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Pita stuffed with baked pork belly, caramelized pineapple, pickled onion and feta cheese

Pita stuffed with baked pork belly, caramelized pineapple, pickled onion and feta cheese

Preheat the oven to 200 degrees Celsius.

Mix the salt with the pepper, chili flakes, oregano and basil and grease the meat with this mix, mainly on the fat side. Place the meat in a small tray and bake in the oven for 15 minutes, at 200 degrees Celsius, then reduce the temperature to 150 degrees Celsius and leave for another 30 minutes.

The cooking time varies depending on the thickness and size of the piece of meat.

Leave to cool, then cut into slices and sprinkle with fat from the pan, to avoid excessive drying of the meat.

Cut the julienne onion. Mix the rest of the ingredients needed for the pickled onion, until the sugar and salt have dissolved. Add onions and leave to pickle for at least 1 hour.

Drain the pineapple juice / syrup, if it is canned and cut into cubes. Mix with sugar and cayenne pepper and sauté in a pan, with oil, over medium heat to high, until caramelized on all sides. Transfer to a plate.

Heat the pita in an oil-free pan for a few seconds. Cut lengthwise so that it results in a pocket that is filled with slices of pork belly, caramelized pineapple, pickled onions, slices of avocado and feta cheese.

Beef. Roast Beef.

I've been to England twice before. The most recent trip was largely due to Samsung's friends, who sponsored the Olympics and the campaign by which thousands of ordinary people around the world got the chance to carry the Olympic torch. I still can't believe I was one of them. I keep looking at the torch and I wonder if it's mine at all, if I don't have to return it. Of course it's mine. But this is not what we are talking about today, but one of the traditional English dishes, roast beef. It can be served with or without sauce, more bloody or better made, with potatoes, carrots, peas or various roots. Obviously, you can't roast beef from pork. It's a family meal rather than a pub, but there are plenty of places in London where you can order a decent roast beef.

We meet roast beef today thanks to the contest hosted by my blog, Adi Hădean and Samsung remind you of the taste of your holidays. In short, you can win a Samsung built-in induction hob (CTN464KC01) and a built-in Samsung oven, a state-of-the-art piece of jewelry that I played with very nicely in the last few days (BQ2Q7G214). In order to have a chance, you must post one or more comments, in which you describe as best, beautiful, convincing and / or delicious a holiday culinary experience, be it from the country or abroad (the regulation is here, I recommend you to read it). That's about the contest. It's good to know that the one who wins will even receive the hob and the oven with which I cooked these recipes (there are five of them, I posted two with this one). Success!

For a decent roast beef you need good meat. I chose veal muscles. The beef sparrow would have been good too. For the garnish I chose peas, beans and carrots. And I chose these vegetables out of pure curiosity and to answer the question: why do you get at the restaurant vegetables that you know have been frozen and that you feel like throwing in someone's head? Well, the question was answered a little below.In principle, freezing is the healthiest and most efficient way to store food. The problem occurs when defrosting. Many use the microwave or hot water. It is best to let things thaw in the refrigerator or cook them directly as they are (in some cases it goes, for example, with peas, beans or vegetables cut into small pieces).

As for the meat, things are simple here: it must be at room temperature and have no skin and stinginess. To flavor it, I used a mixture of rosemary, oregano, parsley, basil, all finely chopped.

I rolled the meat through the mixture of herbs.

I sprinkled the bottom of a saucepan with oil, put the pan on the stove (amazing how the stove feels & # 8221 if there is something in the bowl or not) and I roasted the meat.

I browned the meat on all sides. I got a thin crust and great flavor.

I set the oven to 190 degrees Celsius at 45 minutes. I let it heat up for three minutes (this happens pretty quickly) and put the meat in it, in a tray, on a baking sheet. If I wanted a pink meat in the middle (I wanted it, my guests at the table didn't), I kept the meat there for only 35 minutes.

While the meat was in the oven, I took care of the garnish, the preparation of which did not take more than a quarter of an hour (I could make a dessert during this time, the oven allows it, it has a function that allows you to bake two different things simultaneously, at different temperatures and at different times & # 8211 about this in the next episode). I put two or three shallots, a tablespoon of oil and two tablespoons of water in the pan that began to bubble almost instantly (usually cast iron gathers a lot of heat, quite slowly, in the case of induction only the exposed part heats up, no need to wait).

Remember I was telling you about the hood (HDC9A90TXUX)? That's good. It 's not smoke, it' s steam, but it 's still

I put the vegetables in the pan. Over them, a little salt and a mixture of the same aromatic herbs used in meat.

After ten minutes I took the pan off the stove (I could leave it there, the stove has a function that keeps the pan warm, at a constant temperature, without the things in it burning & # 8211 I did not escape the reflex to take the food on the fire, the learning comes in time :)) and I realized why I never liked these vegetables in the restaurant: no one bothers to cook them. How hard can it be to do what I just described I did with them?

After removing the meat from the oven, let it rest for ten minutes before cutting it. Then I put it on the plate with the vegetables. I seasoned with salt and pepper.

The meat is soft, tender, aromatic, juicy. Vegetables, guess how? With taste!

Both for today. I look forward to your stories, culinary and holiday. Stay healthy.

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The most unique culinary experience I had on a vacation was in Maramures, when I was on my honeymoon. Staying at a beautiful guesthouse on the Viseului Valley, we enjoyed (almost every night) an incredibly good Viennese schnitzel, served with home-made raspberry jam. He was so well prepared that I still talk about him.

Hi Ana, can you tell me, please, what boarding house did you stay at?

Oh, since I've been reading your blog without comment. But such a chance is not missed, so let me tell you about how I ate the best squid in the world in Thassos, by the sea.
It was like I went with my friend on a sunny June day in Greece, because I love Greece, and he had never been and he wanted to see what I've been beating the fields for so long and what a magical place that is in which I keep coming back almost every year. We set off, with some friends, we crossed Bulgaria, top by ferry and, finally in the evening we arrived on the island. A little fainted from hunger, we took a shower at the rented villa and quickly we showed up at the first more eye-catching tavern, for dinner. At lunch we had eaten some faint sandwiches so we were more than eager to taste the wonderful Greek dishes. By the way, my friend doesn't eat much seafood or lamb. But he trusted me and ordered squid. Not tasteless and chic squid elastic rings, but small, fresh and crunchy squid, with garlic and lemon sauce, a delight. We could have eaten this every day. But in the following days, although my friend ate calamari at least a few times, he also ventured into the world of fragile and fragrant lamb, grilled halloumi with golden drops of honey, tomatoes baked by the Greek sun with feta. creamy and wonderfully salty, even a few shrimp reached his plate without major complaints.
It was a vacation where my friend became, like me, a gourmet. He discovered what I love so much about Greece and he fell in love, irretrievably, too. It was our first vacation together but, fortunately, not the last. And we can't wait to go back to Greece :)

Grandma's food
I started the post convinced that I will tell about my culinary adventures in Sicily, about the fish market in Catania or about the seafood from Taormina & # 8230I like and love them madly, otherwise I wouldn't have made two & # 8222 vacations for girls & # 8221 in Catania (read women already married with children, who escape alone once a year, where they feel like it & # 8230)!
But I realized that no, I was and remained a provincial, after all my life of 20 years in Bucharest. And I realized that I miss the food from the summer holidays from breastfeeding the most. Maybe because she's gone and nothing is the same. Mamare, meaning her grandmother, did not live in a picturesque village or on a hill shaded by fir trees. Her house was in a village in Dobrogea, with arid soil and clear winds. But there I learned for the first time to distinguish parsley from larch and to feel the taste of simple foods.
Her vegetables, carefully planted, planted, watered and harvested, have a taste that I have never found, no matter how hard I try. Is it from the grandfather's diary, in which he notes at the beginning of the year when each vegetable is planted, when it is planted or when it has to be picked? (I always wondered how she managed to tell them apart, because Grandma didn't know the book & never confused them).
There were ten of us at the table, 3-4 weeks in the summer, but she never complained that she didn't know what to cook for us! Suddenly, a chicken soup appeared, fresh and tasty, right as it should be and with a handful of healthy greens on top. Imagine, I liked the claw the most & # 8230strange choice, I would say today! We, the children, went alone in the garden and we picked our still green cup with which we eat the soup! We didn't miss the eggplant salad and the tomato salad, with peppers, cucumbers, a little hot pepper, onion and parsley & # 8230. I didn't have time, the crisp and golden skin melted in my mouth and I was always in a hurry, for fear that the others wouldn't take it before me. Fries in lard? Hmmm, I haven't tried them since then and I'm sorry! Above all, garlic sauce.
And if she didn't have bread at the store, Grandma would quickly knead two loaves of bread. Bread with flour from the mill, which I prepared in two minutes, while they were still steaming and hot.
And we finish the feast with a watermelon kept cold, in the cellar. When I finished, I couldn't breathe! And we've never been sick and we weren't overweight.
God, what could be better than that? It doesn't compare to anything right now & # 8230
Is it the memory of my grandmother or the taste of my childhood, which I will not be able to feel like then? Maybe it was the simple and tasty food, which will never lose its flavor. Who knows now? Everything is just a beautiful memory. And so.

I was impressed by your story, Ruxandra :). Especially since I remembered the packages of seeds from the wicker basket, kept in the pantry, behind the door, by my grandmother. He didn't write anything on the packages and yet, like your grandmother, he never confuses them :).

If the first experience was in Italy, the second will be from Greece.

In 2008 I was in Greece. When we say Greece, we think of the sun, the sea and even the Greek menus.
I went to the beach in the morning, and it was 43 degrees at noon. You were melting. My girlfriend and I decided to go eat somewhere. We walked down the streets, and we were amazed to find that at 13:30 the shops and restaurants were closed. Being used in Romania for shops and restaurants to be open from morning until dawn in the pursuit of profit, I ask a citizen what is happening. He looks at me in amazement and shows me that the time is past 13:00. I didn't understand what the phase was. Finally he explains to me: in Greece, between 13: 00-16: 00 there is a break, everything is closed because it is too hot. The sellers go home and go to bed, and at 16:00 they return to work. My friend and I were amazed. We decide to take a taxi and ask if at least one Romanian has an open restaurant. To our surprise, the taxi driver took us to a Romanian restaurant. My friend was very happy, she was a fan of Romanian food. She ordered her belly soup and polenta with cheese and I ordered something I had never eaten before: Greque chicken soup. I found the taste interesting and also similar to that of lettuce soup. Eventually we learned and every day we went to that restaurant, the only one open in the area between 13: 00-16: 00

Croatia. Korcula. 6 years and a few months ago. The three of us (at that time we only had one child, Stefan-first :)). On the terrace of a small and chic restaurant, family business. Dream view (sea blue, turquoise and more and more colors!), Specific smells: pine and salt. We order fish! We receive a whole plateau, with many dishes totally unknown to me (price to match, but once a year there is a vacation at the sea, right?). We eat fish and lick our fingers! We promise we'll be back. And we will actually return, three years later, in four this time (my husband, me, Stefan-first and Matei-second). I'm looking forward to getting to the restaurant. Order over. The same good fish, the same dream view and the smell of pine and salt. We promise to go further and hope to do so. There will be five of us: my husband, me, Stephen the first, Matthew the second, and Daniel the third. Croatia, prepare your fish!

I haven't arrived in England yet (this is an old dream), but I've watched countless culinary shows (nigela, ramsay, etc.) and I see myself in nothing but preparing a piece of English ham (harness) for Christmas (this would be the correspondent of our ham), with the crust of cranberry jam, to that miracle of the oven.

I also have a culinary memory (wow, how many I have!), From a mini-vacation in Brasov, where I ate, at a Hungarian restaurant, the best chicken soup ever. It was the healthy soup from the country chicken, the yellow soup, as I ate when I went to my grandparents in the country. From the one with the house noodles, which perfumes the whole room and which gets rid of all the colds in the world. It was cold outside and that soup actually anointed my soul, I didn't even make faces because it had fat on top. It had large chopped carrots and lots of parsley. Shall I smell again? Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

He never set foot in England (brrr! To cross the English Channel on the Hoverkraft, or with the super train under the canal) but I have a great memory of Spain.
The 2012 World Cup caught me in the small town of Santa Pola, near Alicante, a stone's throw from the & # 8222 islands of pleasure & # 8221, ie Majorca, Menorca and Ibiza, the Balearic archipelago that I roamed in the spring when the air is clear and Mediterranean water asşijderea.
And Santa Pola, it was conquered by the English at the time I set foot there, the whole old center, full of bright and quiet terraces, belonged to some British taverns and merchants. English was spoken everywhere, the payment was made in pounds, the house or the waiter was in pounds, and my euros were harder to accept.
I stopped during the match between England and Portugal in a crowded pub, but with panoramic TV and a sour beer without acid and so as not to wake up thrown on the cobblestones, I pretended to stick with England even though I was Portuguese until in the nests.
You know how the English were so calm, cold, and restrained. Damn it.
The pub looked like a den where a crazy pack was screaming with hunger!
And the fact that I was corrupted by the atmosphere and eventually I started shouting with them and even sticking with England, who confess, played better than the Portuguese.
And you have an awakened beer, you have another one, hunger has come for a drill to look for me in my stomach. And if you don't know, Santa Pola is a paradise for fish and seafood.
But because I kind of drank my finances hot from the match, I didn't indulge in delicacies but I ordered the humblest way, you know, right?
Fish & chips. fish basketed with crumbs of old bread and french fries quickly forward. The fish was charred fillet, the potatoes were soapy white, the sauce was a ketchup-flavored sauce, and the whole thing cost seven pounds, more than 15 euros.
I pulled the Englishman under the mustache and left Santa Pola hungry, troubled by the match that England finally lost and by the beer.
I went to Alicante where a Romanian of ours owns a modest inn and ate delicious and gnawed with pleasure, a bunch of lobsters, a borscht of red perch and two fatty fillets of freshwater fish (a kind of Iberian carp) with a garnish of scalded olives and peppers fried in olive oil with a lot of garlic. And the whole question cost 11 Euros.
And if it wasn't your challenge Adi, I wouldn't even remember Santa Pola and the English and coastal cuisine.

Another incident that tickled my taste buds. It happened a few months ago. My husband had to go on a trip to Barcelona for a few days. He left, with a heavy heart, because he leaves me at home with his two older children and a Danutz belly. It wasn't easy for me to move either, and I had to take care of everything in the house and out of it while he was gone & # 8230 I did well and he came back well. At night, after the children had gone to bed. He told me he had a surprise for me. Surprise? Well, I knew about chocolate! Give it to me quickly! No, another surprise. He gives me a beak and begs me not to open it. Work a few good minutes in the kitchen (not many, but imagine a pregnant woman with a beak in her arms, please not open it yet & # 8230: P) and comes with a plate on which were a slice of toast, a clove of garlic and a tomato. Okay, let me open the beak now? He hasn't left me yet & # 8230 The story follows (I was salivating intensely and it wasn't just in my imagination & # 8230): he and a colleague, at a restaurant, wanting something specific. Not very sophisticated, but specifically from Barcelona :). The waiter comes after a few minutes with a plate of toast, garlic and tomatoes. And they were disappointed & # 8230 (and think they didn't have a beak !!) But the result was spectacular: fry a slice of bread (toast, yes? Not in oil!), Rub well with garlic on one side and then with a slice of tomato & # 8211 the bread being toasted, it is rough enough to retain the fine pieces of garlic and tomato. It is eaten. And it is still required! Tasty! Terrible tastes! I didn't forget the nausea the next day either! But they deserved it. Since then I make this snack from time to time, imagining what it would be like to bite into crispy bread with an enticing smell, in the evening, on the terrace of a restaurant in Barcelona & # 8230

I remember an experience I had in 2006, when I went to a course in England. then I got acquainted with Indian food & # 8230 I ate then a beef stew & # 8230 something with a sweet and sour red sauce & # 8230 I still salivate when I think :))) besides the other Indian spices this stew went to my soul & # 8230
and because it made me think about that delicacy, I think I'll search the net to see if I can eat something like this in Bucharest. yammyyyy

It must be wonderful what you have described here. Anyway, I'm a big fan of beef steaks. The culmination is that although I traveled about 10 days in London in 2009, it is not from there that I get the most pleasant memory related to such a steak, but from Spain & # 8230 where in 2011, on an extremely warm August evening (or rather wet), in the beautiful Puerto Marina in the resort of Benalmadena (the place where the famous Hollywood actor Antonio Banderas met & # 8221), on a terrace of some Italians who served some really fabulous dishes from all points of view, and the service was in stark contrast to what it means to have a sea terrace & # 8230 high class & # 8230 & # 8230; green & # 8230 Mmmm! Good Pope & # 8230 And when I remember, that steak melted in my mouth, even though it was about 3 cm and a half thick, without any exaggeration & # 8230

A Florentine eaten in Friuli last Tuesday, butter as tender as beef, along with a grilled mushroom and a house wine & # 8211 simple and divine :-) & # 8230some say that such a thing would involve a cold place with a temperature of 3 degrees and without too much oxygen to go to only after at least 40 days & # 8230and the secrets are much more :-)

Adi, I don't have much time to talk today. I spent a few days of vacation in Covasna, in the village of Padureni, near a lake and near a forest. After a morning of swimming in the cold mountain lake and a few steps on a forest path, I improvised some pork steaks. In the following link is the story of the barbecue:
I hope you like it. I would very much like to re-technologize the kitchen. The time is getting less and less and I would like to be able to cook faster and better. I am very curious about the oven with 2 different temperatures at the same time. I'm waiting for the next posts.

For many of us, vacations taste good.
For me, they certainly have, above all, a flavor that I take, every time, with me and bring it, with joy and in the form of a cookbook, to my family.
For several years now, I have made a habit of celebrating the return from vacation with a meal for the extended family (minimum 12 people) full of wonders from the lands visited.
I started with pastitio and honey yogurt after weeks in Greece. We continued with duck confit and quiche lorraine after Paris or paella with seafood and authentic sangria after Barcelona.
I bring with me and keep even more true not only the taste and aromas, but a part of life from afar, a part of the enthusiasm of the days of relaxation and the desire to learn something new about someone else, about us, about me.
Last year, coming from the UK, I decided to celebrate my father's birthday as I know best & # 8211 with a full meal. This time, inspired by the gourmets on the island, I tried my hand at beef and Guinness pie with pea puree and carrot cake.
It was weird to see my mother who only grated carrots for the soup with a circumspect taste of the piece of syrup syrup, to see my uncle take the first sip and he tells me that he has never heard you do such weird things and these Englishmen are great twisted (no wonder they don't want to change the pound either, they still have a word). It was funny to see my father's eyes shining at the idea that I don't force him to eat you wonder what moldy and good herbs or cheeses to throw away, as usual, but I do something with beer. Well, it must be good! Clear!
And it was! And is it good. And my eyes smile when I smile at them too. And it fills my soul when I hear them talking about this aroma and the other taste and us and others. And it's warm in the house and the table is full. And we are here together today, and, yes, that's why I love to cook, that's why I love to travel & # 8211 because I do it for and through them or vice versa, they through me.

Thanks, Adi, for the imaginary journeys! They feed us daily :)

I haven't arrived in England yet. Your food looks great! I like that the meat is not too & # 8222rose & # 8221. I know that it is often recommended that in such recipes, the meat be in the blood or not very penetrated inside. I prefer it well penetrated but not dry. In the recipe above, the meat is only good. A beautiful day!

Yes, for me the real culinary experience so far lived is the one on the Greek land! Not for nothing, but there I found, besides the fantastic food and the dream atmosphere, a hospitality in taverns like nowhere else I know how to find. So, armed with a burning need to discover everything that is authentic in terms of Greek food, I looked, one by one, for taverns where, at noon, local grandparents, organized in more or less consistent groups, had lunch in calm, with a glass of wine and in the chords of traditional music.
Those places represented for us a real oasis of gastronomic culture. I experienced at breakfast various pastries, hot and inviting: pie / puff pastry with cheese and spinach, with feta and olives, along with a strong and aromatic coffee.
At lunch I tasted food cooked for a long time over low heat, in a wood oven, in clay pots as small as a palm. That's how I found out that a piece of feta cheese, generously sprinkled with fresh olive oil and fresh oregano, put in the oven with a fragrant tomato, turns into a dish like you would not have thought , if you don't taste it!
Also here I found out that the combination between the slices of liver cooked on the stove, seasoned with just a little pepper and the bean stew made from the biggest berries you can imagine is not accidental!
I also met a tavern owner so friendly and eager to make you feel good at his place that he is able to stay with you for minutes and explain the underside of the dishes, just out of desire for you to have a complete culinary experience! Thanks to him, the evenings were full of suitable choices: souvlaki, tender and fragrant skewers, gyros, in traditional pita, fluffy, rosy and hot, served with creamy and refreshing tzatziki sauce or a Greek salad, with the word feta !
I also tried the seafood and I tasted an octopus so tender, that you couldn't believe it was just boiled in water with spices and then pan-fried with olive oil! Great!
For desserts I don't even know where to start! From the fine and crunchy puff pastry, filled with egg cream and vanilla, from the dozens of kinds of baclava, or the candied fruits, which, placed in jars, waited for the good tasters and buyers!
And, finally, I really experienced the concept & # 8222 from the house & # 8221, which required, besides hospitality, a permanent care from the employees to make your stay at their restaurant as pleasant as possible! Whether it was a glass of ouzo, which would make the waiting time for food pass faster, or a slice of melon at the end of the meal, it was important to make you really feel that you were enjoying your presence there and not that you can't wait to ask for the note to free the table and make room for other customers!
Upon departure, you were led, like a guest, to the exit and invited to pass by. And who doesn't want to feel special every day of their vacation?
I believe that having the opportunity to get to know a country through authentic national gastronomy is also an opportunity and a privilege!

Tyrolean Potato Feast

Many years ago about 7, I think, on a walk to Salzburg, for a coffee, being cold), I happened to eat in the canteen of a sports club the best potatoes ever!
somewhere in the northern part of Salzburg. About 4 years later, I came back with the idea of ​​tasting those potatoes. I kept looking for that canteen for about 4 hours, considering that I was fine with the orientation in space, with the memories and with the tastes, and unfortunately I didn't find it.
But I replicated that recipe now.

He cleaned 4 potatoes from Marica, which I cut into slices, almost like for puree, and I boiled them for about 8-9 minutes. Not at all. Just as it softens a bit.
Separately I cut an onion into cubes, I hardened it, I added about 250g of small chopped bacon, and after it was fried I added the above potatoes. Together we fried them for about 7-9 minutes, we put 3 eggs combined with cheese at the end, we fried them for another minute and all this madness I put it with the pan in the oven for about 5 minutes.

Something memorable came out!
It reminded me perfectly of that day.
It's one of the best combinations of potatoes with bacon that anyone can ever eat.
This year I am not giving up. I'm going to look for that canteen again. I took all the sports clubs off the net and I go to taste them.

ps: they are served in a pan in which they are fried and put in the oven.

Good appetite! Be careful because it is addictive :)))

I love Italian cuisine, with everything it contains, from raw ham to the most sophisticated pasta. I had a real culinary experience in February 2012 in Reggio Emilia, Italy, of course, where for a week, when I got there for a seminar, I had the privilege of enjoying everything, but I still remember it. and in the senses a dish that only there I ate, namely beef muscles with balsamic vinegar sauce & # 8211 something divine in my opinion. I haven't eaten since then because I haven't found it anywhere in the restaurants in my area and I've never tried to prepare it, but next year I will repeat this experience also in Italy & # 8230
Good day.

I'm Tudor Noge, I'm 6 (six) years old and
my culinary story is short and is contained in a 15-second film here:

The best dining experience for me was eating at one of Jamie Oliver's restaurants in England. I wanted so badly to get there and on my first trip to England I didn't make it, but on the second I went straight there to make sure I didn't miss it again. I had high expectations from the food & # 8211 obviously it wasn't cooked by him, but according to his recipes and techniques and my expectations were met. I always told myself that I would eat whatever this man offered me, I admire him so much for the relaxed way he cooks, so I ordered a minestrone soup and a fish cooked in papiota. Both excellent, minsterone soup had the perfect amount of vegetables and bacon, the bread was extraordinarily crunchy, and the fish was a fantasy of flavors, from which the fennel stood out the most. I think I could have eaten anything and it would have looked great just because I was there. Sometimes a local can make ten perfectly prepared recipes if the atmosphere is right. And at Jamie & # 8217s Italian the atmosphere was perfect, I wouldn't give it to any restaurant in the world.

My story takes place a few years ago, during an unforgettable vacation in Caorle, Italy. Lunch was approaching and I had a crazy craving for something Italian: pasta with seafood. So, I chose a small restaurant, located on the beach, where I knew that food was prepared only from old local recipes. Yes! They were the best seafood pasta of my life as if I could still smell them fresh and delicious. I liked them so much that I called the chef to congratulate him for the dishes he created. Giuseppe, as he was called, was an old gentleman, full of life and red in the cheeks, he was very happy with our appreciations, so much so that he invited us the next day to be present at the whole pasta cooking ritual. I accepted, without any hesitation, even if the "event" started at 5 in the morning! The next day we returned to the restaurant, where Giuseppe was waiting for us with a large basket of wicker, waiting to be filled with goodies. Together we started a morning walk on picturesque streets, talking about Romania and our traditions in cooking (he was very interested in sarmale). After culinary stories and friendships we arrived at the fish market. "This is where the cooking of seafood begins," Giuseppe told us. It was rush hour for the region's chefs, and the small harbor was buzzing with fishermen returning from the sea with their boats crammed with fresh fish. I want to tell you that negotiation is the basic rule there. I bought and negotiated all the ingredients, but absolutely all of them were picked in the morning, it smelled intensely fresh. After the bargains in the market, I returned to the kitchen. First of all, I received an apron, and then I started the first step - kneading the dough. Giuseppe told us that pasta is always made by hand, not bought in the store. Then I learned the recipe for pasta that is made at home, and since then cooking pasta is a concern found in our family is more of a pleasure, and the taste, oh taste how different it is from the trade. Another secret that I discovered in Giuseppe's kitchen & # 8211 nothing needs to be done perfectly, because in the end imperfection becomes perfect. After I cleaned the seafood, I added garlic, olive oil, home-made, which had an extraordinary aroma, no hot peppers and I covered everything with white wine, which the drier it is, the more it feels intensive. And finally, I added the pasta, boiled hot and here, again, that really perfect snack. Everything seemed so simple, but so complex when you could feel the aromas discreetly enveloping our senses. And so my story ends with another portion of pasta, made with Giuseppe by the sea, in Caorle, where we met an extraordinary man, who revealed a simple and extremely tasty recipe. Since then, 4 years have passed and Giuseppe, at our invitation, came to Romania, where we walked him on Romanian lands and we also revealed to him the traditional sarmale recipe, which really delighted him.

What an experience, if I didn't go too far from the city where I live. I don't know but I think that polenta with cheese and sour cream, along with an egg, is a very good food and easy to digest.

I have been living in the United Kingdom since April 2012, quite used to cooking in Romania, and my first experience in the kitchen in the UK, on ​​the electric hob, was a total fiasco.The food I was used to preparing on the gas stove at home in Romania did not turn out as delicious on the electric stove when I prepared dinner on Valentine's Day for my new husband. Then, at that moment, my pride as a chef melted like butter over low heat, and my husband ate the dinner I prepared with a smile on his face, always praising the food I prepared, but in my soul I knew it was just cute and not he wanted to hurt my feelings. Now we have gained more experience, plus in the meantime we have moved and the stove and oven are on gas, and the food comes out tasty and fragrant every time. Now I know that my husband's praises are not out of pure gallantry :)

I haven't traveled so much that I can say that some of the kitchens I've been through have impressed me (in England, English breakfast is just a food that gives you a long day to visit, and fish & amp chips, banal & # 8230Maybe if Jamie Oliver cooked for me: -) & # 8230) But in Finland I enjoyed the juiciest and tastiest reindeer stew & # 8211 a red meat, with a taste of wildness and harsh aromas & # 8211 a red sauce lit by red blueberries & # 8211 poro and carpal kastike & # 8230
To try & # 8230However, as fatty and unhealthy as they say we cook, our food is still tasty, it has that je ne sais qoi, unrefined and vartos, lick your fingers.
And know that I don't take the stove and the oven without your steak, bonus! :-)

An indelible memory of a 3-day getaway (about 40 years ago) somewhere in Moldova at the invitation of a friend. It was May 1st and I caught a few days off. dim. to Vaslui. From there I took a dilapidated bus (race) that squeaked from all the screws, we walked about 2 hours and from where he left us something else on foot. What's more! We didn't know we were coming, but the hosts served us with some & # 8230 and a little brandy. That brandy put us all to bed as tired as we were. a glass of wine comes from the cellar. A rosé wine, light, and the glass was steamed. # 8230. After we ate we walked for about 60 minutes. I don't know which aunt, I was moving around after dinner. Aunt was waiting for us with a BIG basin with pies on her lap. 3 days only the menu varied the next day the chicken-binen & # 8217teles the whole steak, cakes and again pies. 3 days no water was drunk but the wine was so light and pleasant that no one was dizzy. We were very young on then but I would repeat the experience :))

The culinary experience that I will never forget, because it has an intense sentimental value for me, is due to my grandmother, who passed away shortly after this culinary treat that she gave to me and my sister. We went to our grandparents' little ones only during the holidays and most of the time with our parents (who managed to work, to build a house on the pieces and to take care of us, to educate us and to give the values which we hold with holiness today). It seems that in 2000 I was left with my grandmother for a week & # 8211 immediately after entering the holidays. That week she cooked us the most delicious dishes, which only she knew how to make that way. From peasant potatoes to a pot on the stove crushed in a special style, to the & # 8222 green cheese that squeaks in the masses & # 8221 like no one else does, to sarmale, poultry borscht, cozonac, piles of cakes in oil that I found in the morning , chisalita eaten with cold polenta that I cut with string, sour sheep's milk with a totally special taste, the sensational starch with plenty of greenery. It was a crazy week in the delights of the little hands they broke from so much work. He always gave us goodies, but in that week it seemed like everything was different, as if he was preparing for the holidays. She seemed to feel that these were the last moments when she could pamper us like that, because after about a month, we came to appreciate more these last moments spent with her, in the modest summer kitchen and in the chiller of the adobe house where she always made us we laugh heartily and enjoy each meal in a unique way. And now I see her take out the thread next to the icon and cut our big polenta and her eyes shone with happiness that she sees us at the table with her. Bonet (that's how we caress her) is upstairs, but her passion for cooking definitely transmits it to us every moment when we are in the kitchen, both me and my sister.

If we talk about the UK, I can honestly say that I can never refrain from a full breakfast, which I eat with the greatest satisfaction.
But a memorable experience is the date when I ate a celery cream soup with Stilton cheese & # 8230 something extraordinarily good, flavorful and .. British!

food & # 8230only good.
childhood reminds me of the most special tastes
and smells. boiled milk in the cauldron in which polenta was made, homemade noodles with milk and vanilla, starch made with meat in lard in a jar, donuts with whipped milk caught in a clay pot, pancakes with shock jam or bitter cherry & # 8230and tell you more?
Gourmets know what I'm talking about. I had many culinary experiences, but I can't forget the ones related to my childhood.

Mno, I don't know how your English experience reminded me of a series of experiences in Maramures, an area of ​​Romania that I only visited for the first time last year and that enchanted me a little. And because I don't want to talk to you about wooden churches or happy cemeteries, I will say of course that the homemade horinca that I invariably received in every place I spent the night, was the most memorable thing of all. holidays. He did his job so well that one evening, after a healthy brandy neck, I slept on a log, while in the restaurant below us there was a big wedding. However, I don't think we would have heard anything even if they were playing the choir in the room next to the bed.

Then we were lucky enough to sleep at the boarding house of a lady who reminded me of my own grandmother and who, in the morning, at breakfast, served us an "a la carte" menu with all organic products, more precisely prepared for her in corn: jam, milk, fried eggs from the chickens that woke us up and even the butter was homemade. Can you believe that? Then I ate homemade butter for the first and only time and I still remember the taste!

And the last culinary experience worth remembering happened in Viseu de Sus, at a restaurant that surprised us with its rather pretentious arrangement in such a small town and that initially disappointed us through the menu, because we couldn't find it. no trace of any traditional food through it. Luckily I asked if we could get something specific to the area and of course we could, we even chose to go to the chef who sent us a polenta with jumari and cheese to lick your fingers, I tell you honestly. In fact, all the food that landed on the table was delicious, but that polenta played in another league, it was something insane, plus we received from the house and brandy made by them, because it seems ashamed to be maramureseam and not to have brandy made with your own hands.

This meant a holiday to my liking, because I returned home to Bucharest with the desire to return to Maramures and with brandy as a souvenir, which beats any fridge magnet at any time of the day!

2002. I was a student at the time and somehow I convinced the organizers of a summer course in Spain with a letter of intent that I should be there. Students from all over Europe participated and we were informed that one of the evenings will be the International Evening, in which each participant must cook and serve something traditional. I left Romania with vines folded by my grandmother, with 2 bags of corn (one of which broke in my luggage but that's another story), a half bottle filled with borscht eyes, a few sprigs of basil and a healthy Palinca bottle from Maramu & # 8217.

I bought the minced meat from there, after I struggled for half an hour to explain to my host what his kitchen provided me with exactly what I needed. He took me to a butcher's shop where I picked myself a few pieces of meat that were chopped on the spot.

I cooked then (the top, for the first time on an induction hob) the best sarmale in beef sheets and with polenta that I was given to eat, by myself. I don't know if they really were the best, but that brandy sure convinced the whole audience (and me with them) that it was the best food cooked that night.

It even came to words like: & # 8222, don't go to the novel anymore, because it will make you drink poison & # 8230 & # 8221, this after the last piece of polenta, soaked in the last drop of sauce left on the plate, was finished.

This is what happened 10 years ago but it remained in my memory as if it happened yesterday. Today I don't cook so much because I don't have time because of Razvan ( whose blog I manage and populate with the most tempting culinary photos I can (by the way, I know it may seem like an exaggeration , but also photography in that trip from Spain I started).

It would be great to work on a modern hob and in a state-of-the-art oven from Samsung, especially since many of the cooking and photography sessions take place in my kitchen :)

And with the necessary apologies for the double post, now I saw that Razvan also posted above.

We fight to re-equip everyone's kitchen:) & # 8230 anyway, wherever the prize goes (in case it's one of us: P), we both have to win.

About 28 years ago, I was a proud first-class graduate, an only child with parents, cuddly and whimsical.
I didn't like to eat. But not at all. I will not forget how under the kitchen cupboard, which was quite massive, I stuffed chicken steak, Sibiu salami, pastrami and other delicacies (purchased with great effort), until my mother did not know what animal had died in the kitchen. He finally realized the source of the smell, the consequence being that I made an unwanted acquaintance with the palette of flies. :)
This child who turns up his nose at anything ended up on a short vacation with his grandparents, on the occasion of a family wedding. Although I was unique, wonderful and precious, no one really noticed me, everything revolving around the bride.
I took the opportunity to get to know the chickens, the pig and the grandparents' big garden & # 8211 it seemed to me then.
On the wedding day, shock! No one called me to offer me breakfast, each with a different concern.
I swallowed my tears of grief and went to hide in the garden, hoping that someone would come looking for me.
Nobody came, but I didn't care either. I nodded at a tomato. Then in a bell pepper. And I had a revelation!
I ran into the house, grabbed a tin bowl and a small knife, and went to cook.
I gathered about two tomatoes (I think they were a little unripe), a bell pepper, I plucked several onions until I found the right one, plus a few handfuls of greens. It is possible that I put grass and some plantain, because I wasn't very big & # 8222chef & # 8221 at that time.
I cut everything in my tin box, including a piece of finger (but how good is the food made with sacrifices), I seasoned with many poppy seeds shaken directly from the capsule, I mixed with my fingers (I feel like Jamie copied me!) and & # 8230god, how good it was! I also treated my cousin with such delicacy, and she confirmed: wonderful! (I think my cousin had skipped a meal too)
Later, as an adult, I had many other great dining experiences, but none like my first holiday salad with my grandparents.
PS And now, when I sometimes feel like eating my childhood, my mother sends me to look under the kitchen cupboard. :)

My culinary experience from last year, on the Cote d'Azur, is shown more in a few images. Good luck to me!

The recipe for success in our house is the chicken with sour cream made on a wood stove, this autumn, next to a carafe of hardened wine, just put in the barrel. A miracle that solves any problem we have.

My culinary experience comes from Drobeta Turnu Severin where I ate the best and most delicious fish, in a restored boat on the Danube. Although many years have passed..I still feel its flavor & # 8230

Hi, I had the most special culinary experience this year. I went to Greece on my honeymoon thinking, God, what do I eat there, lamb, sheep, goat, and what else do the Greeks hate? all good and beautiful I found chickens I found over vegetables but one evening we were invited to & # 8222Greek Evening & # 8221 organized by the hotel. we showed up and from the entrance to the terrace of the restaurant it smelled wonderful. I tasted chicken salad vegetables and I totally avoided the lamb at protzap. at one point I got a smell with an aroma and & # 8230God I was crazy crazy I send my husband to see what's there he comes happily and I say it's a baked pig there good bad & # 8230 (to make me eat) The water had come into my mouth, I sent it urgently and brought a large portion. comes with a large white plate decorated with strands of lettuce 2 pieces cut as if from muscle well made in the oven in a green sauce with an aroma and smells of I did not know how to eat faster. the first thing was the meat was so tender to melt in your mouth with that sweet sauce I think k of avocado or apple nush to tell you but it was clearly distinguishable from rosemary, basically I think that meat had been cooked finely or something a Greek salad and with that look I ate it was still the best baked meat I could eat. I liked it a lot but it was not the surprise but the fact that in the evening we met the chef who had befriended me and asked me if I liked it and I said k DAAA I still want to taste something like that, which he with amazement he asks: dr how did you ask for the biggest portion of lamb in the oven when a few evenings ago you told me that you don't even eat sheep's head? I was surprised I never expected to eat sheep, moreover, not to smell anything or to have that wonderful taste. I had tasted sheep dr I didn't like this era & # 8230.oriqm together with Ouzo and those slices of bread with oil and greek salad for me it was the best culinary experiment I I found like cheese in salad Greek was also sheep. Anyway, congratulations to the chef

As for Romania, I have an aunt in Sinaia who makes the best sarmale & # 8222cosulet & # 8221 as she calls them. make the cabbage rolls a little fatter and smaller, cut the cabbage separately and then separately put a large sheet of sauerkraut, make a bed of boiled cabbage on the cabbage leaf put 2-3 sauerkraut over it and a piece of kaiser and gather cabbage leaf like a basket. after making several such & # 8222cosuletze & # 8221 put them in the container in which he boiled the cut cabbage (it has an old aluminum tuci that gives an aroma & # 8230YAMY) boil them with a little thyme and tomato paste and after they have put them in the oven for 15 minutes. with polenta and sour cream it's a delicacy not to mention their appearance on the plate it's a little surprise & # 8230 I can't wait to get to the mountains & # 8230.
I don't necessarily want to win but I wanted to share with you 2 dishes that are and will be special for me all my life and I could invite you all to taste Aunt Maria's sarmales

I had the opportunity to serve dinner in Brad Pitt's favorite Maltese restaurant where I was surprised to find an exceptional value for money. It is not a tourist restaurant, it is actually an a la carte restaurant with an impeccable service with a Maltese menu, and not only, of very good quality.

I think it is the most romantic place due to the ambiance and the muted music that transposes you to another world.

The restaurant located practically in the quiet town of Mdina is a typical Maltese house, and everything has a magical air of the past, the vine that decorates the walls, the arrangement, the music, and especially the food, leaves you speechless.

We started with a Maltese dish arranged in nouvelle cuisine style, but full, don't imagine that it was arranged only in the middle of the plate (I didn't take a photo, but you can enter the site and see)

Prices for Maltese dishes between 9-15 euros, type 2 where you can eat an extraordinary fish, octopus, the traditional Maltese rabbit or various other delicacies between 20-26 euros, and extraordinary wines, a Sancerre 40 euros, but there are also wines at 20 Of euro. Absolutely worth all the money, desserts are between 6-9 euros.

Absolutely everything looks great, the staff is impeccable, simply when you need bread, they jump with amazing promptness to serve you, without annoying you. Many times they come to serve you bread, and you stop as long as you need & # 8230 My friends served an exceptionally homemade rabbit liver pate, they recommend it. I ate a Maltese and fish dish, and everything was delicious, with an amazing arrangement.

On a normal evening all the tables were occupied, we came with a reservation in advance. For a unique dining experience, a medieval Maltese ambience and impeccable service, I recommend this extraordinary restaurant.

the best food I serve is the one made by my husband when we are on vacation in Maramures, there he pampers me every morning with breakfast and cooks everything my heart desires, it's wonderful to have someone to cook what you want you want, and for that I would make him a huge joy if I won the contest, I'm sure he would cook me with even more pleasure

In my mother's country, when an egg in a pan placed on a hot plate was then mixed with good country cheese & # 8230 and this delicacy being prepared even by the loved one became even more appetizing & # 8230

My culinary experiences happen in my own kitchen because that's where I relax cooking. But there are also moments that simply cannot be erased from the mind, spent on holidays. My holidays, especially in winter, take place somewhere in the Apuseni Mountains, on the Aries Valley where my grandmother lives.A beautiful locality, between Baia de Aries and Turda (for connoisseurs: P). Try to let yourself be carried away by the wave and imagine a rather cold winter day, with snow like in fairy tales somewhere behind the house, next to a real brick oven, where no matter what food you make, the taste is sensational. , 4 round loaves are prepared (kneaded from flour ground at the mill in the yard), a clay pot full of sarmale in beef sheets and 3 fatty cakes with walnuts (or rather walnuts with cozonac, because I love walnuts a lot the cake dough) & # 8230all these goodies are ready to enter the oven and offer me at the end of baking a delight and a pampering of all the senses. Until the above-mentioned ones are baked in the oven, we put another piece of wood in the stove to compensate with the cold outside & # 8230 and that's it. The steaming bread fresh out of the oven smells like a dreamy & # 8230 crispy and brown crust invites you to taste it immediately with the beef sarmales that look spectacular with the indispensable creamy sour cream and a spicy pepper, all from grandma's garden. The fragrant cozonac delights your senses and must be urgently enjoyed with a cup full of mulled wine, flavored with a little cinnamon and orange peel & # 8230after all this & # 8230there is nothing to do & # 8230some to remember every year on the evening of Christmas what goodies did you enjoy, or repeat the experience year after year & # 8230
Congratulations Adi. You are maximum. It's the first time I post, but I follow your site every day and put your recipes into practice.

I have the courage to say that the best and tastiest organic food is made in Transylvania. In March of this year I was invited to a family in Baia Mare (Maramures), I was impressed by the reception and why I ate with great pleasure, for the appetizer he served us with salad of vegetables (carrots, celery, parsnips, apples and some greens all grated on a large grater and seasoned with olive oil and balsamic vinegar) accompanied by cold dishes and toast on the grill sprinkled with bacon fat with onion rings and pieces of browned bacon a little, a miracle! Then he served us with goulash made in a cauldron over a wood fire a few meters from us, with pork and semolina dumplings with homemade bread, then grilled steak, small and small donuts pickled with ciusca (specific to the area). A homemade dessert a cake with berries and a tasty and aromatic white wine, was a day for me splendid, next to the loved ones and of course the indispensable horinca of Maramures with which I started , for appetite. And because I am picky about food and how to serve and cook, I watch with great pleasure the recipes presented and I promise that I will try them too. From Constanta, waiting for other recipes from you Adi, much success.

I won't write a lot, not because I don't like you or because I don't have anything to say, but just because I know what it means to read an endless text, without content, just with a kilometric introduction & # 8230 :)
My name is alexandrina and my story is a little more funny, considering that I was with my husband, in my honeymoon, not ours, but our loved ones. and all good and beautiful, but the holidays meant cooking, because we were accommodated in an apartment with a kitchen and I was cooking for pleasure, all the other 3 thought, to cook on vacation too :)
the most special food, more special and tastier of all my adult memories with some interest and culinary culture, was enjoyed, on the last evening of that wonderful holiday, the evening when our husbands invited us to a restaurant with specific meat, especially lamb, sheep, meaning a kind of trattoria & # 8230.
there I tried the traditional, mixed, meat dishes. I ate incredibly well, a sheep stew, with spices, rosemary, bay leaf, thyme, garlic, olive oil, cherry tomatoes, and chopped vegetables, carrots, onions, parsley, celery, paprika, hot pepper & # 8230 was deadly, cooked over low heat, in a cauldron, for many, many hours. sweet and sour sauce and golden potatoes, then I had a huge and indescribably good steak, which even today leaves in my mouth water & # 8230o steak cooked in the oven, probably kept in the bait for several hours, which had a tender and full of flavor meat, flavors and that made you want more, to taste, not to be able to stop & # 8230. and we quietly enjoy our digestive, in memory of the dinner that had just ended & # 8230..I have pictures :), I kiss you

I like to eat in Sinaia, and no matter where I am in Prahova Valley, I still go to Sinaia to eat, but & # 8230. by MAMA. I eat banal soup with great pleasure and I enjoy homemade cakes made by mamarespect strictly the recipes but they never come out like the ones made by eacred that it is about the love put in the food when she knows that we reach her.

Only when I read & # 8222England & # 8221 did I realize what I am going to write to you this time. It is related to England, but it happened here in the country. I went with my ex-boyfriend from Baia Mare to Satu Mare to his relatives, a family of computer scientists with a boy of all beauty who wanted to play with me continuously. I'm friends with children, wherever I am. So I couldn't escape this time either. And I didn't even want to escape.
Finally, at one point the host started cooking for us, but while cooking he told us a story about how they met an English magician and how they became very good friends and they invited him to come over. to them when they happen to be in Romania. Well, the Englishman did not forget them and one day he appeared at their door. And during his stay, the magician also cooked them fish and chips. And telling us, the meal was ready. I never imagined how well the taste of fish combines with the sourness of balsamic steel, but I realized that it is just a more aromatic substitute for the lemon that we use so often. Since then, for a long time I started to prepare them for friends and parents, and I made them just for myself. Because I liked it so much. And I still like it. But it's been quite a while since I've prepared something like this. Thanks for making me remember. :)

can a question be asked without a story? where did you get the beef from? thanks

I walked in so many beautiful places and I ate various goodies, so I don't know which one had the biggest impact on my taste buds. Daaaa. & # 8230. I was certainly most impressed in Spain, namely in the Basque Country. Last year, in the spring, my boyfriend and I took a walk in Bilbao, in order to visit everything there is to visit, especially the imposing Guggenheim Museum. After we broke our legs walking all day long and across the city, it was time for dinner & # 8230We stopped in a small, beautiful, wooden place, quite crowded, where we found a table in a corner, we sat like two pigeons, we sat, we advised and finally we decided to order ¨a Mariscada¨- something new for us. After serving a glass of white, cold, dry wine, the young waiter appears with our Mariscada & # 8230.Pfff. Impressive & # 8230a fabulous platter, a cocktail of seafood, shells, shrimp, lobster, snails, mussels, oysters and other things I did not recognize. I thoroughly enjoyed both mayonnaise and lemon. Incredibly delicious, for sure, I had on my plate everything the sea could give me better. I really want to repeat the experience.

Not being a cook by profession, I cook with pleasure for me, family and friends. I like traditional dishes but also non-traditional, innovative ones. For me, there is nothing like cooking, the art through which something different with taste and character comes out of different ingredients, a real pleasure. I have never encountered anything like this, something so diverse and contradictory: eating the poor or eating the rich, simple or extravagant, organic or non-organic, industrialized or cooked at home, vegetarian or non-vegetarian, with or without fat, international or national and the series can continue indefinitely. A good meal connects people, brings family, friends together. For these reasons for me cooking is an attractive field.

Passionate about cooking, I am always looking for a new culinary, I like to experiment with new or old dishes and especially to understand the voice and the harmony of tastes, flavors. Because I am looking for a superlative culinary experience every time I go on vacation I try something local, something culinary that place. Either in a restaurant or I prepare some of the local ingredients. I love the fact that in different places the same ingredients taste different, this fact gives the food its specific local character and taste and for me this is called the holiday culinary experience. I have been to several countries but most recently I spent my holiday in Scotland. Among other things, the 10 days were enough to understand and try something from the local cuisine. I stayed at a self-catering house. So I cooked mutton, bought from a local farm on the Scottish Plateau. A piece of 2-3 cm thick, I removed the fat and greased generously with organic butter, locally of course, then I rolled the meat through the mixture of spices Ras el hanout (for me the basic representative of the culinary character of North Africa). I generously put mint on one side of the meat and then I formed something like meat roll tied with some kitchen thread. I put the roll in a tray with a little water, but it doesn't spoil a dry wine, then I covered the tray with aluminum foil, I removed the foil before the meat was ready to give a crust to the roll. A delicacy baked in the oven at medium temperature (170-180 degrees Celsius), for 1-2 hours until the fork enters the roll slightly but not over-baked. The cooking time of course depends on the size of the piece of meat and the temperature.
Served with a few drops of balsamic vinegar and raw salad, it was a unique culinary experience.
I wish you the best!

My fondest memories of food have not happened abroad and are not recent. Instead, they happened in two different places: grandparents' houses, in Dobrogea, in two villages located 30 km away and yet so different in terms of kitchen style (sometimes I wonder how such a thing is possible, especially as both grandparents they were born somewhere in the middle, in the same village).
My first memories happen to my maternal grandparents, where I probably fell in love with food for the first time.
Grandma used to make bread at the hearth like I've never eaten since then and I've been looking around this Bucharest & # 8230
From my grandfather I learned to take a piece of bread in one hand, a pinch of salt in the other and to sit on the bottom of the garden, next to the green onion. Take the onion out of the ground, dust it well, clean it and soak it in salt. Maybe it's not who knows what (to be honest, the wife is horrified every time she hears the story) but it was good. My grandfather is still alive, and when I go to visit him, I always get dirty in the bottom of the garden soil.

I don't remember my father's grandparents very well, but from this part of the family I inherited my passion for mujdei (from Dobrogea, rubbed well and mixed with mashed tomatoes). But this is not the memory that leaves my mouth watering.
It was happening in the first years after the Revolution, I had grown up too and my father would stir me up when he was grilling. And Dad makes some grills, great God! I remember how we came back from field work or, as the case may be, garden work and the whole family gathers at the table and I still remember the voices of my uncles discussing politics around the barbecue in Romanian style (with a cup of wine next to it).
The mothers prepared the meal outside, in the yard, cooled the melons and the men appeared with plates of meat, proud and red in the cheeks from wine and heat. And we all sat at the table (by the way, it was forbidden to talk at the table, but that was only for us, the children) and no one got up until the last slice of melon was ready.
From my father I learned that food and drink, good or bad, happen in many people who eat and drink alone is compassionate.
To grill the meat because he still can't, but I'm still waiting for him to grow old and share my SECRET.

This summer on the island of Capri, near Naples, we ate every night the best salad we have eaten so far: CAPRESE, their traditional salad, accompanied by Neapolitan songs. Simple and delicious, sophisticated and incredible: small balls of authentic mini mozzarella with sweet and sour cherry tomatoes, at the same time, and tasty fresh basil leaves, sprinkled with gran frutato olive oil. It was so delicious that even now I have the feeling that I still feel the taste, I hear a Neapolitan song and I am at a tavern on the shores of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

If the Samsung oven reaches me, I would make a Neapolitan pizza with the same ingredients: mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, basil, olive oil. My taste buds have already gone crazy!

PS: The Samsung hob and oven are awaited by an unopened bottle of authentic, homemade Limoncello caprese, made from the beautiful yellow lemons, baked under the Capri sun.

When we were young, we sometimes dared to go to the mountains with our backpacks on our backs. It was beautiful, but sometimes quite tiring.
One summer Dragos, one of my brother's sons, came to us. He was 7 or 8 years old. I went to the mountains with him, Adi and his girlfriend. Adi had declared himself our guide and we really trusted him until we got lost. It was terrible, because we had to go back the same way, close to where we left off.
At one point, we got hungry. Dragos was screaming that he was starving. We only had a piece of raw meat, but we had nothing to do with it. Who do you think saved us? Adi, our occasional guide. He made a fire, heated a large, flat stone, and then placed the meat on it.
I've never eaten a steak better than that.

my story is that I didn't go anywhere and I didn't eat as many goodies as others say because I didn't have the financial possibility so I can brag about eating the poor bean stew. -I am thankful from the bottom of my heart that it would be good for me to make a gift to my mother

The most impressive culinary experience took place in December 2000 in Sinaia, on the occasion of a
international symposium, when at the Closing Evening of the symposium, where we were treated to some special appetizers.
The experiences preceded, both in the country and abroad, where the experience from Vienna was noted, through the simple and extravagant variety of combinations of dishes.
It is also worth mentioning the special way of preparing Salmon in white sauce from Vila Tosca & # 8211 Bacau.
We will return with sharing other culinary experiences.
A beautiful day :)

I have the most beautiful holiday culinary experience when you visit Greece, I am delighted with their traditional food and especially with seafood, salads, gyros, etc. Every time I choose Greece as my favorite holiday destination and because of the culinary experience!

I really like Italian cuisine, that's why I will mention here 2 extraordinary dishes & # 8230 Ascoli olives, they are green olives filled with a mixture of minced meat, then given through breadcrumbs and fried, I ate them at Ascoli Piceno (a town in Marche region) and I can tell you that they are insane & # 8230, the restaurant (trattoria) is called & # 8222C & # 8221era una volta & # 8221, it is located on top of a hill where you can admire the whole city that stretches towering at the foot of the hill , the service is excellent, it is a family business & # 8230 In fact in this region there are many small family businesses, being a region where agriculture occupies an important place, wheat, olives, fruits are the food is extraordinary! ! It is a region founded by an Italic population (Piceni), I warmly recommend it for tourism ... the landscapes are extraordinary, the people are welcoming, and the food is excellent.
The second dish is a lasagna, which I ate in the Republic of San Marino and asked "left and right". I understand that it is so good because it is made from veal mixed with fatty chicken (including skin). The sauce is boiled over low heat with many root vegetables, wine is added and finally a cup of milk.
I wish you a wonderful day.

First of all congratulations for the blog. Short clear and comprehensive! :)
If we are talking about special culinary experiences, we honestly didn't have much.
But even the ones I had influenced my cooking quite a bit.
I will start with my favorite recipe, which I associate with the taste of childhood. Spinach with sesame and fried mushrooms (my favorite pleurorus).
Fry the sesame seeds, add a little finely chopped garlic, add the spinach and let it simmer for 5 minutes, stirring constantly. Fry the mushrooms separately and ready to eat. :) delicious
Another great idea came from food recycling. How many of us didn't even cook what was left for the next day and no one ate it? A delicious way to recycle food is in the case of spinach, rice, mashed potatoes, vegetables, etc. Cooked food is mixed according to your preferences with cheese, or mozzarella, olives or meat, a little flour, lots of greens. can also add egg. Sprinkle with cornflakes, sesame seeds and fry. Some delicious meatballs come out.
To as many delicious ideas as possible! :)

Applying the & # 8222principle & # 8221: Bond. James Bond
deriva Beef. Roasted Beef :))
I will come with a culinary experience, even two :)), but now I have no inspiration.

The most delicious dining experience was this year in Porto Bello, London. I'm a street food fan and wherever I go I try everything. In London, on a rainy April day, in the crowds of Porto Bello, it smelled divine and there was a huge queue at a stand with 2 large boilers. In one they roasted chorizo, in the other potatoes and onions. Chorizo, hardened onions, potatoes and a spicy tomato and pepper sauce in a long, fresh bun & # 8230I already feel like getting on the plane to London & # 8230 ready to stop :)

I think my most beautiful culinary experience was the one I had in Spain when I went to work. Of all the Spanish dishes, the one that most impressed my taste buds was the empanada & #, which I don't really like after the fish, I was dumbfounded with pleasure when I tasted that wonder, with tuna and salsa! Delicious!

I will not boast of the trips I have made, although there have been a few, nor of the culinary dishes I have tried, because I would not know which to start with, but I will tell you about the dish I have tried for the first time, and which opened my appetite to know more about what it means to cook with my soul, to cook with pleasure.I tried it on a visit to my aunt in Germany. or the classic borscht, which, although wonderful, was a bit boring. I had expected it to be something Bavarian, but he told me that trick was called & # 8222file rusesc & # 8221. At first glance it seemed to me a kind of bigger meatball & # 8230 or at most a blue gordon, garnished with a white sauce. But I tasted it, and I realized that it was a combination of the two, to which were added a few extra ingredients, some spices that caused an explosion of flavor in the palatine vault & # 8230and the sauce & # 8230the sauce was a dream & # 8230
In short, the fillet was made as follows: inside the minced meat (I think it was a mixture of beef and pork) was rolled a thin slice of chicken breast, dressed in cheese. This meatball was passed through the egg. AND I forgot to say that the minced meat mixture also contained a little parsley and rosemary, which intensified and improved the taste of the dish. The sauce, although simple, tasted great to me. It contained garlic, sour cream and a little dill, and it seemed to complement the preparation perfectly.

It is very difficult for me to decide whether to talk about a culinary experience in Romania or one abroad. But as I am deeply in love with this country, I will leave aside the terraces around the Seine or the enticing smells on the shores of the Aegean Sea and I will stop at my small town of soul & # 8211 Oradea.

Before I start describing the culinary masterpiece, I must mention that I am extremely demanding. And not in a bad way, I'm just used to having a few dishes of my own and if there's anything out of the ordinary, it has to be really majestic, including simplicity. I appreciate the dishes on the menu that manage to make my taste buds dance happily, but which do not have the most expensive ingredients in the world. In this sense, I will tell you a story from Suceava, before moving on to the required narrative.

About 8 years ago, I went to Suceava to visit a friend on winter vacation. His parents thought of making a nice surprise for us and taking us to a Christmas party. There we were greeted with the most "delicious" dishes I have ever seen, but none of them aroused my stomach's curiosity. At one point, the host came to entice us with bruschettas containing black caviar. Out of politeness, I couldn't refuse, but I asked if he didn't have anything else in the house that was more vegetal in nature, given that it was Christmas Lent. The lady brought me a box of pate, and I was happy all evening, while the rest of the guests enjoyed more and more precious food. Then I had the first gastronomic revelation: not the price of a product tastes, but the aroma of ingredients that seem to have given molecule by molecule to navigate with interest in my stomach.

Returning to the promised narrative, I confess that about a year ago I was in the restaurant of the Ramada Hotel in Oradea. We had an activity there that took place throughout the day, and lunch was provided by the organizers. I didn't imagine then that I would come across a story on a plate. With my stomach singing in various tones, I headed for the magical place. And like any being who goes through a 4-star hotel from time to time, you expect to find a dish that abounds in details, but that doesn't leave a good impression on you when you meet your mouth.

My stereotypes have been dismantled in this case. Against a musical background more pleasing to the ear than the concert in my stomach, I was brought dish 2: potatoes and chicken. You say that the people there knew about my preferences (yes, I can only eat potatoes and chicken for a whole week and not say a word). But you see, there was not just a bunch of potatoes and a piece of chicken breast on the plate. Like first-rate artists, the potatoes were disguised in a special sauce that caught your eye the moment you looked at it. The chicken breast sat on the plate like a masterpiece. You would sit and watch the show in front of you and think about whether to eat the actors or still let them lie on the plate.

But as with any show, the audience is obliged to get emotionally involved in the artistic act. So I carefully took the cutlery and served myself chicken. It was a taste that stirred the whole mouth. Teeth and tongue seemed to start fighting to feel the meat rolling from place to place. A potato calmed the whole situation and together with the chicken, they made their way to the chest.

As I eat slowly my way, this time I ate even slower. For the simple fact that I wanted to feel how each bite meets the walls of my cheeks, and the taste buds are ready to bend in front of those who cross their threshold.

I would say that the background music played an essential role in the representation of food. They seemed to be waving on the way to their stomachs, and each sip seemed to match the notes on the notebook.

The show did not end with the last sip. In front of the empty plate, there was now a stomach in which the goodness of nature would lie for a few hours. And if I were to describe the final sensation, I'd say it looks like a ritual. Because when you eat something that causes you such conditions, you can be sure that the food made was made with love and respect for the customer.

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