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10 Kitchen Gifts for Less Than $10

10 Kitchen Gifts for Less Than $10

Forget stocking-stuffers, these cheap gifts are good enough to be the main present

Give everyone a run for their money buy impressing them with these practically priceless gifts.

Having an at-home chef on your holiday gift list is both a blessing and a curse. You know that there are tons of things that you can get this person. After all, to take cooking seriously they need a kitchen stocked to the brim with useful gadgets and helpful tools. But knowing what to get them can be a challenge. And even more troublesome, being an at-home chef is not a cheap hobby. Most of the things they need are high-powered electronics and expensive tools.

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But oftentimes when we think of buying gifts for the holidays, we think too big. While they may have cabinets full of big-ticket items, their smaller appliance drawers could easily be lacking. To help them fill the void for the mini-necessities (or just fun gadgets any food lover will adore), we came up with an easily accessible list of 10 great kitchen-themed gifts for less than $10 to help you stuff stockings and wow recipients.

Some of the items on our list, like the pie crust shield from Williams-Sonoma, are great for the super-niche at-home cook who loves to focus on baking. We have gifts like waffle cone ice cream bowls from Sur La Table that are perfect for the hostess on your list, and even found great entertaining chopsticks for the person you loves to order in.

Don’t break the bank this holiday season and give a gift they will love without hurting your wallet. Click through our slideshow for more practical options now!

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Sometimes a gift that makes everyone in the room laugh at the moment it’s opened brings about better memories than the actual gift itself. Check out these gag gifts that will help you create great memories with your favorite people.

1. Funny Animal Paw Socks

The perfect gift for your friend or family member who is a little too obsessed with their furry friend. These animal paw socks are sure to turn a few heads around the house and give everyone a good laugh when they’ve got them on.

2. Memory Mints For Senior Moments

Know someone forgetful? Grab them a pack of Senior Moment Mints so they can start remembering everything they’ve forgotten. Plus, who wouldn’t love a pack of fresh mints? Just don’t expect them to share with you after you laugh at them.

3. Cheer the F*ck Up Adult Coloring Book

Recent events have left many of us down in the dumps looking for new indoor hobbies to pass the time. This coloring book doubles as a way to help your friends or family find their happy place and a gag gift.

10 Last-Minute Gifts to Get at Trader Joe&aposs Under $10

When you&aposre picking up some Trader Joe’s frozen kouign amann for your holiday breakfast needs this weekend, know that you can also fit in some last-minute gift shopping. Trader Joe’s products are the subject of cult worship𠅊nd it&aposs likely that there are at least a few people on your holiday shopping list who spread the gospel. If not, you can take this opportunity to introduce them to what could become their new obsession. Remember the first time you had a Trader Joe’s dark chocolate peanut butter cup and vowed never to eat the other stuff again? Think about it: you might get something that could change someone’s life (in a totally benign, mostly helpful way, of course).

Aside from the potential to gift someone the snack of a lifetime, doing your holiday shopping at Trader Joe&aposs means you can be thoughtful without spending beyond your means. And anyone who likes you enough to agree to exchange gifts will appreciate the fact that you’re being fiscally responsible as much as they’ll appreciate the gift itself. Below are 10 gifts from Trader Joe’s all for less than $10. In fact, for as little as $3 at Trader Joe&aposs, you can make someone smile this holiday season. Though, of course, there’s no way you’re leaving the store without spending more than that on some gifts for yourself. (Those peanut butter cups, amirite?)

If you're feeling like a big spender, you can also get the author's buzzy first book of poetry for less than $10!

Promising review: "Rupi has such a wonderful gift of completely and genuinely capturing human emotion. Every poem sent me on a trip of sentiments from heartbreaking sadness to optimistic strength. Do yourself a favor and purchase this book, you won't regret it!" —Scenethia

3. For the caffeine-addicted early riser: Nespresso VertuoPlus by Breville

Getting a fresh cup of java has never been easier. (Photo: Breville)

If your giftee is looking to leave their Keurig behind as we enter a new decade, the Nespresso VertuoPlus by Breville is the coffee maker to replace it. This sleek and easy-to-use machine is the best pod coffee maker we've tested, thanks to its speciality brewing system that makes delicious coffee every time. Plus, you can use it to make espresso, lattes, and more. Sorry, coffee snobs—pod machines are actually good now.

1. A veggie spiralizer so you can eat all of your favorite vegetables in spaghetti or fettuccini form! The tool uses 12 super-sharp stainless-steel blades to slice through zucchini, squash, and more.

Promising review: "I almost bought a countertop spiralizer before realizing I didn’t have the counter space. I 'settled' for this instead. Haha! As it turns out, I thoroughly enjoy this little gadget! Works great! I use it nearly every day. It is one of my favorite kitchen tools. Very highly recommend this!" —Luke316


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Not all of us were blessed with an artistic side. I realize that. Some of us are excellent sewers while some of us &ldquowing it&rdquo and hope for the best. If you have been blessed with a talent, this is a great time to put it to good use! If you&rsquore a great baker, bake if you can knit, I&rsquoll bet you can make a scarf for the price of a skein or two of yarn. (&hellipand by the way, you&rsquore amazing! Knitting is HARD!)

6. For the one who has been washing their hands: This soothing Burt's Bees hand cream

Best Walmart gifts under $10: Burt's Bees hand cream (Photo: Burt's Bees)

First off, I hope we’re all washing our hands! With the COVID pandemic and the arrival of flu season, it’s safest to practice the best hygiene routines. That means washing your hands after you go out, see people, touch things, pretty much anything. But all the hand washing has led to dry and irritated skin for many of us.

Burt’s Bees makes some of my favorite products, like this honey and grapeseed oil hand cream. It’s small enough to keep on hand (aha!) while on the go or store at your desk. It’s an easy gift to give to any friend or family member for instant satisfaction.

7. Send an office gift to someone working from home.

Many of us are learning to juggle working from home and for most, it hasn&rsquot been an easy switch! Even though our team has shared many of the ways we nail working from home, it&rsquos still nice to get a little something to make it even more enjoyable. Something as simple as a new mouse pad for just $7.99 or a genius mug warmer for around $10 can make all the difference during someone&rsquos workday.

Hip Tip: Recently lost a job? All of these companies are currently hiring thousands!

39 Cool Gifts You Can Get for Under $10

Because your White Elephant gift shouldn't cost you too much.

Let's be real: gift-giving is not easy on our wallets. Besides family and friends, you also need to buy presents for your Secret Santa, gift something nice to your next door neighbor, and find a special item to impress your in-laws. But that's okay &mdash you just need to stick to a budget to make sure you don't go broke this holiday season.

While the thought of cheap Christmas gifts might sound unoriginal or tacky, great affordable gifts do exist. In fact, we found 41 gifts under $10 that are thoughtful and can be catered to different personalities. These inexpensive gift ideas include personalized presents for adults, best-selling gifts for kids, and plain old funny gifts that are actually useful. Also, a lot of these finds make fun stocking stuffers or clever White Elephant gifts for every member of your family. We hope one of these gift ideas below help you find something for everyone on your shopping lists!

FYI: Certain items may be shipped later this year due to the pandemic. You can check here for all shipping deadlines to ensure your item arrives in time for the holidays.

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Astrology lovers would love these little crystal glass constellation magnets. They also come in different colors and designs.

Surprise! These glittery earrings cost next to nothing, but offer tons of sparkle.

These clip-anywhere sanitizers make it easy to quickly clean hands on the go. Cruelty-free ingredients plus essential oils and aloe vera kill 99.9% of germs without drying skin.