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Pasta with Vine Tomato and Herbs recipe

Pasta with Vine Tomato and Herbs recipe

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A delicious way to use up a glut of summer tomatoes or over-ripe tomatoes you might have in your fridge. Use any kind of pasta and the Italian cheeses you like best.

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IngredientsServes: 6

  • 900g vine ripened tomatoes, seeded and diced
  • 3 cloves garlic, minced
  • 20g chopped fresh basil
  • 1 tablespoon chopped fresh mint leaves
  • 3/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
  • 1/4 teaspoon dried red pepper chilli flakes
  • 120ml olive oil
  • 60ml sherry
  • 335g spaghetti
  • 60g freshly grated Asiago cheese
  • 220g fontina cheese, shredded

MethodPrep:20min ›Cook:10min ›Ready in:30min

  1. In a medium bowl, toss together tomatoes, garlic, basil, mint, salt and black pepper, dried chilli flakes, olive oil and sherry. Let stand at room temperature for up to 2 hours, stirring occasionally.
  2. Cook the pasta in a large pot of boiling salted water until tender, but firm to the bite.
  3. Drain the pasta, and transfer to a large serving bowl. Drain some of the liquid from the tomato mixture, and toss with the pasta to coat. Add cheese, and toss until it begins to melt. Add the tomato mixture, and toss until mixed.

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by kimmykim

loved this recipe!! I did not use the mint or the sherry - instead I added a slash of balsamic vinegar. My Italian husband (whose mother is THE BEST COOK) loved this - as did all my guest. I will make this again and again. Very easy and YUMMMMMMMY!-22 Aug 2006

by Joe and Jill

This is our household favorite pasta dish! I always make it for guests, and everyone always wants the recipe. I read the other reviews, and don't let the cheese melting problem some people mention deter you from trying this delicious recipe.TIPS FOR GETTING THE CHEESE TO MELT:1. Add cheese to pasta as soon as pasta is drained.2. Use a stainless steel bowl when mixing the cheese with the pasta so the heat from the cooked pasta will be retained, aiding in a quicker melting process.3. Use two forks and go back and forth in opposite directions right after adding the cheese. This helps to distribute the cheese more evenly.-11 Apr 2006


I didn't have any fresh tomato's or basil, so I used 2 cans of the new Aylmers tomato's with olive oil and garlic and I used a TBSP of McCormicks Basil in a tube,otherwise followed the recipe as printed, the taste was wonderful. I did not drain the canned tomato's but allowed the pasta to absorb the excess juice before I served it. I also did not like the look of the cheese and found it made clean-up more difficult (the cheese really coated the forks etc), next time I am going to skip adding the cheese and just serve the pasta with a shaker of parmesan so that everyone can add their own at the table, also will have a shaker with red pepper flakes so that the teenagers can spice it up as much as they like. I think the parmesan will be sufficient for us without the 2 1/2 cups of fontina and asiago which really add a lot of calories not to mention expense.-27 Jun 2005

Fresh Summer Tomato Sauce

This summer tomato sauce recipe combines vine-ripened tomatoes with onions, garlic and fresh Italian herbs. It is a classic marinara sauce that comes together in about an hour.

Although I love having jars of homemade tomato sauce in storage to enjoy through the year, there is nothing like the flavor of freshly harvested, sun-ripened tomatoes.

This summer tomato sauce recipe takes advantage of tomatoes harvested at their peak flavor. Because this tomato sauce is cooked quickly, it retains that fresh-tomato taste and has a bright, fruity, and slightly tart flavor.

This is a classic marinara that can be used in many ways, including tossed with spaghetti, homemade egg noodles, ricotta gnocchi, in zucchini lasagna, or as a dipping sauce for zucchini garlic bites.

Most types of tomatoes work well in this tomato sauce recipe, including cherry, grape, paste, or slicing tomatoes. A mix of different types will give you a well-rounded flavored sauce.

  • Cherry and grape tomatoes are ideal for this summer tomato recipe. They may be small, but they are packed with flavor. Cherry tomatoes have a sweeter flavor and come in red, yellow, and orange colors. Grape tomatoes have a meaty texture that produces a nice thick sauce.
  • Paste tomatoes, also called plum tomatoes have a dense, dry flesh and few seeds, making them perfect for turning into a thick and rich sauce.
  • Slicing tomatoes are more watery than paste tomatoes, but they are filled with flavor. You may need to simmer the sauce a little longer to thicken if you are using slicing tomatoes.

This summer tomato sauce recipe takes advantage of fresh ingredients abundant throughout the summer growing season. This is a classic marinara that comes together in about an hour.

Let it simmer on the stove while you cook up your pasta and prepare a salad with homemade Italian salad dressing.

You can leave this sauce chunky, or purée it into a smooth sauce using a food strainer, food processor, or immersion hand blender.

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You may want to add another ingredient to give it more flavor - a little balsamic vinegar when tossed for example. As-is, it's a little too bland to be the main-course.

I used heirloom black cherry tomatoes and bowtie pasta (since it was what I had on-hand. For herbs I used fresh basil, oregano, thyme, and Italian parsley. I left the cheese out and it really didn't need it. It was easy, fast, and tasty. Use cherry tomatoes, other varieties won't work nearly as well. This recipe is a KEEPER!

Perfect for a hot summer night. I have a lot of herbs in my garden. This is a great use of them. I added chopped fresh mozarella.

I've been looking for a go-to pasta salad recipe all summer. This is it. Simple, versatile, and delicious, and it keeps beautifully in the fridge. I used strozzapretti pasta and chervil, marjoram, and chives since that's what I had on hand. I would cut down somewhat on the oil next time. It makes way more than 4 servings, even as a main course.

This is a great, simple recipe that I've made several times. I've varied the herbs (cilantro, parsely, and basil was particularly good) and varied the pasta (even used organic bicycle-shaped pasta for a theme party). It keeps incredibly well. I like to add grated romano cheese just before serving. A definite keeper.

Would make again if I needed a pasta salad in a hurry. Only used about 1/4 cup of olive oil and that was enough. Had oregano, basil and chives for the herb mix. Also, used on-the-vine tomatoes instead of cherry. Made with whole wheat rotini (all I had) and it was pretty good. This isn't a show-stopper dish but nice for summer.

Didn't really need as much oil as it calls for, if you are watching that sort of thing. Sustituted fresh Jersey tomatoes, and used a couple tbs. balsamic instead of the sugar. Fresh basil, parsley, oregano. If using reg. size tomatoes rather than the cherry, you may want to leave out most of the seeds. They make the dressing kind of watery, and take away from the visual appeal. Easy and colorful. Good for a cookout or picnic, holds up well.

Nice, simple recipe. I used larger tomatoes that worked out just great. I also added some fresh arugula along side the basil that added a nice taste. Make sure that you season it with enough salt to bring out the flavors.

Seattle, you can use just about anything depending on your preference: rosemary, thyme, oregano, parsley (flat or curly leaf aka Italian) basil, sage, marjoram. You can also use dry if fresh herbs are not available. Just be sure to use half the amount the recipe calls for.

Sorry but I am a dunce when it comes to fresh herbs. What did you use and amounts? Thanks

Beyond Pasta Sauce: 30 Ways to Use Your Summer Tomatoes

It’s summer, and that means tomatoes are in season. If you do your grocery shopping on a budget or grow your food, you may find yourself with an abundance of tomatoes to use. If you are looking for a quick dinner idea, a snack, or a delicious appetizer that is not pasta and sauce, then read on!

Air Fried Green Tomatoes are coated in cornmeal and breadcrumbs for a delicious summer snack! Dip them in sauce or even stack them on a burger! You’re about to take a bite into the perfect summer snacking food you never knew you were missing!

2. Chunky Salsa Recipe

This Chunky Salsa Recipe is an excellent use of your summer tomatoes! And this recipe is healthy, fresh, easy, and full of flavors. It even doubles as a condiment. Go ahead and dip it, layer in tacos, roll up in burritos and stir into Spanish rice.

3. Instant Pot Shakshuka

Want to diversify your breakfast? You have come to the right place! Shakshuka is an Israeli dish that includes eggs, tomatoes, and bell peppers. It’s the perfect dish for the whole family!

4. Instant Pot Tomato Soup

Don’t miss this tomato soup. It’s soo easy to make, and you can have it in only 30 minutes and enjoy a healthy dinner in no time. It’s really easy to make, has simple ingredients, and a great taste. You can eat it as-is for a light dinner or add some farro or bread.

5. Tomato Basil Soup

When Roma tomatoes are plentiful and fresh off the vine, this is the recipe that will put them to deliciously good use. Freeze a few batches of Tomato Basil Soup soup, and you’ll thank yourself as the months go by. Any variety of fresh tomatoes will work, but Roma tomatoes provide a nice sturdy base.

6. Tomato Galette Recipe

Heirloom tomatoes, prosciutto, herbs, and three kinds of cheese are tucked into a rustic pastry crust to make this gorgeous tomato galette recipe. When summer tomatoes start coming in fast and furious in your garden or at the farmers market, it’s time to make a recipe like this where the heirloom tomatoes are the star of the show!

7. Easy Caprese Pasta Salad

A pasta salad recipe is perfect for a dinner entree, side dish, lunch, or brunch. Enjoy the classic combination of tomato, mozzarella, and basil tossed with pasta and drizzled with a rich balsamic vinaigrette. This recipe is quick, easy, and delicious!

8. Gluten-Free Southern Tomato Sandwich

The classic summer sandwich! This is how to build a perfect Gluten-Free Southern Tomato Sandwich that’s also vegan, allergy-free, and so simple, quick, and easy to make! Soft gluten-free white bread, creamy egg-free mayo, and thick, ripe, juicy tomato slices with a sprinkle of salt and pepper!

Best Way to Hollow Out Tomatoes

Core each tomato with a melon baller. This is the easiest way to avoid cutting yourself or damaging the insides of the tomato. This is definitely the most tedious part of the process. But if you have kids at home or family visiting, this is a great group project!

Best Tomatoes to Roast

The special part about this roasted cherry tomatoes recipe is the burst of flavor you get when you bite into the individual tomatoes. Therefore, a smaller tomato that has only been cut in half, or not cut at all, will be the best in delivering this flavor bomb.

For this dish there are a few tomato varieties that will work exceptionally well and others that I would not recommend using.

Best Tomato Varieties:

  • Cherry &ndash Small and full of flavor.
  • Grape &ndash Also small and still packed with flavor.
  • Campari &ndash A larger tomato but will still work well if cut into smaller pieces.

Would Not Recommend:

  • Roma &ndash These lack substantial flavor and will not give you the same result as the above varieties.
  • Beefsteak or Vine-ripened &ndash A little too large and have too much liquid to get the roasted texture that&rsquos so great in this recipe.

RECIPE: Pasta alla Norma

Who could use another traditional pasta recipe to whip up any night of the week? (Trick question, we all can) Well, you’re in luck — this Pasta all Norma serves 4 people in just 1 hour, and pairs perfectly with delicious red blends like those in our newest Weekly Tasting set, The American Way: Big Red Blends.

Here’s what you’ll need to create the recipe:

  • 2 medium eggplants
  • ¼ cup plus 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 4 cloves garlic, minced
  • 2 medium onions, chopped
  • 1 tsp dry oregano
  • 1 28oz.-can crushed tomatoes
  • 2 tbsp tomato paste
  • Salt and pepper
  • 1 bunch fresh basil
  • 1 bunch fresh parsley
  • 1 lb dry pasta, such as rigatoni or penne
  • Grated parmesan cheese

And here’s how to make it:

  1. Cut eggplant into a large dice. Add 1 tbsp of salt and massage the eggplant well. Put the eggplant in a strainer and let it sit for 30 minutes at room temperature to drain.
  2. Preheat oven to 400°F. Once rested, squeeze eggplant well to remove moisture. Use paper towels to dry eggplant. Toss eggplant in ¼ cup olive oil and season with pepper. Lay eggplant on a baking sheet and roast for 25 minutes, stirring after 15 minutes. Once baked, remove, and set aside.
  3. Heat oil to a pan and cook the onion and garlic with salt and tomato paste until the onions are soft. Deglaze pan with crushed tomatoes and simmer for 45 minutes. Finish the sauce by stirring in fresh herbs.
  4. Cook pasta in salted water until al dente. Finish pasta in sauce and serve with eggplant on top with grated parmesan.

There you have it: an Italian pasta dish to serve with your favorite red blend. Don’t miss out on this recipe card or any of the wines in The American Way: Big Red Blends Weekly Tasting set, premiering August 17, 2020. Happy cooking!

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Tomato recipes

Italy grows a staggering 4.9 million tons of tomatoes a year, and for many the ingredient stands as a symbol of Italian cuisine. However, despite its contemporary ubiquity the tomato is a relatively recent phenomenon in Italian culture, and only became introduced into the culinary canon after the Spanish conquistadors brought the fruit back from the South American Andes in the sixteenth century. Its popularity spread rapidly, becoming the base for millions of sauce, soup, salad and pasta recipes thanks to its colour, flavour and inherent versatility.

Over one hundred varieties of tomato are grown in Italy, with the country’s southernmost regions known in particular for producing the most delicious varieties (including the famed San Marzano plum). In fact, it is said that the Neapolitans introduced the tomato into Italy’s kitchens, and today it is almost impossible to imagine an Italian kitchen without the fragrance and colour of fresh pummarola. This collection of delicious Italian tomato recipes provides plenty of inspiration for bringing these classic aromas into your own home.

Create your own true Italian tomato sauce with Andrea Migliaccio’s Passata recipe, using glorious San Marzano tomatoes, or combine two different varieties as seen in the Cerea Brothers’ traditional northern Italian recipe for Paccheri with tomato sauce and Parmesan. If you prefer the sweeter flavours of plum cherry tomatoes, you could try Mauro Uliassi’s Smoked spaghetti, clams and grilled plum cherry tomatoes recipe, a Michelin spin on the classic spaghetti alle vongole. For salty-sweetness olives, capers and tomatoes are a match made in foodie heaven, epitomised in this collection with Gaetano Trovato’s recipe for Rabbit, olives, capers, dried tomatoes, potatoes and the Costardi Brothers’ Red mullet with capers, black olive and tomato dish.

Nutrition (per serving)

  • Calories
  • 144,
  • Protein
  • 5 g,
  • Carbohydrates
  • 25 g,
  • Fat
  • 5 g,
  • Fibre
  • 6 g,

Ripen tomatoes: Layer tomatoes with their stem ends down between sheets of newspaper or brown paper in a box.

Store tomatoes: Keep ripe tomatoes in a cool, not cold, area. Refrigerating saps their flavour and makes them spongy.

Freeze tomatoes: Spread whole tomatoes out on a baking sheet. Place in freezer just until firm, then pop into freezer bags. It’s a snap to remove one at a time when you want. Hold a frozen tomato under hot running water and the skin will split, making it easy to peel. Then chop and add to any tomato sauce recipe you’re making.

Recipe Tips & Tricks

Cherry tomatoes: Wash them thoroughly and remove the stalk from the tomatoes. Don’t chop them, you want to roast them as a whole!

Garlic: Peel and crush the garlic. The easiest way to do this is by using the back of a wooden spoon. If you roast whole garlic cloves in the oven, they are going to add a delightful scent to your pasta dish. You can eat them with the pasta or discard them if you prefer. I always eat the whole garlic cloves with my pasta.

Italian herbs: You can use fresh or dried herbs. I like to use dried basil and oregano because I always have these two at hand.

Casserole/Baking dish: Use a casserole or baking dish and not a baking tray to roast the tomatoes. They are going to lose some juice which you want to collect as a sauce for the spaghetti. A baking dish collects this juice on the bottom, whereas it would spread too much on a baking tray.

→ I love to use this round glass casserole to make this recipe! It also comes with a lid, which you don’t need for this recipe, but is especially handy for baking bread. It’s a cheaper alternative to an expensive dutch oven which is often used for baking bread such as this No-Knead Bread!

Assemble: As soon as the cherry tomatoes are soft, you need to take them out of the oven and add the spaghetti into the baking dish. Toss it until the spaghetti have absorbed all the remaining juice. Only now are they ready to serve!

Serve: You can serve your roasted cherry tomato pasta with fresh basil and vegan parmesan cheese.