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Pickles for summer

Pickles for summer

So you take the tomatoes, the gogonele and the pumpkin, cut into pieces neither too much nor too much, that is, so suitable, a pomegranate in two if it is small, or so at its size if it is more than an egg: P. Cut the zucchini into cubes, leave with the peel. Add among the pieces of celery root and a few cloves of garlic, a few, not many.

Put all this in a large jar, plastic bucket or any other container that has the right lid. Put dill on top and underneath, that big, dry dia: D. In a bowl prepare brine. To a liter of cold water put a spoonful of coarse salt, so that it is not a spoon, neither grated, nor with the top like a pyramid: P so more suitable. Stir until the salt melts and pour the liquid obtained over those put in the jar.

Put the lid on and leave at room temperature. Then every day, for about 4-5 I think (I have to ask R. how many, that he takes care of this operation), petrocite them. :))) I mean ... open the lid, pour the liquid from the jar into a basin and then pour it back. repeat this operation about twice a day. When it is good for the papacy, that is, sour and salty enough and sweet at the same time ... put on your breath. You will mention me!

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