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My Big Fat Greek Easter

My Big Fat Greek Easter

7 recipes from Diane Kochilas, author of 'The Country Cooking of Greece'

Cretan Lamb and Greens Casserole with Egg-Lemon Sauce

Looking to cook something a little different for Easter Sunday this year? Maybe it's time to go Greek. We rounded up seven regional Greek recipes from Diane Kochilas, author of The Country Cooking of Greece and numerous other cookbooks, for you to try at home. Kochilas is also a consulting chef for several Greek restaurants throughout the United States, including Bouki├Ęs and Pylos, both located in New York City, and Avli in Chicago.

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"When it comes to the Easter feast, the range of foods is huge, even within the same region. Lamb or goat are always part of the table, as are pillowy, braided, glazed sweetbreads; Easter cookies; springtime vegetable dishes; eggs; and seasonal cheese specialties, both sweet and savory," writes Kochilas in her latest cookbook.

So we've rounded up a couple of great lamb recipes, a couple of spring vegetable dishes, and a couple of cheese pastry recipes, and an octopus dish just for fun. Highlights include the Lamb Baked in Yogurt, Roasted Artichoke Hearts with Potatoes and Olive Oil, and Cheese and Mastic Pastries inspired by the version in Lesvos, an island known for its beautiful beaches and excellent cuisine.

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