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Tort in Egypt

Tort in Egypt

It was:

I whipped the egg whites with a pinch of salt, added the sugar in the rain and continued to mix until I got a strong meringue.

I added flour and ground walnuts, mixing lightly with a spatula until well incorporated.

I lined a tray with butter and baking paper, put the meringue composition and baked the top in the preheated oven for 20 minutes.

We did the same with the other two sheets (in total we need 3 sheets)

Vanilla cream:

I put the milk on the fire in a saucepan.

I mixed the yolks with the sugar and starch then I poured the hot milk and I put the composition again on low heat stirring continuously until it thickens.

I took the cream off the heat, added a pinch of salt and vanilla and left it to cool.

I mixed the soft butter at room temperature for a few seconds until it became creamy.

I added spoon by spoon of cooled yolk cream and mixed until I got a fluffy cream.

For the whipped cream, I mixed the cream with the liquid cream and the vanilla sugar until it hardened, then I prepared the caramel.

In a saucepan I caramelized the sugar until it reached the color of amber and then I poured it on a baking paper greased with a little oil until it hardened well.

I broke the caramel into pieces and put it in a bag and then crushed it with a rolling pin.

I put the crushed caramel over the whipped cream and I mixed it well.


Sheet / Vanilla cream / whipped cream / sheet / vanilla cream / whipped cream / sheet / vanilla cream / whipped cream.

I kept 2 tablespoons of vanilla cream and a little whipped cream to cover the edges of the cake.

I decorated with chopped walnuts, remaining vanilla cream and crushed caramel.

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