorează până și inofensivele rețete tehnice, transmise din atelier în atelier, cari, suplinind experiențele seculare, ușurează munca lucrătorului și-i liberează căile creațiunii.

E în opera lui, însă, o atențiune, o sinceritate - (oh! blestemat cuvânt compromis de cronicari!!) - o nu știu ce cucernicie, o fierbere lăuntrică, O IZBUCNIRE NEPREFĂCUTĂ A UNUI SENTIMENT ÎNCĂ NEINTÂLNIT IN PLASTICA ROMÂNEASCĂ și pe care - vag - l'aș putea compara cu sentimentul ce se ițește și perzistă, - dându-i o particulară coloratură - în DOINA noastră bătrână.

Din toată opera acestui pictor, se mai degajează totuș nu știu ce sfântă resemnare, nu știu ce evanghelică umilință, care te surprinde, te încântă ca un psalm - și te absoarbe.

Dacă ești un adevărat artist - pornești din expoziția lui Leon Viorescu cu semntimentul că ai poposit o clipă pe tărâmuri neprihănite și biblic odhnitoare. Parc'ai fi primit un nou botez. ”

CURA terapeutului austriac Rudolf Breuss, pentru CANCER şi alte boli incurabile – devorează tumorile ȋn 42 de zile (cura totală)

Cura lui Rudolf Breuss este o cură cu sucuri de legume şi ceaiuri împotriva cancerului, leucemiei şi a altor boli grele sau aparent nevindecabile.

Pacienţi vindecaţi

Terapeutul a scris o carte, intitulată ‘’The Breuss Cancer Cure: Advice for the Prevention and Natural Treatment of Cancer, Leukemia and Other Seemingly Incurable Diseases – „Leacul lui Breuss împotriva cancerului, leucemiei şi a altor boli incurabile similare”, care a fost tradusă în 7 limbi şi a fost vândută în peste 1 milion de copii.

În prezent, există mii de mărturii ale pacienţilor vindecaţi, care atestă faptul că tratamentul faimosului terapeut Breuss i-a vindecat.

Cura austriacului Rudolf Breuss (1899–1990) se bazează pe detoxifierea totală o organismului şi pe menţinerea lui la limita subzistenţei, fără proteină, din studii ajungându-se la concluzia că într-o astfel de situaţie, sângele devorează tot ceea ce este străin corpului.

Mai exact, ea constă în faptul că, timp de timp de 42 de zile, nu este permis a se consuma altceva decât sucuri de legume şi ceaiuri corespunzătoare, pregătite în condiţii specifice.

Prin autoînfometare în timpul curei, prin privarea corpului de unele elemente (mai ales proteine), corpul consumă sau elimină tot ce nu ii aparţine, inclusiv tumoarea canceroasă şi orice depozite de reziduuri.

Cura, o operaţie fără cuţit

Rudolf Breuss spune că este bine să nu provocăm cancerul şi, dacă se poate, să nu-l agresăm, ci să facem tratamente naturiste, ale căror rezultat este, adesea, salvator.

Dacă l-am provocat în vreun fel şi credem că l-am “lichidat”, de obicei ne înşelăm. Astfel spus, dacă o tumoare mică şi inofensivă este tăiată sau apăsată, atunci ea poate deveni “sălbatică”, celulele canceroase pătrund în sânge şi iau naştere metastazele. Aşadar, este indicat să lăsăm în pace noduleţele şi nodulele.

Prin cura cu sucuri şi ceaiuri, se opreşte alimentarea din exterior cu albumină – tumoarea canceroasă trăieşte doar prin aportul de albumină.

Organismul nu poate trăi fără această substanţă, iar sângele “înfometat” de albumină atacă în corp tot ce este suplimentar: vegetațiile, aglomerările de impurităţi şi tumorile.

O astfel de cură este o adevărată operaţie fără cuţit, pe care o execută sângele omului. Orice tumoare este devorată în decurs de 42 de zile.

Mai mult, deoarece, în timpul formării celulelor canceroase, metabolismul mineral din celule este dereglat, sucurile de legume, cu un conţinut de minerale asimilabile, compensează respectivul deficit.

Cum se ţine cura în mod corect

În caz de cancer sau leucemie, cura propriu-zisă trebuie efectuată timp de 42 de zile consecutiv, şi până la 21 de zile pentru alte boli.

1/2 ceaşcă ceai pentru rinichi se bea rece, cu lingură, sorbind încet şi amestecându-l foarte bine cu salivă, apoi se înghite. După 20 – 30 minute se bea o ceaşcă de ceai de salvie, cu lingur şi amestecată bine cu salivă. La un sfert de oră se ia câte o gură de suc care nu se înghite imediat şi se insalivează. Până la prînz se iau aproximativ 10 – 15 înghiţituri de suc.

1/2 ceaşcă de ceai pentru rinichi. Până seara se mai bea din când în când câte o înghiţitură de suc şi o cană de ceai de năpraznic.

doar 1/2 ceaşcă de ceai de rinichi.

În situaţiile de slăbiciune se poate consuma/bea şi o cană de supă de ceapă.

Reguli de bază

♣ totul se soarbe, nu se bea, şi se amestecă bine cu salivă înainte de a fi înghiţit

♣ se strecoară foarte bine atât sucul, cât şi ceaiurile, fiind interzisă ingerarea oricărui element solid, reziduu de plantă din ceai sau legumă din suc

♣ sucul de cartof dă un gust rău, însă este extrem de necesar celor cu tumori la ficat dacă nu se suportă gustul sucului cu cartof, se bea separat un ceai de coji de cartofi

♣ ceaiul pentru rinichi nu se bea decât 3 săptămâni, NU MAI MULT, după care se continuă cura până la 42 de zile

pe perioada celor 42 de zile, nu se consumă NIMIC – doar sucul şi ceaiurile.

Important de reţinut

  • nu se bea suc mai mult de 500 ml. pe zi
  • nu se va bea suc de legume fără a se bea şi ceaiurile prescrise ceaiurile, de asemenea, se vor bea înghiţitură cu înghiţitură, amestecate cu salivă
  • nu se iau medicamente în timpul curei, vitamine, nu se fac injecţii, etc.
  • pe perioada curei este interzis cu desăvârşire fumatul
  • se stă în aer curat şi se evită efortul fizic exagerat
  • nu se va face această cură în paralel sau îndată după operaţie sau (nici atât!) după raze şi citostatice, ci doar după 2-5 luni
  • cel puţin o dată pe zi – clismă cu apă caldă + muşeţel (Chamomilla chamomilla, Chamomilla recutita)

Cura cu sucuri si ceaiuri devoreaza tumorile

Pentru întărirea inimii – 5 – 10 ml extract de gherghină, dimineaţa (la plafar, sub formă de fiole).

Pentru prevenirea deficienţei de calciu se bea ceai de pătlagină îngustă (Plantago lanceolata), lichen de piatră (Cetraria islandica), rotunjoară (Glechoma hederacea) şi flori de lumânărică (Verbascum phlomoides, Verbascum thapsus), în părţi egale (se găsesc la plafar).

  • după aproximativ 10 zile de cură, poate apărea o criză, care nu trebuie să îngrijoreze sau să conducă la întreruperea tratamentului
  • cura nu se întrerupe brusc se bea mai departe circa 1/6 l. suc de legume pe zi şi se începe cu mâncăruri uşoare: supă cu tăieţei, de zarzavaturi, sucuri, apoi câte puţină carne de pasăre
  • cura se face la recomandarea şi supravegherea medicului.

Ceaiul pentru rinichi

Este unul din cele mai importante din cele prescrise de Breuss. Trebuie respectate strict cantităţile de plante de mai jos, amestecul fiind suficient pentru un tratament de 3 săptămâni – cât durează o cură pentru rinichi (nu se va lua mai mult de 3 săptămâni):

15 gr. coada-calului (Equisetum arvense)

10 gr. urzici tinere, uscate (Urtica dioica)

8 gr. troscot (Polygonum aviculare)

6 gr. sunătoare – mărunţite şi amestecate bine (Hypericum perforatum)

Se prepară astfel: se pune o cană cu apă (200 ml.) la fiert. Când fierbe, se dă deoparte şi se adaugă o “doză” (cât se ia cu 3 degete) şi se lasă acoperit, pentru a infuza, timp de 10 minute. Se strecoară şi lichidul se pune într-o cană, iar peste zaț se pun alte două căni cu apă fierbinte şi se fierb timp de 10 minute. Se strecoară şi se amestecă cu prima ceaşcă.

Ceaiul de salvie (Salvia officinalis)

♣ Într-o cană de apă care fierbe se pune plantă cât se ia cu 3 degete şi se fierbe exact 3 minute, apoi se dă deoparte. Se filtrează după alte 3-5 minute. Se bea în timpul zilei (în pauzele dintre celelalte ceaiuri şi sucuri, sau când pacientului îi este foame sau sete), fără interdicţie. Se bea rece, fără zahăr.

♣ Într-o jumătate litru de apă care fierbe se pune salvie cât se ia cu trei degete şi se fierbe exact 3 minute, se ia de pe foc, se lasă puţin şi se adaugă puţină sunătoare (Hypericum perforatum) şi roiniță (Melissa officinalis) pentru aromă. După 10 minute de infuzare, se strecoară şi se bea în timpul zilei rece, neîndulcit.

Sucul de zarzavat (filtrat de 2-3 ori prin tifon)


3/5 părţi suc de sfeclă roşie (trebuie aproximativ o sfeclă mijlocie, suculentă), 1/5 părţi suc de morcov (aprox. 1 morcov proaspăt, mijlociu), 1/5 părţi suc de ţelină (aprox. 1 ţelină mare), 1 ridiche neagră (cât un ou), 1 cartof crud (cât un ou)

Legumele se curăță. Din această cantitate rezultă 0,5 l. suc. Sucul se face zilnic şi se va strecura foarte bine, pentru a nu avea deloc reziduuri, deoarece cancerul se hrăneşte cu substanţe solide.

Ceaiul de năpraznic (Geranium robertianum)

Într-o cană de apă fiartă se pune plantă cât se ia în trei degete şi se lasă 10 minute la infuzat, după care se strecoară. Se bea rece, neîndulcit.

Supa de ceapă

Se taie o ceapă întreagă, de mărime mijlocie, cu tot cu coajă galbenă exterioară.

Se prăjeşte în ulei vegetal (recomandat: ulei de rapiță) până devine aurie, se adaugă 500 ml. de apă rece, se lasă până la fierbere şi se amestecă până se înmoaie ceapa. Se adaugă legume rase foarte fin şi se strecoară bine, ca ‘’să nu scape’’ niciun reziduu solid, prin trei rânduri de tifon.

Drumul lui Mihai Viteazul urcă până la altitudinea maximă de 1.621 m, în Pasul Vâlcan. Conform istoricilor drumul, mai puțin celebru decât Transalpina, are o vechime de 2.000 de ani, de pe vremea războaielor daco-romane.

Drumul forestier nu poate fi parcurs decât cu mașini 4X4 cu garda înaltă la sol, întrucât a fost asfaltat de autoritățile hunedorene doar pe porțiunea din județul Hunedoara. Acesta este cunoscut ca fiind Drumul lui Mihai Viteazul pentru că pe aici ar fi trecut domnitorul în fruntea oştirii sale, în toamna anului 1600.

Mihai Viteazul (1593-1600) a trecut pe aici pentru a ajunge la Viena, să ceară ajutor împăratului Rudolf al II-lea. Conform legendei, înainte să ajungă în Pasul Vâlcan, calul său ar fi murit din cauza efortului, în locul numit acum Poiana lui Mihai. Se pare că domnitorul ar fi înnoptat acolo, după care ar fi plecat mai departe pe jos.

Peisajul este fantastic și le taie răsuflarea celor care îl parcurg. Drumul șerpuiește paralel cu Valea Jiului și cei care l-au parcurs se declară încântați de priveliște.

Tort Rudolf - Rețete

Avem nevoie de: 1 kg de făină albă, 3 ouă mari, 1 praf de copt, o cană de ulei sau unt gras, sau untură, o cană de zahăr pudră, 150 g zahăr tos, coaja unei lămâi, 4 linguri cu vârf de magiun sau gem de vișine/caise, un plic zahăr pudră vanilat (20 g), 150 g nucă măcinată, opțional o lingură esență rom și o lingură cacao.

Punem făina și praful de copt într-un vas. Separat amestecăm un ou întreg și cele două gălbenușuri cu zahărul pudră, apoi cu uleiul. Turnăm peste făină și amestecăm. Trebuie să iasă un aluat moale, dar care se poate modela fără a se lipi. Separăm o treime din aluat, pe care o frământăm în continuare cu câte puțină făină. Restul de aluat îl întindem cu mâna, prin presare, pe fundul tăvii. Trebuie să fie cam de 0,5 cm gros aluatul din tavă și cât mai uniform. Înțepăm foaia din loc în loc cu furculița și o ungem cu crema, care se face din două albușuri bătute cu zahărul tos, nucă măcinată, gem și cacao.

Deasupra radem prin răzătoarea mare aluatul cel frământat cu mai multă făină, direct pe cake. Dacă am pus destulă făină în aluatul acesta, se va rade frumos, fără a se lipi. Dacă aluatul e prea moale acest aluat, îl mai frământăm cu altă făină. După ce am ras relativ uniform aluatul peste prăjitură, încingem cuptorul și punem prăjitura la copt pentru 35-40 minute. Nu trebuie să se rumenească deasupra prea tare, doar să devină ușor roz-aurie, iar pe margini să fie rumenă.

O tăiem abia după 1-2 ore, cu grijă, cu un cuțit foarte ascuțit și cu lamă subțire. După câteva ora va deveni sfărâmicioasă și fină. Pofta bună.[citeste si]

Video: Tort Rudolf Tort Renifer (December 2021).