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Eggplant salad with mayonnaise

Eggplant salad with mayonnaise

Bake the eggplants on the stove, turning from side to side from time to time

Meanwhile, prepare the mayonnaise: put the two yolks in a deep bowl with the mustard.

Mix lightly with the mixer and the same direction gradually pouring the oil until it becomes a consistent composition.

Baked eggplants are peeled, rinsed with a little cold water so that no residue remains on them.

Leave to cool.

When they are quite cold, chop both the eggplant and the onion well (I made the onion with the blender)

Mix, then add mayonnaise and salt to taste, stirring gently from top to bottom so as not to cut the mayonnaise.

Serve fresh with tomatoes :)


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