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Soccer Ball Salad

Soccer Ball Salad

The boiled chicken breast is finely chopped. Chop the cucumbers and drain the juice well, drain the corn kernels and mix everything.

Separately prepare mayonnaise from the yolks rubbed with oil and a pinch of salt.

Mix the salad with mayonnaise, place it in a bowl with a round bottom and then turn it over on a round flat plate and cover it on top with a thin film of mayonnaise.

Decorate with chopped egg whites and chopped olives in the shape of a soccer ball simply gluing white and black dots by hand. We place green leaves all around.

About the lettuce plant

Lettuce, whose scientific name is Lactuca sativa, is an annual or biennial vegetable plant from the Asteraceae family.

The root of the salad is pivoting and penetrates into the soil quite deep. In the lateral parts numerous branches are formed that can reach up to 10-15 cm in length. The lettuce leaves are short-petiolate, with a corrugated surface, and the edges can be smooth or toothed.

As it grows, the plant will form a head with different shapes and sizes, depending on the variety.

The floral stem of the salad is strongly branched and has a head with yellow flowers on top. The flowers are grouped in ovoid cylindrical heads, are ligular or tubular, small and yellow.

Planting lettuce

The markets are closing. Instead of cabbage, the Romanians pick up soccer balls from Decathlon

The closure of the markets determines many Romanians to reorient themselves this year. Pickle recipes have already appeared in which the cabbage, which is no longer available, is replaced with soccer balls from Dedeman. There are also housewives who, not having gogons, put tennis balls in the jar.

Even so, many Romanians complain that the taste of a soccer ball in brine does not really compare with the authentic one of cabbage and they do not even know how to wrap the sarmales at Christmas. "I discovered that it's hard to keep the balls in the barrel, that they come to the surface, I have to deflate them a little to fit. And when I blow in the barrel of tennis balls, they all jump out, I need two children of balls to blow them well ", complains a landlord.

Others are even more creative and instead of melons they put rugby balls. Others settle for beach balls filled with ping pong balls. "What to do? If we have stupid leaders, we have to be more stupid than them, right? ”, Say the Romanians.

Lots of TNR beer are always limited, because we only sell what we don't get to drink. Come on, place an order quickly, until we drink it all!

Cassava balls filled with cheese

Cassava balls filled with cheese are very rich, especially for cheese lovers, it is an ideal recipe and one that is usually enjoyed by the little ones in the house.

  • 900 grams of cassava.
  • 200 grams of diced mozzarella cheese.
  • 2 egg yolks
  • 60 grams of plain wheat flour.
  • 180 ml. sunflower oil or any other vegetable oil.
  • A pinch of ground black pepper.
  • A pinch of salt.
  1. We remove the skin from the yucca, divide it into squares and cook it in a cauldron with water and a little salt.
  2. When it is tender, turn off the heat, drain the yucca and crush it until it is clean.
  3. Add to the ground yucca the two yolks and half of the flour, mix to make the dough, add a little salt and a little ground black pepper.
  4. Form the balls with the cassava dough and insert a small cube or a piece of mozzarella cheese into each ball.
  5. Once we have all the yucca balls filled, we go through the flour we reserved.
  6. Put hot oil in a pan to fry the yucca balls.
  7. We brown his balls on both sides.
  8. We cover a plate or a source with a napkin or absorbent paper to deposit the already fried balls and to drain the oil.

Cherry tomato salad with avocado

1. Squeeze the lemon in a medium bowl. Remove the seeds.
2. Add a tablespoon of olive oil and mix
3. Add salt and pepper to taste.
4. Add coriander
5. Add the cherry tomatoes and mix
6. Add avocado and mix
7. Taste the salad and add more salt and pepper if needed
8. Place it on the plate you are serving and decorate it with pine buds

See how easy you can make this recipe in the video below. Source: 1-2 Simple Cooking

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Ștefan Baiaram

When you see Ștefan Baiaram driving the ball at speed on the perfect turf on the Ion Oblemenco arena, you are tempted to believe that he is one of the stars of the big team, the one that won the “bronze” of the last national football championship.

He has an imposing physique for the age of 16, and the technical qualities and speed of reaction are other attributes that complete the picture of a very young footballer, national vice-champion with the University of Craiova Under 17 and member of the national group of senior juniors.

He showed up at the stadium accompanied by a gray gentleman, small in stature and modestly dressed, a kind of Sancho Panza, walking two steps behind the knight in armor whom he serves with love and selflessness. I find out that her name is Gheorghe Burticioiu and she is… Ștefan's mother, the emerging star of Craiova.

No, it's not really the mother, it's the foster carer who, fifteen years ago, took care of a baby left to the Lord by the woman who gave birth to him.

Watch carefully for the moment when it can catch your eye. Then he starts talking to you about Stefan's beginnings as a junior, how the kid was always called to play in children's teams two or three years older than him, how the only gift Stefan wanted for his birthday was a ball of leather to beat on the walls of the house, with which to sleep at night when he dreamed that he was a football player in the Craiova “Maxima” team of the '80s…

Don't tell him he's an ordinary man who doesn't have enough money from one salary to another. It does not warn you, as a "parent", that nowadays it is very difficult to carry a performance athlete on your back. That protein is expensive when you have to eat it every day or that a pair of Nike shoes with "threaded" studs costs almost as much as a poor man's salary.

… With such a “mother”, Ștefan will surely become a football player.

And those from the University staff take care, in their performance laboratories, to make it "good to play" as soon as possible.

Long live France. UEFA European Football Championship 2016 cookbook. Culinary travel guide for each host city

- 10 STADIUMS - are the venues of the European Football Championship 2016 & icircn France.

- 10 CITIES - not only the places & icircn where the matches will be played, but also particularly attractive travel destinations. They are presented in this book with their temptations.
- 10 CULINARY REGIONS represents the diversity of French cuisine and guarantees flavor.
from Coq they come to Ratatouille, from pancakes with cheese from Auvergne to pancakes with tomatoes from Nice, they punctuate the appetite of a delicious summer during the European Championship, whether we are present at the match or whether we watch it at home on TV, Together with friends, I always respect the motto: Ball, Baguette and Bouillabaisse (ro. & bdquoball, baghetp and fish supp & rdquo)

The recipe for the best mushroom salad can be found in the famous journalist in love with cuisine Radu Anton Roman, in the work "Romanian dishes, wines and customs" (Paideia Publishing House).

How to prepare the sauce for mushroom salad


pepper, salt 1 glass of wine 1 tablespoon vinegar 1 knife tip dried thyme 1 kg of fleshy mushrooms, which harden when boiled - beech trout, manatees, white cultivated mushrooms.

1 tablespoon oil 3 cloves garlic 1 tablespoon vinegar (or as you like) a little mushroom juice greens: dill, parsley

Method of preparation

  • Mushrooms are well cared for in several waters. It is easier if the hat breaks.
  • Boil in a 1 liter juice water with pepper, salt, wine, vinegar and thyme.
  • After a quarter of an hour of boiling, drain the mushrooms and leave to cool.
  • The greens are chopped.
  • Grind the garlic paste.
  • Cut the mushrooms into thin slices, sprinkle with vinegar, oil, garlic, 1-2 tablespoons of their juice.
  • "A tomato sauce or Oltenian yogurt sauce are other love encounters of boiled mushrooms, occasioning pleasant openings of guests with the appropriate dry wine: Fetească Regală", noted Radu Anton Roman.

SUPER PHOTO Puzzle with memories »35 ball, Turbo rubber, neck key. You go on!

"My lost summers, with the stress of the last theses and a monstrous aptitude test like the neighbor who stabbed my soccer balls." I came across the childhood years, reading this phrase on mysport. The broken ball in the shard with maximum courage on the asphalt, stabbed by a vengeful burst of one who felt threatened by the silence on the wooden frame of the window, the double glazing arrived too late to calm such a great war ... The dead with the dead, the living with the living. a piece of broken ball, filled with stones or sand, and strategically placed in front of a block entrance or in the middle of the street, sometimes even twisted. making all those lei paid before the devaluation also alters the myth of the “balls of 35.” Now, why not take a break by giving the yam through memories? t to remember: where, how and with whom did you hit the ball? "

This text, written on 3 years ago by Dumitru Baba, nickname "Beleaua", unlocked thousands of drawers packed with memories. andchildhood images with a rush in the minds of those who hit the ball on the squares in the '70s and' 80s. It was, perhaps, the article with the most comments in the history of Gsp. And not a single one contained words from the poisoned vocabulary of the lawns! Here are some of those comments below. Enjoy them, close your eyes and remember your childhood with a smile, then you continue the series of memories, in a comment written here, on, or in an article accompanied by photos and videos, on!

"The 35 ball was often used, but let's not forget other games, like the pit, the wallet, the castle, the satchel, the horn pipes, the slingshots, that screwed thing in which we put phosphorus from the match and it cracked," flowers, girls and the boys, "the handkerchief, the blind woman, the ducks and the hunters, the hawks and the doves, your hiding place, your hiding place, etc." - remember

"Diri-diri, rejection, penalties, lifeline, 21… I had a lot of games! Nice, what memories. I miss the neighbors who were taking care of us, I miss the broken balls and the comments after," you pay for it! Or phases like "you don't play anymore? OK, 3 chestnuts and 3 kicks in the ass from each one to get out, that you're ruining the team. " I'm scared! I miss the 35… ball " - Dragons

"Let's not forget the" poorer relative "of the 35-ball: the 18-ball. more than God-help :-) " - Berlogea

"When I was returning from my summer vacation with my grandparents, with the money raised there, I would take Final90 and Cin-Cin. You remember them, didn't you? Chewing gum that had surprises with footballers! and I was asking for 10 more surprises with other footballers in his place if someone wanted to change! , what a childhood! " - Dragons

"We used to play tricks at the carpet bar (the hottest football gate of childhood) or at a brick-drawn gate on the wall of the block, so that the hair on the heads of those on the ground floor would rise from so many" bumps " - Gusti

"Speaking of football and the 35 and 18 balls: we also had a place to beat them in front of the blocks. Well, when we parked a car on our football" field ", we asked the owner to move it for two hours, because it bothers us. I'm looking out the window now and I'm smiling. - alex

"How beautiful it was! I grew up near Electronica, in Baicului. We played until late at night, especially in the summer, on an alley between the blocks guarded by two lanterns. You see, I had a night :). We made gates from the rubbish bins and played until we hit the ball in the yard of the neighbor to the right of the alley, who confiscated it until the next day. " - Rapid since I know myself

"Before the '90s, the coolest thing about the street was having an Artex. Everyone called him to football and put him on the team. In fact, Artext put him in, it was like a passport." - school yard

"The 18 lei balls were a kind of thicker balloons. If you hit them with a spike, they would change their direction 5 times to the destination" - moro

"I, like others here, remembered my childhood! The flashes, the hiding, the hiding, the football championship between blocks. The first drawings seen in a friend's video in '86! Brother, that one had Akai brought in from outside! Madness! Mexico '86 seen behind the block with the antenna on Bulgarians! Italy '90 seen in the parents' living room with all the friends in the neighborhood! " - Mihai

"That Hungarian Artex was the passport of a little man who didn't know football! And you put it in the goal, just to play with that ball!" - Mihai

"But do you remember the queues at" Sportul "? And the obligation to buy a bunch of newspapers to benefit from it? Or the sale" under the hand "of football magazines?" - Dorin

"One day I took my Panini sticker album just to remember my childhood. I still feel exactly the same feeling I felt when, in the '90s, I revealed the gums with immense emotion to see who I hit. I was betting that we would hit Romanians, but we would hit Zubizzareta again. :) What bad luck, another double " - Oradea city

"What soles did those Drăgăşani sneakers have! When you stepped on a stone, you felt the pain to the top of your head" - red

"Remember the cornet fights? I had a weapon with 3" pipes "tied with insulating tape and I had also made a handle from a shorter pipe, which I heated at the cylinder stove to bend it :)" - Gusti

"Dude, does anyone remember" Frunza "? He was drawing with chalk on the asphalt and you had to get to the opponent's camp without being kicked out. It was bestial! How many clothes I broke… Respect for those who have memories They gave me tears and I'm not sorry. " - sorin78

"I remember with what conviction I claimed that my shot was" empty-bar "even though the gates were made of 2 boulders :) And the goalkeeper shouted that there was no way and that it was" out ". But in the end we were all friends, Steaua fans with Dinamo players " - Mihai

"It's like we grew up together, even in different cities" - Christ

"Do you remember the respect we had for the 'older ones'? We stood behind the gates when they played football and fought to give them the ball. We asked one of them to leave and we too (invariably, in the goal) Another chance to play was to have a better ball :) " - red

"I also add: the Gumela gums (you were breaking your teeth in it) and Dr. Baltazar (with that packaging that melted in your mouth), the Cuban candies, the carbide cannons, the Vikend and Appolonia cigarettes, the queues at the cinema at" Sora 13 " , Pegasus with horns and long saddle, Laughter Stuntmen and Cartoon Gala - the only times when I was glad my mother called me into the house :-) " - In short

"Ardei, Oaie, Papagal, Muncitoru, Ţînţaru, Oasă-Cocoaşă, Bombonel, Buzatu, Pătrăţel… Where are you? You hid in the fog of the weather. "Often when I get through my childhood I remember those great times. I wander around the block. How? We're the 5th team at the dam? It doesn't matter, we wait and we sure won't go out until nightfall. call the house. Tiiiiiiit! Get out of the way, you don't see that I want to park. I wake up with regret and take it to my parents' block. " - Geo

"I remember when I went with my father to the couplets on the former" 23 August ", we were all sitting together, speedsters, Dinamo players, Steaua players. - dantes

"I was born in '76 and I remember the dives on the freshly concreted sports field, from School 20 in Bacău. What we were happy when they put wire nets at the gates and poured concrete! I was happy when I my father brought a pair of welder's gloves, I defended better with them. If necessary, I also defended with gloves with one finger :)) " - sevilla '86

"I still remember that I almost had a cardiac arrest when I found a surprise with Hagi in a Cin-cin gum, as if it were number 24. I bragged for a few days in class that no one had. And when I had more I also got a Locksmith (as if he were no. 40) moaned like woe by his mother and whom I had given about 3 surprises in exchange, I wanted to put them in the frame, not another one. Heheee, what times " - I have no idea

"I was looking for beer and juice caps (Pepsi ones were in high demand) and I put them on the tram line to make cakes. I traded Pifs, iron cars and surprises, I ate whole sheets of pharyngosept as candy." - alexxmit

"I would come home from school (with the key around my neck), I would take a glass of soda with 1 leu, I would throw my backpack on the sidewalk and let him play football until four o'clock, when my parents came from work and I would argue that I was playing with "good" sneakers. I went up, I changed, I ate (forced), all in 3 minutes :) and I went back down in front of the block " - Fox

"I bought a RIC with the money I earned after I went to carols in a winter :) It cost 100 lei. I listened to him proudly every Sunday" Football minute by minute ". And now I remember how much I cried after a "U" Cluj - Steaua 2-2, with Hagi missing a penalty after previously telling the Cluj goalkeeper something in his ear. I was outside in front of the block with the galena in my ear crying, with all the Dinamo players next to me radiating happiness :) " - chef

Video: Making Fruit Salad and Football Crossbar Challenge (November 2021).