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Rice cream with milk

Rice cream with milk

The rice is washed, drained and boiled in 3 large cups of water, until it runs out of liquid (be careful not to burn it), set aside, drain (if you have anything else) and mix with a cup of milk, let it simmer for a few more minutes, add sugar, vanilla, lemon peel, orange blossom water and coconut butter.

Put everything in the blender and mix for a few seconds.

Pour into bowls and place cinnamon on top or fruit jam.

It's delicious cream!

Rice with caramel milk and cinnamon!

  • Servings: -
  • Preparation Time: 5
  • Cooking Time: 45
  • Calories: -
  • Difficulty: Easy

There is no man who does not remember this dessert as a child! Our mothers, no matter how busy they were, couldn't help but put a sweet on their child's table, no matter how simple. So they resorted to simple, delicious recipes that stole as little time as possible. Let's go back to our childhood years, to our mother's or grandmother's kitchen, with a creamy portion of rice pudding!

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Wash the rice and drain it well. For one measure of rice I used 3 measures of milk. Boil the rice and sugar in the milk, over low heat, simmering for 15 minutes and stirring to prevent sticking. We taste and if we want sweeter we add more sugar. Take the bowl off the heat, add the grated lemon peel, sprinkle with cinnamon, mix and put the lid on the bowl to swell the rice well. Leave for 30 minutes.

We can boil the rice until it thickens but the rice will turn into porridge, with no sign of firmness so I prefer to leave the rice 70% boiled and gradually absorb the milk so that the rice grain retains its shape reasonably but at the same time abounds in milk.

You can serve it with any jam but it is healthier and tastier to make at home. If you don't have one, quickly prepare one of the fruits you want. I made berry jam with orange peel. Out of season, fthe forest routes are found frozen in bulk, at reasonable prices, at the supermarket.

Rice Pudding with Vanilla Cream

Add the sugar and rice to the bowl with the warm milk on the fire and continue to boil, stirring, until the rice is done and the milk is almost completely absorbed. Set aside, put the flavors and leave to cool, covered.

Meanwhile, rub the yolks with the powdered sugar until they turn white and the sugar is dissolved, add the vanilla essence, incorporate the flour and starch, then thin with the slightly warm milk.
Simmer, stirring constantly, until thickened. Set the pot aside, cover with cling film and leave to cool. Turn off a little serving cream.

Incorporate the vanilla cream into the rice, stirring carefully, by turning it over, so as not to crush the rice grains, then pour into glasses or cups. Decorate each portion with cream set aside, powder with cinnamon and refrigerate for at least 1 hour before serving.

Rice cream with milk - Recipes

Why this dessert?
Besides the fact that we like it quite a lot, on the weekend we went to our parents and we came back with sarsanalele full of organic products. Namely: cow's milk, cheese, eggs, pickles, etc. We just won't waste such goodies. So I started thinking about dishes to use some of what they brought, as if it were a sin. I also had a mango in the house. so I proposed and received a big like and agreement from my husband.
Recognize! I also made rice pudding.

Although it seems an easy preparation. you need to know certain tricks to get the desired result and not wake up with uncooked or burnt rice: D! (it happened to me)
First of all, you need a pot with a thick bottom to avoid sticking. Abundant milk to prevent the rice from remaining uncooked (I put 4 times more than the amount of rice because I am not a fan of rice boiled in water beforehand).

For 4 servings we need:

- a large cup of rice - approx. 300 gr (over which water is added - the rice will absorb water and boil faster)
- 1,200 ml of milk (the cow is the best, but it is not mandatory, you can use whatever you have)
- a mango
- half a glass of sugar (but it is best to taste)
- grated lemon and orange peel

Indonesia Recipe: Shrimp with bamboo shoots in coconut cream

In Indonesia, almost every occasion involves a festive meal, so-called & bdquoSelamatan & quot, where they wish each other health and luck. The opportunities are numerous: from a good dream or a new job, to baptism or birthday. Indonesian cuisine is strongly influenced by that of India and China. The most popular meat is chicken, especially cooked in the form of Sat & eacute - the most popular dish with peanut and chili sauces.

In all Asian countries, rice is a staple food, also important in Indonesia. There are countless types of rice, which differ in both grain type and taste. A first division would be: long grain rice and round grain rice. Round grain rice is used in Sushi and Risotto. A special assortment is Sushi rice, a round grain rice from Japan, which sticks very well. In the long grain assortments, gourmets distinguish between Basmati rice, fragrant rice and jasmine rice. Wok rice is a noble assortment of basmatic rice. It has a long grain, does not stick when cooked and the fine, aromatic taste fits very well with spicy dishes from Indonesian cuisine.

Rice with milk and jam

See the recipe for pilaf with peaches, just like with milk you put the jam here, instead of peaches as in the recipe for pilaf with peaches. We do not add extra sugar in any of the recipes.

Compote and jam already have sugar! If you want sweeter, sprinkle powdered sugar at the end, then necessarily used for decoration.

From #Good Habits with fruit, there is no shortage of desserts, according to older and newer recipes. Pass on the good habit of rice with milk and jam, show us how you prepare it and tell us your secret with #Good Habits or #Good Habits!

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Our good fruit habits:

& # 8211 When baked, we eat fresh to satiety
& # 8211 We bring all the fruit we can't eat to the factory
& # 8211 We turn fruits into compotes, jams and jams
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& # 8211 Please show us how to cook delicious desserts and drinks with them, according to your own #Good Habits


With neem, Iris root, white tea and burdock.
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Rice pudding with chocolate

My dwarf fell in love with this recipe, as the weekend comes, that's all he wants in the morning. How to prepare boiled chocolate cream - homemade pudding In the bowl. How to prepare a dessert without baking, very tasty and good-looking, rice pudding with milk and fruit. Video recipe of rice pudding with. Cocoa with milk and milk chocolate (drinks), rice with milk.

You have the freedom to pay in installments, you benefit from the promotions of the day. See also great recipes for Pudding Pancakes! The perfect combination of creamy rice and healthy milk with delicious chocolate sauce, perfect for any time of the day. Riso is the right snack when you have it. Mix the milk with the water and boil everything. How to prepare rice pudding with chocolate. These pies are quickly made and so on and eaten :) To them. Boil a liter of milk with sugar and rice that has been previously washed in cold water. What is the magic of the rice pudding recipe?

In winter, serve it warm, with cinnamon and grated apple. The pudding is dissolved with 200 ml of cold milk.