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Put the milk on the fire together with the butter and let them reach the boiling point, then add the cornstarch, mix a few times, lift the bowl off the heat and let the composition rest until you prepare the rest of the ingredients.

We crush the cheese in a bowl, or grate it.

We break eggs over it and mix everything well.

Add the slightly hot cornstarch, mix and then gradually add the flour.

Season with salt if necessary, line a tray with butter and spread the pie composition in it.

Put the tray in the oven for 35-40 minutes at 180 degrees, or depending on the oven of each, until it browns a little on the surface.

We serve hot pie and serve it with plenty of sour cream.

It is the first time I make this pie and I can tell you that it conquered me.

To be served, I once served a long time ago, from a Moldovan lady, an aunt who is no longer with us now. In fact, I heard from her many of the traditional Moldovan dishes.

Alivenci with sweet cheese and blueberries

Born and raised on the banks of the Danube, it happened that life still took me to lands further away from the Danube, just to Iasi, where I lived for several years. Not too many, but enough for the gourmet of me to get acquainted with Moldovan gastronomy and learn new recipes, not encountered by me until then.

I forgot some of the recipes from my Moldovan period. Others have gone to my heart and I still do them sometimes. By far the most dear to my heart, the one I do most often, remained the golden, fragrant and deliciously fragrant alivanca.

You can't help but hear about alivanca - alivenci in the plural - because a lot has been written. From Creangă, Păstorel to Radu Anton Roman, the aliens, in their peasant simplicity, impressed many of our great writers and gastronomes who mentioned them in their works. Cosmin Dragomir makes on an almost complete history of the aliens in their characteristic style, ie very well documented, full of quotes and historical references.

Alivanca was also called in the villages of Modova and "the shepherd's pie”Because its main ingredients are the basic products of any sheepfold: corn, cheese and cream or whipped milk.

The recipe for alivanca is not very strict, you will find many variants of the same preparation and no matter how much we quarrel like the friends in Păstorel's story, each variant is delicious in its own way. If you don't know the famous dialogue, you can find it in the article on mentioned above.

Alivanca can also be made in the sweet version, but also in the salty version. I thought I would show you today a sweet and chic alligance, cooked with a few blueberries and served while hot, bathed in a delicious sauce made from the same fruits.

Not only do blueberries look great in golden and browned dough, but in my opinion, a little sour like them, they perfectly compliment the soft and sweet taste of the aliens.

Serve the basins bathed in a little blueberry sauce and I guarantee that the whole family will be delighted by the miraculous transformation of this eminently peasant pie into an elegant and refined dessert.

On the blog you will also find a variant of Moldovan alivanca served with sour cream and raspberry jam. Maybe you want to try that one too.

Alivenci - the recipe from 1871 of Ecaterina Steriady (colonel)

Ecaterina Steriady, the colonel who published in 1871 the first edition of the cookbook that would become the best-seller of half a century, had just turned 20 years old when she started working on it. He must have had a great passion for cooking and collecting recipes, otherwise it is not explained where he would publish a few hundred, some of foreign origin, but also not a few Romanians.

Like this recipe by Alivenci, much loved by Moldovans all the time, but seemingly uninteresting to someone who came from a Greek family settled in Galati only two or three generations ago.

It's hard to find out where she got her recipe from now, but we can put her instructions into practice, can't we?

So. Take 600 g of very fresh cheese, 37 or 45 g of cornmeal (puppet flour), as it is soft cheese, 6 eggs, remove 3 of the egg whites. Then.

Moldovan aliens

I thought, what would it be,
Because I'm Moldovan,
In my kitchen,
To cook a & # 8222Alivancă & # 8221.

And if you want, I'll tell you,
How to make, prepare,
Fluffy, hot and good,
& # 8222Alivenci moldovenești & # 8221.

And there are many options,
Which I found,
But what he writes next,
It worked out best for me.

I, from salted milk,
Which I boil in a cauldron,
I make a big polenta,
With the corn that I put.

A strong mix,
Until it thickens,
That is always required,
Not to have lumps.

That's it, I'll put it aside,
I put butter, cheese and cream,
Honey, mixed eggs,
To become homogeneous.

In a wallpapered tray,
With butter, corn, or breadcrumbs,
I place the prepared shell,
And I set it on fire slowly.

And in the hot roll,
I will definitely leave it,
Until it's well coagulated,
And it turned nice.

Baked, I place it on the table,
And cut it, with a knife,
Because it's tastier,
Until then, it hasn't cooled.

But cold is also good,
As a dessert, to take,
Garnished with cream,
And with sugar, if you will.

But I think it's a mess,
Still hot and tastier,
Whether or not you are Moldovan,
You will do it, delicious.

This dish, which I always heard talking about, or which I assumed to be with all sorts of tastes, when I was reading & # 8222Children's Memories & # 8221, always made me curious to try to make it , until I took my heart in my teeth and tried.
I made a normal polenta, not too soft, but not extremely fluffy, from 300 g of corn, boiled in a liter of milk with two teaspoons of salt.
When the polenta had thickened enough, I put it aside from the heat and added 60 grams of butter, 250 grams of sour cream, 300 grams of cottage cheese, 4 eggs, 150 grams of grated cheese, 100 grams of curd, 100 grams of telemea and a spoon of honey.
I mixed everything very well and put the composition in a pan greased with butter.
I put the tray in the oven at 200 ° C for 30 minutes, or until it is nicely browned.
I know there are all kinds of aliens recipes, but this one, made by me & # 8222 by eye & # 8221, I like the most.
I also ate this dish as a dessert, putting sour cream on top, but the salty version seems much tastier.
It is a dish that can be made as you wish, without risking too much. It is very, very tasty!

Known by several names, including "sweet corn" or "shepherd's pie", Moldovan cheeses are, in fact, pies with cheese and corn and are absolutely delicious. The sauces prepared according to the traditional Moldovan recipe are fluffy, tender and incredibly tasty. They can be sweet or salty, depending on everyone's preferences, and are very easy to make. Here are the ingredients and how to prepare it!

Fluffy and tender Moldovan aliens, cooking methods

In a saucepan, boil the milk together with the butter, vanilla sugar and salt. When the milk boils, put the cornmeal, stirring constantly, so that it does not form lumps. After about 5 minutes, turn off the heat and leave to cool.

In a bowl put the sweet cheese, cream, egg yolks, flour, sugar and lemon and orange peel. Stir until the sugar has melted. When the cornmeal has cooled, add the cheese mixture and the beaten egg whites and mix until smooth.

Put the composition in a tray lined with baking paper and put in the oven at 170 ° C for 45-50 minutes. Serve Moldovan and fluffy Moldovan sauces with jam or cream and powdered with powdered sugar.

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