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Another Eataly Headed to 4 World Trade Center

Another Eataly Headed to 4 World Trade Center

Mario Batali will open a second New York City location of Eataly in 2015

A second Eataly is headed for New York City in 2015.

Eataly will reportedly set up a second New York City location when it joins several luxury retailers as part of the upcoming marketplace slated for 4 World Trade Center, according to The New York Post.

The Westfield Group, which purchased the retail space for a cool $1.4 billion in December 2013, will open a mall called Westfield World Trade Center, with shops from Mont Blanc, Hugo Boss, Apple, and now Eataly.

Brookfield Place, another luxury retailer on Vesey Street, is undergoing major renovations and will include the upscale dining space Hudson Eats, along with restaurants from Jose Garces, Parm, and others.

An “Eataly-esque” French marketplace called Le District is also headed for Brookfield Place in 2015, but now Westfield has pulled off the “biggest coup,” snagging Mario Batali himself. Eataly at Westfield is expected to open in the summer of 2015, sources told The New York Post.

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