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4th of July Party Ideas

4th of July Party Ideas

Show off your American pride with these patriotic 4th of July party ideas


Host these no-fail 4th of July party ideas.

When we get inspired to throw a 4th of July party our minds automatically go to barbecues and red, white, and blue fare. Go ahead and use of these 4th of July party ideas to get you started!

Flag Fun
What could be a more patriotic symbol of American pride than the American flag? Make it the theme if your party, but take it to the next level by making everything — from the food to the decor to the outfits your guests arrive in — flag-filled!

Baby You're a Firework
If you want a 4th of July party that shines brighter than the moon, consider hosting this explosive party idea. Serve "firecracker" spicy foods, let the kids entertain themselves with splatter art, and, of course, make sure you have a great view of the fireworks — even if that means setting up a projector in the yard to show local firework coverage!

Party Like It's 1776
We are celebrating our founding fathers’ triumphs, so why not party like they would? Serve ale and wine, fire up the grill for roasted turkey legs, and ask guests to arrive in their best George Washington costumes.

26 Patriotic 4th of July Party Ideas That'll Help You Celebrate America

These patriotic games, recipes, decorating ideas will keep guests entertained.

While this year's Independence Day may not look exactly like the celebrations of the past, there's a good chance you won't have to keep your celebrations as small as you did in 2020. Due to increasing vaccine availability and declining COVID-19 cases, small outdoor gatherings are likely to be safe for most this summer, which means it's time to start coming up with the best 4th of July party ideas. Of course, planning a party can be a lot of work. Before you get too stressed out by the prospect of selecting your 4th of July recipes and 4th of July activities for the big day, here are some party ideas that can help you throw a freedom-loving event that is sure to impress.

No matter how small or big the party, you don&rsquot have to break the bank. If you really want to cut down on costs, get your guests to pitch in and provide some food or entertainment. Making things from scratch instead of stocking up on store-bought 4th of July desserts and food will also help keep costs down, as will putting together your own DIY 4th of July crafts and decorations. These Independence Day party ideas are a piece of cake to pull off (and just as easy to create as these 4th of July cakes!).

50 Festive 4th of July Recipes That Are a Firework of Flavor

These patriotic cookout recipes say say U.S.A all the way!

When most Americans think of the 4th of July, they'll probably conjure up images of fireworks, hot dogs, and red-white-and-blue t-shirts. Arguably the best part of the holiday, though, is that it is a laid back summertime affair. It doesn't necessarily require a massive family celebration or a fancy outfit, and there are a slew of family-friendly outdoor activities to choose from that will help you mark the occasion.

Many 4th of July recipes are easy to make ahead or can be cooked outside (it is the ultimate backyard cookout holiday, after all). When planning the menu for your holiday cookout, you'll want to include 4th of July-themed appetizers, patriotic cocktails, and festive red-white-and-blue desserts. And if you want to get fancy, you can plan a multi-course meal fairly easily, too. Alternatively, a potluck is never a bad idea, either.

Ultimately, no one is going into a 4th of July party expecting the most elaborate, complicated recipes. Instead, people want fun and delicious finger foods that can be eaten between lawn games and fireworks. That means the pressure is off. But if you're still feeling unsure what to make for the holiday, here are dozens of mains, starters, salads, and more to get you started.

Red White and Blue | 4th of July Party Recipes

I love the 4th of July and making anything red, white and blue. From drinks to appetizers to fun desserts, I&rsquom ready for a patriotic party! Are you ready yet?

If you are in need of some creative recipes and party printables for a patriotic party, I&rsquove got many good ideas for you&hellip all very simple of course!

Click over to my 4th of July category and browse around for some great recipe ideas, crafts and free party printables. I have about 6 years worth of creative red, white and blue party ideas. I know you will find something you love.

Red White and Blue Patriotic Party Printables

Living Locurto Fun Club Members can also download my pretty Patriotic Printable Collection. I love how different this collection is from anything you can get in stores. Decorate an entire party out of them, or use them on a simple dessert to make it more festive!

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Everyone knows the grand finale is the best part of a good fireworks show and these desserts are no different:

  • Patriotic Parfait – Slice up some fresh strawberries, grab the blueberries, and then layer them in a glass with cake crumbles and whipped cream or yogurt. So easy and SO good!
  • JelloPoke Cake – How CUTE is this July 4th poke cake recipe from Betty Crocker?! And it tastes just as good as it looks!
  • Red, White, and Blue Chocolate Covered Strawberries – Dip your strawberries in white chocolate, and then have some fun with red and blue sprinkles! Get our chocolate-covered strawberries tutorial on the Fun Cheap or Free blog. Spoiler alert: it's not hard to make them yourself!
  • Yogurt-Dipped Fancy Pretzel Rods – Dip your pretzels rods in white chocolate, then decorate with red and blue accents. You could even use some fondant to make stars!
  • Patriotic Fruit Pops – Don't coconut, blueberry, and strawberry popsicles sound good?!

Well, we're officially hungry now. BRB–gotta go see if we have any strawberries in the fridge!

60 Best Fourth of July Appetizers to Kick Off Your Party

The Drummonds love, love, love the Fourth of July. It's always a good time to see their friends from church, distant relatives, acquaintances, and, well, whoever else happens to show up. Plus, who doesn't love celebrating the U.S.A.?

But if there's one thing that can make the patriotic party a little stressful, it's planning your Fourth of July menu. After all, when you're mapping out a big meal, there's a lot to think about: What Fourth of July appetizers should you serve, and at what time? Will you try out a few new grilling recipes this year, or stick to classic summer recipes like burgers and dogs? Should you top things off with a spectacular Fourth of July dessert?

You'll find inspired ideas here to help you tackle at least one of those categories: the appetizers! There are so many delicious options on this list to help you kick off your star-spangled bash with a bang. Mini hot dogs, tons of salsa varieties, sliders, kebabs, picnic sides and dozens of other ideas abound&mdashmeaning you'll have no trouble finding a recipe that's perfect for your crew.

25 Easy 4th of July Salads to Complete Your Cookout Menu

Because everyone wants a *little* something to go with their burgers and hot dogs!

There are certain must-haves for any Independence Day cookout: You want plenty of recipes to throw on the grill, a smart helping of desserts to cap things off, at least a few appetizers to keep everyone going while you cook, and of course it doesn't hurt to have a mixed drink or two on hand to go with the beer and lemonade. But the plate just doesn't look right unless you've got a salad or two out there as well. Whether it's fruit salad, potato salad, green salad or pasta salad, these delicious easy recipes have you covered.

Red, White, and Blue Pinwheel Cookies

Courtesy of Inquiring Chef

These star-spangled cookies are too cute, and they're super easy to make ahead of time. It does require a bit of patience—you'll have to roll out each colored dough separately—but it's worth it for the final presentation. Everyone will want to try (and take photos of) these cute cookies.

Get the recipe from Inquiring Chef.

Fuss-Free DIY Chicken Feeder Tutorial

Building a DIY chicken feeder makes feeding sessions fuss and mess-free. It’s easy to fill up, built to last, and able to withstand the elements. RELATED: 20 Cool DIY Homesteading Projects For a Simpler Life No-Spill DIY Chicken Feeder Tutorial What You Need: 1 4 in.-wide PVC pipe, cut to size depending on your desired length…Continue Reading

Fourth of July Party

We always want to throw a party for the Fourth of July, but never like working hard on a hot summer day. So don&apost! Fire up the grill and put together a meal using ingredients you have on hand (check our Every Day essentials list) plus a few last-minute groceries.

tips + how-tos

How to Set the Scene

1. Gather old blue cans or vases -- or pick up an assortment at a craft store -- and fill with white and red flowers.

2. Use navy-blue and red bandanas as table runners or liners for breadbaskets.

3. Using a star-shaped hole punch (available at craft stores), cut stars out of strips of heavy white paper and tape around red napkins.

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