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Savory Chocolate Recipes Perfect for Valentine's Day

Savory Chocolate Recipes Perfect for Valentine's Day

Chocolate cake, chocolate chip cookies, and chocolate mousse: when it comes to dessert, it's no surprise that chocolate is a popular choice. When it comes to savory cooking, however, there are a number of delicious ways to incorporate chocolate.

Savory Chocolate Recipes Perfect for Valentine's Day

Chocolate, especially dark chocolates with a high percentage of cacao solids, can have strong flavors ranging from earthy to sweet. When you're looking to add one of these flavors to a dish, chocolate could be your go-to ingredient.

If we've piqued your interest but you're not quite sure how to get started read on; Eagranie Yuh, chocolate expert and author of The Chocolate Tasting Kit, offers some advice.

What are some of the ways to use chocolate in savory cooking?
I often add cocoa powder or unsweetened chocolate to savory dishes, especially tomato-based, long-cooked dishes. I add about a tablespoon of cocoa powder or unsweetened chocolate (you can eyeball it). It’s my secret ingredient in chili and braises, where it adds a nice earthiness and depth to the dish. And you’d never guess there was chocolate in it if I didn’t tell you.

How do you choose the right chocolate for a particular recipe?
If a recipe specifies a chocolate with a certain percentage of cocoa solids, try to stick to that percentage as closely as you can, and you definitely want to use dark chocolate where it is called for because milk and white have more sugar and will throw off the balance of the recipe.

Savory dishes tend to benefit from unsweetened (100 percent) chocolate, rather than a sweeter option. You can also use cocoa powder, of which there are two kinds. Natural cocoa powder has more chocolaty oomph, while Dutch-process cocoa powder can be a bit milder. But in savory applications, you can use either.

Do you have any tips for cooking or baking with chocolate? Any common pitfalls to avoid?
Just like wine, only cook (or bake) with chocolate that you’d enjoy eating. That may be tricky with unsweetened chocolate, but even then you should choose chocolate of decent quality. I often go by smell — if it smells sugary sweet, punches you in the face with vanilla or has any weird chemical notes, move on.

Chocolate burns really easily, so if you’re melting it, keep an eye on it. There are few things sadder than burnt chocolate! Once the chocolate has burnt, there is no saving it; you just have to start over.

Also be sure to store chocolate in a cool, dry place. Many people store chocolate in their pantry, where it can pick up smells from whatever it is near (curry chocolate, anyone?). I keep mine in airtight canisters or two layers of zip-top bags.

Now that you have an expert’s take on cooking with chocolate, why not serve your sweetie one of these delicious dishes for Valentine’s Day?

Bacon and Chocolate Brussels Sprouts

The best way to eat your vegetables? With salty bacon and rich dark chocolate! Click here for the recipe.

These bacon-wrapped dates are delicious; they’re sweet, salty, and drizzled with creamy chocolate sauce. Serve them as a first course or as a slightly savory dessert. Click here for the recipe.

Kristie Collado is The Daily Meal’s Cook Editor. Follow her on Twitter @KColladoCook.

Click here for more information on Eagranie Yuh or to buy 'The Chocolate Tasting Kit'.

14 Chocolate Recipes Perfect for Valentine's Day

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Are you looking for something special to make for your Valentine? Well, you've come to the right place! I have 14 Chocolate Recipes Perfect for Valentine's Day all ready to share with you.

I don't know how chocolate candy and red roses became synonymous with affection, but they're always the first things that come to mind when I think of Valentine's Day. I've probably been conditioned to think so by some very clever marketing groups, but regardless those certainly seem to be the most traditional gifts of the season.

I do usually try to make a chocolate dessert for the two of us on Valentine's. I haven't quite decided what to make yet for this year, but I've been looking through my recipe archives, and I've come up with these 14 to share with you. I&rsquoll bet you can find one or two that you and your sweetie would enjoy.


Start your romantic dinner off right with delicious cocktails or mocktails.

&bull Try this black pepper date cocktail tastes sweet, spicy and sophisticated &ndash perfect for a romantic night in
&bull Opt for a peachy lemon bourbon cocktail for a lighter, citrusy drink
&bull Or, try a sweet and spicy Brazilian guava cocktail &ndash a fruitier take on a classic caipirinha

Alternatively, make your Valentine&rsquos day menu instantly more on-trend by serving shrubs: cocktails that include fruit-and-vinegar syrups, which infuse your drink with sweet and tangy flavor.

&bull Black pepper berry shrub cocktail helps warm up a chilly night
&bull Pickled watermelon shrub cocktail brings the flavor of summer to your special dinner &ndash even if warm weather is still months away

Of course, your romantic dinner ideas for two need not include alcohol.

Instead, try serving pineapple turmeric mocktails with muddled dandelion greens . Turmeric&rsquos complex earthy flavor mingles with slightly bitter greens for a sophisticated (and pretty) drink. Check out more mocktails recipes here.

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A bouquet of red roses, a day at the spa, a framed photo of the two of you… Any of the above would make a fine Valentine’s Day gift, but everyone knows that the most direct way to someone’s heart is through their stomach! So if there’s one day out of the year to get in the kitchen, roll up your sleeves, and start whipping up something delicious for your S.O., it’s February 14.

Below, find unique recipe ideas to help you craft the perfect Valentine’s Day menu. Spanning sweet to savory, heart-shaped to just plain hearty, these recipes are a delicious way to say “I love you” on the most romantic day of the year.

Go with your heart. Any food can take on a Valentine’s Day theme when it’s shaped like a heart. You could treat your sweetie to breakfast in bed and serve them heart-shaped pancakes or French toast. And for dinner, you could whip up heart-shaped pizzas (if you have kids, invite them to join in on the fun!). All you need is a heart-shaped cookie cutter or pastry bag to get started.

Sate a sweet tooth. Valentine’s Day isn’t complete without something sweet! There’s no shortage of candies and desserts that you can make at home without a ton of fuss—think chocolate-covered strawberries, chocolate-dipped pretzels, and chocolate truffles. Stock up on pink, red, and white sprinkles to give your desserts the proper Valentine’s Day flourish.

Sharing is caring. The most intimate meals are ones that are designed to be shared, like cheese fondue and chocolate fondue. Snuggle up close to your sweetie and take turns feeding each other bites of cheese-dipped bread and chocolaty fruit.

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Ginger, Honey & Orange Mini Bundt Cakes and mini loaves make perfect gifts! Great for dessert or afternoon tea!

Ginger, Honey & Orange Mini Bundt Cakes are decadent, light and perfect for a non-chocolate Valentine’s Day treat. These cakes are moist and pleasantly spiced. Your Valentine will thank you!

This ambitious Mallomars-inspired recipe is a project: Make the (wheat-free!) cookie base and top with marshmallow on day one enrobe in chocolate on day two.

Cold bits of butter in the dough ensure flaky scones. And 4 tsp. of Diamond Crystal kosher salt may sound like a lot, but it makes all the difference.

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Mousse, the recipe for a perfect Valentine’s

It’s Valentine’s Day – the one day of the year on which those who have otherwise paid no attention to their partners are deemed romantic and heroic simply for buying a more-expensive-than-gold-per-ounce rose or a box of rubbishy chocolates.

We don’t need to talk about them.

We do need to talk about the chocolate mousse my mum made on the Sundays we had Sunday lunch together (my parents opened a café when I was eight and we rarely had a weekend together after that).

She used Bournville – which, back then, was an exotic dark chocolate – and she served it in saucer champagne glasses.

Like all of my mum’s recipes, and indeed all the women in my family, no one wrote down a damn thing so I had to make my own recipe up, but this has now become the mousse staple in our house. It’s not as light as my mum’s was – but you can lighten yours by adding an extra egg white.

Whether or not you received a Valentine’s card – and whether or not you care – this is a super-easy recipe to make with any chocolate you have and that way you can make it to taste (ie very high cocoa content or something milkier).

You melt 100g of chocolate, cool a little, mix in two at-room-temperature egg yolks with a little sea salt, separately whisk the two egg whites and then gently fold into the rest of the mixture: place in fridge for a few hours.

What Is Chocolate Lava Cake?

Chocolate lava cake, sometimes called molten chocolate cake, is a popular dessert in the US, although some chefs claim it was originally invented in France. In fact, you’ve probably seen them on a number of menus, from Chili’s to local bakeries to the swankiest French restaurants!

It kind of like a combination of a cake and a soufflé, and it gets its name from the infamous liquid chocolate in the center of the cake. Not to brag, but I think this recipe even gives Chili’s lava cake a run for its money!

Chocolate 5 Ways

Just a touch of chocolate is all you need to remind that special someone how you feel. This Valentine’s Day, enjoy any of these scrumptious chocolate delights morning, noon or night.

Start Valentine’s Day with chocolate-filled French toast. Even your kid will be shocked you served chocolate for breakfast! With only 1 teaspoon of bittersweet chocolate chips per serving, a little goes a long way.

Instead of the traditional chocolate-covered strawberries, make these chocolate-dipped clementines for your loved ones. They’ll be thankful for a delicious treat with only 44 calories per serving.

Go savory with your chocolate in this roast beef recipe. Unsweetened natural cocoa powder is the secret ingredient.

Chocolate + cream cheese = the perfect Valentine's Day dessert! Keep calories in check by using muffin tins to portion each one out.

Cozy up to a cup of hot cocoa before bed. Want to kick it up a notch? Spike it with a splash of Kahlua or Bailey’s.

Watch the video: Η βασίλισσα της Σοκολάτας. Top Σοκολατόπιτα Χωρίς Μίξερ - Γλυκό για πολλά γλέντια!! Live kitchen (November 2021).